Season 2 Episode 12

The Old and the Restless

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2008 on USA

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  • A really great, really funny episode!

    I absolutely loved this episode of Psych. It was great to see another member of Shawn's family, his grandfather. We now know that Grandpa had a big part in making Shawn the silly clown that we love to see. I loved that Henry got in on the action (more than when he just gives advice about a case). I thought it was great. I loved when it was Shawn and Gus versus Henry. I think that the show could have gone far with them as rivals. However, I was happy to see them come together as a team. My favorite scenes were the tango scene and the scene in the office. The celebration dance that Shawn and Gus did were just so funny. I love seeing them dance. The tango scene was so funny because Shawn and Henry both looked like they were in "lust" with their dancing partner. LOL

    The case was good, but not all that intriguing. But luckily for us, the show and the actors are so funny, that we don't need the best mystery in the world to keep us hooked. I didn't really care about the case until the second and third victims fell ill.

    I liked the story of Juliet and Lassiter, though I wish they'd worked with Shawn and Gus. The four of them as a team work so well, in my opinion. I wonder what Juliet said to the kid to "scare him straight". It was funny when she snapped her finger and got the kid to sit down.

    There were so many funny parts of this episode and so many great quotes, but my review has gone on long enough. Psych does it again. Another surpreme episode. :D
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