Season 4 Episode 14

Think Tank

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 2010 on USA
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Shawn and Gus are thrilled when they're asked to join an elite security company, but the team to which they are assigned are not quite as thrilled with their unconventional techniques and the affect it has on their latest assignment: preventing the assassination of a billionaire executive.moreless

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  • big fan from first episode....but not for long

    the show is close to jumping the shark. it has always been good fun but even Gus is fed up with his best friend. The ego inflates every week and is unbrearable. What hubris. An ego that big without self awareness of his actions just makes him look like a fool.

    I think the show is on the downhill side. And that is very sad. It used to be ensemble with more input from everyone - now it is all Shawn with no support - and few laughs.

    Tip - Hey writers - forget the lines with 80s and 90s pop references and start writing plots with catchy twists - like the first 2 seasons.moreless
  • Don't really know what to think of this episode. It had it's moments, but for some reason I found there were a lot of times when I felt awkward watching parts of it.moreless

    It's not that bad a premise, however I thought that the time spent in the think tank was unbearable - all the way through I wanted to stop watching, as not only was Shawn making a fool of himself, but he wasn't even being funny about it.

    He also lacked any form of skill that I could spot, and seemed to come across as impotent and ego-maniacal. Normally I don't mind his ego, as he usually has the skills to back it up, yet when this isn't the case the ego starts to become very grating, and I found myself wincing throughout the show.moreless
  • think tank

    "If the stock doesn't split, you must acquit!"

    Yes, tonight's episode followed every cliche from 1990's action movies. Yes, Mr. Snowder being the bad guy, and then being the decoy was about as predictable as the outcome of a New Jersey Nets game. But from a viewer's perspective this was still a really good episode that featured Shawn at the top of his game and saw a nice, dramatic moment of growth at the end of for Papa Spencer.

    Among my favorite lines were the stock split one that I already quoted, and Shawn saying, "How bad would you like to be Charlie?" after the woman spoke about poisoning someone and then said good night charlie. The show is as quotable as ever, something most shows could not say this long into their run.

    What is great about Psych is that James Roday, Dule Hill and Maggie Lawson are all still fairly young so if the ratings hold up this show could be on the air for a long time. And creatively, I think they could sustain another few years.moreless
Miguel Ferrer

Miguel Ferrer

Fred Collins Boyd

Guest Star

Sandra Hess

Sandra Hess

Svetlana Progoyovic

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Chris Sarandon

Chris Sarandon

Ashton Bonaventure

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Liam James

Liam James

Young Shawn

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Shawn: Independent contractor, does that mean she was a…
      Gus: A hit woman? Yes.
      Shawn: So I probably shouldn't…
      Gus: Yes, don't even think about it.

    • Shawn: Chief, I really don't see the point in getting upset over spilled milk.
      Vick: And why would I be upset? The most powerful business man in the state is the target of an assassination, and one of my people help planned it.
      Shawn: Well, actually it was two; Gus was there as well.
      Gus: Why would you say that?
      Shawn: I just thought it might help cushion the blow if I distribute the blame.
      Gus: Cushion who?
      Shawn: I guess me, mostly.

    • (Shawn assembles his own think tank.)
      Shawn: All right, first of all, let me say this is very, very exciting for me. I like to do things a little differently, so no one will call me Mr. Spencer. It's Shawn. Shawny if you're feeling a little loose. Never the Shawn Dog, 'cause that's just lame, and I've never been one to chase balls.

    • (Gus walks in, and Shawn is on the phone)
      Gus: Who are you talking to?
      Shawn: Credit card company. (back on the phone) Oh, yes, I was saying somebody used my card to purchase a zebra-striped jacket. I would like that charge removed.
      Gus: You charged that zebra-striped jacket.
      Shawn (to Gus): Gus, I said somebody. Doesn't mean it wasn't me.

    • Lassiter: Spencer, I won't say that I'm not going to hold this over your head forever because, let's be honest, of course I am.
      Shawn: Look, Lassie, now's not the time to gloat, because you're right for the first time in your life.

    • Gus: Shawn, your ability to know nothing about real police work has finally caught up to you.

    • (after Shawn finishes reading the people in the room)
      Boyd: What does that have to do with anything?
      Shawn: I'm not sure yet, Boyd. That is how my gift works. It's like acid reflux, but instead of acid, it's psychicness; it's psychicness-reflux.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Shawn: C'mon, son.
      Gus: Don't do Ed Lover, Shawn!
      Gus is referencing the New York City DJ (also a rapper, actor, musician, and former MTV VJ) who publishes a video blog named for his famous viral quote "C'Mon Son," using it to poke fun at current events that deserve ridicule.

    • Shawn: Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. It's right. Greed works. Greed for life, for money, for love, for flan.

      Shawn is paraphrasing the famous monologue from Oliver Stone's Wall Street (1987), which starred Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen.

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