Season 3 Episode 14

Truer Lies

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2009 on USA

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  • I loved this episode.

    This is a crazy episode about an even crazier pathological liar. Ryan Bainsworth is accused of killing his super because of history of being a pathological liar. He has what the police believe to be concocted story about two hit men who killed his super thinking it was him. He claims to have overheard them talking about killing someone and that is why they were trying to kill him but killed his super. The police do not believe his story, but Shawn does and is setting out to prove it. The Chief will not let Shawn and Gus talk to Ryan so they bail him out of jail in order to talk to him. He leads them to a man in the hospital who was ran over by a car a few days earlier. As it turns out the man who was ran over saw the two hit men kill a lawyer who was tied to a case that Lassiter was suppose to be testifying in. The man who was ran over was Tom Lieber and he has had amnesia since the accident but is slowly regaining his memory. The two hit men are now after him and Ryan who are with Shawn and Gus in Gus's care. Gus is trying to get away from what he believes are the two hit men but soon realizes there is no one behind them so he stops. Suddenly a car pulls up behind them and starts shooting. They all run and Shawn tells Gus to get Tom out of their leaving him and Ryan to face the shooters. At the last minute, Lassiter and Juliet rush in to save them and arrest the two hi men.

    This was a very good episode with a good plot and plenty of humor.
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