Season 6 Episode 3

This Episode Sucks

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2011 on USA

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    I agree with the title, this episode does suck. I will give you that the first two installments of the season were good, but this really was boring. Odd plot, almost Castle like except you have to think Natahn Fillion would have had some funnier lines than James Roday had here, and too much emphasis on Lassiter, who while he has been good this season, was not properly used tonight. That Grey's Anatomy like ending? What was that about?

    Henry making the JWoww reference was funny, but come on, this was a bad Psych.

  • This episode is everything but Sucks!


    A Halloween-ish style episode that starts out with Lacy in a bar and someone hitting on him! Which is extra-weird, because of the way he enters the bar! Then the crime occurs and he starts the investigation solo and Juliette is stuck with Shawn and Gus which- by the way- agrees for the first time on anything! Vampires was their common ground.

    This episode is funny especially when they go to the blood bank and suspect the pregnant cat!

    I love Psych, it has humor, thrill and in this case, romance.

    The romance is a rare side we never saw from Detective Lassiter. It is both dunny and creepy!

    I hope Psych stays on-air because it really deserves