Season 5 Episode 13

We'd Like to Thank the Academy

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2010 on USA

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  • Strong and funny episode with great running gags, references and a nice cameo (which wasn't over done)

    Since the mid-season return, Psych has really picked up and is back in form. This episode along with the previous, Dual Spires, were the stuff 80s/90s fanboy dreams. If this kind of writing continues for the majority of the remaining episodes, fans can be assured Psych will be able to live out its days without worry of cancellation. Great stuff. I especially love the fact that special guest stars aren't being over used or too many references are being made to their previous work. What really works are the sly quips or in-jokes that are added in to normal conversation.
  • One of the best of the whole series!!

    After a particularly strong entry with "Dual Spires" the following week, Psych came back with an equally strong, if not stronger, episode with "We'd Like to Thank the Academy".

    In the episode, Chief Vick is tired of Shawn and Gus breaking police rules for the millionth time, and she and Henry decide to send the two to the police academy for training. Ralph Macchio guest stars as their instructing officer.

    Since I am reviewing this episode after season 5 has ended, I can honestly say this was the best episode of that season. Shawn and Gus are hilarious as P.I.s, but this episode allowed them to be funny as actual cops in uniform. There are some great pop culture references made in this episode by the two.

    I also really liked Ralph Macchio as the guest star. They didn't make him a needless guest star; his character actually was an important part of the episode.I liked that they created a rivalry between him and Lassiter. I felt that was a nice addition to his character. I think Psych did a good job with not overdoing his guest appearance or under doing it either. He was in just the right amount of the episode.

    Overall, the best of season 5 and likely one of the best of the entire show. Hopefully they will keep making more episodes just as good. I also wouldn't mind Macchio coming back for another episode.
  • One of the season's strongest.

    While all episodes of Psych contain a certain flavor of awesome, this one busted out all 31 flavors. It was funny, action-packed, wonderfully executed... hilarious in every way. The plot seemed shaky and forced at first, and seemed like it was going to flop. But it turned out there was a strong story integrated there-- was anyone else reminded of The Hangover? Because I totally was.

    But the choice moments were the classic Shawn n' Gus bits that I love so much. The fake gunshots over the loudspeaker system, the laughing in the back seat of the squad car, the theoretical casting squabbles, and while the "Gus, don't be a..." jokes were absent, it made up for it with amazingness. I maintain that the plot was shaky (she assigns them to the police academy training and then justs lifts it after they screw up? Doesn't seem like our Karen, but...), but Psych has always been strong on two points: humor and hilarity. And tonight they hit both right in the face.

    Needed more Buzz, though.
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