Season 6 Episode 8

The Tao of Gus

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2011 on USA

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    This episode really showed you how much Psych has evolved: Shawn was the more normal one tonight. It is not a blip though, it's a trend because Gus used to be the more balanced one, but lately he has been as goofy as Shawn on a weekly basis and to me that is poor writing bya show, opting for lame jokes rather than creating humor through conflicting personalities.

    The episode just did not do it for me. They've done a lot of plots like this, and more often than not they have done it better than this. Predictable outcome, and unusually unamusing tonight.

  • Let's just say, my roomate had to knock on my door in the middle of the night and tell me to "stop watching whatever's making you laugh so loudly."


    The Tao of Gus is not only a seriously funny episode, it's got an interesting case as well.

    This episode gets back to the Psych formula that works so well:Take Shawn and Gus, throw in some crazies, some explosions, and some angry Lassiter, and blend well.

    The humor was well placed throughout the episode, and the actual case held my attention this week. If I have one complaint about Psych it's that the cases can sometimes be a bit boring or too confusing. This week's case was great. It was interesting and well-paced. The Tao of Gus loses a few points because the clue-dropping early in the episode made the outcome a bit obvious.

    Thisepisode was just chalk full of great moments and I'm pretty sure my friends and I will be quoting it all week.

    Also, as a bonus, we got to see Shawn kick some butt (for about a second, then he got his butt kicked.)

    Great, great stuff. Psych is proving that it's a show that improves with age.

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