Season 1 Episode 6

Weekend Warriors

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 2006 on USA

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  • Weekend Warriors

    The Good:

    -Shawn's dad fusses over what to write as an inscription on a gold stopwatch he plans to give Shawn. He goes with, "Don't Lose. Henry." Shawn loses the watch immediately.

    -When Shawn tries to convince Gus to join the reenactment with him, Gus implies he would have to be a slave. However, Shawn recalls "Glory" and Denzel Washington, which peaks Gus's interest.

    -"Dude, I don't have a second-of-all!"

    The Bad:

    -The fake-out with Sally being the shooter's intended target is anti-climactic.
  • Shawn and Gus investigate a murder that takes place during a Civil War re-enactment, starring Lassiter.

    Before this episode, I thought Psych was okay: I laughed a little bit, thought the characters were amusing...but it wasn't a must-see. I basically watched because of its time slot following Monk. After this installment, I have decided that I love Psych!

    I literally laughed out loud at the crazy antics and dialogue during this episode (I've been's Captin Crunch). The storyline was very unique and creative ~ the best that I've seen yet.

    I also liked seeing the friendship between Shawn and Gus, starting with the flashback to 1986. They have a great rapport and honestly act like the best friends they portray..."I solved it first! No I did!" And, of course, the scene with Gus using the watch to hypnotize Shawn was probably my favorite "psych" confession yet :)
  • Shawn and Gus investigate a murder during a Civil War re-enactment.

    This is yet another fantastic episode of this series. It has a good mystery with a big switch in the middle of the story.

    It was fun to see Detective Lassiter in the comstume pretending to be his distant relative.

    This episode also really shows off Shawn\'s attention to detail when he fully recreates a mock up of the battlefield crime scene after only seeing the one in the cheifs office for a few minutes. That is impressive.

    Of course the episode becomes even more amusing when Gus and Shawn have to dress up in the costumes so they can try to prevent a second murder.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of psych shawn and gus decide to de a reactment of the civil war when someone is pronouced to have been murderd on during one of the rehearcils. shawn has a vision to have see the guy get shot to the heart . also shawns dad is making him awatch like his .shawn and gus go and vist the dentices office to see if there old friend had anything to do with the murder the main police officer seem to think he did have something to do with it. but shawn and guss dont think so shawn pretends to lose his watch but really hasnt he just wants to use his dads metal decter to see if he can find the bullet. and he does has another vision . so the dectevites can find the bullet. they go do up into the tree to see how the shooter took his shot and then realize the shooter was not aiming for the guy that was murderd he was aiming for sally the nurse. turns out sally and the old civil war collector wer both in on it but he wanted to kill her so he would not have to share the insurance money on his stuff.
  • Shawn and Gus take some time out to have a picnic and watch the Civil War reenactment being rehearsed when one of the participants ends up dead. The boys sign up to be part of the reenactment so they can snoop around the case.

    This is like the third time that one of the boys has taken a shine to a girl who ended up being one of the perpetrators in the end. After six episodes I am hoping this does not become a theme. There seemed to be real chemistry between Shawn and Sally until the end when Shawn realizes that she had to be in on the crime.

    Another observation. I enjoy the Civil War and the historical significance of the different battles. Here in Southern Arizona they reenact the only battle that took place here in Arizona, the Battle of Pike's Peak which was actually quite tame by Civil War standards (I think there was one Union soldier killed). What are a bunch of guys in Santa Barbara, California reenacting a battle that occurred in Kentucky for? OK, rhetorical question.

    It was nice to see Gus taking a more active part in this episode and not being the stick in the mud he usually is. That uniform of his was sure fancy. Shawn is getting his fathers goat a little more each episode. Last time it was the dog. This time the watch he never lost so he could use his fathers metal detector. Good one! It was a very clever plot turn when Shawn recognized that the shooting was not planned because the notch in the tree was not pointed to steady a gun at a downward direction. It is sort of a little rough to kill someone when you originally just planned to take the insurance company. Of course he was willing to kill his partner so I guess it was not too far fetched. Sally being his accomplice in the case came a little out of left field for both the viewers and Shawn. But the facts and observations boor this out in the end. It makes you realize how seat of the pants Shawn is really working sometimes as this all fell into his lap conveniently in the end.

    Another enjoyable episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Wow. Another great episode of Psych.

    This episode was great. Did anyone catch Lassiter's remark to Shawn about throwing M&Ms into the soldiers mouths? This show is hilarious.

    I loved how Shawn and Gus looked in their costumes. I thought it was so funny when Shawn went to Gus' office and Gus' secretary/co-worker announced "There's a Lieutenant Crunch to see you." Shawn enters. "I've been promoted. It's Captain Crunch." These lines are amazingly funny. I've seen this episode countless times and this always makes me laugh idiotically.

    I thought it was sweet of Henry to get Shawn a pocket watch (four months after Shawn's birthday because Shawn didn't smile at Henry until he was four months old). I liked how Shawn tricked Henry into letting him use his metal detector. Lassiter looked crazy in his costume and "face wig" (as Shawn called it). The case was great. I kind of suspected Mahoney but then changed my mind and suspected Sally. For some stupid reason, it didn't occur to me that they were in on scheme together.

    Another great moment was when Juliet told Shawn and Gus that she couldn't let them go because they're civilians. They were like children when they got upset. Psych is so refreshing. Each episode is very funny, extremely pleasing and satisfying.
  • I really love this episode!

    Shawn and Gus investigate a murder during a Civil War re-enactment.

    This is yet another fantastic episode of this series. It has a good mystery with a big switch in the middle of the story. It was fun to see Detective Lassiter in the comstume pretending to be his distant relative.

    This episode also really shows off Shawn\'s attention to detail when he fully recreates a mock up of the battlefield crime scene after only seeing the one in the cheifs office for a few minutes. That is impressive.

    Of course the episode becomes even more amusing when Gus and Shawn have to dress up in the costumes which was freakin funny to watch those to together! So that they can try to prevent a second murder.
  • civil war death

    Shawn is definatley cursed when it comes to women. They all turn out to be the bad guys. That should help him solve cases quicker. That Denzel Washington thing was hilarious and you just knew that Gus was going to fall for it. Seeing Shawn and Gus in their civil war reenactment gear was hilarious although Gus was he most hilarious looking.
  • Now who would have thought that Shawn and Gus would go back to the Civil War era?

    Shawn and Gus have another case.... to solve a murder. A murder that was supposed to be fake... very fake. And the police dont know what happend. So they call Shawn. a now claimed psychic on the job. Shawn and Gus are forced to join in a Civil War recreation. Of the battle of Gettysburg. But Shawn also finds him self a hottie at the same time, (just as he does on other episode), but now the problem is that now she is the target. and when Shawn and Gus switch her with O'hara they catch their murderd which is even more surprising when they find out that he had an accomplis.
  • I've never seen anything like it!

    PSYCH has done it again. They have managed to create yet another great episode. For once I was not duped into blaming the wrong person. This may be because I wasn't able to form any hypothesises. There were only two things I didn't like about this episode. One was that there was no twist in the crime. Normally they make you think it's one person and it ends up being another. Also, I didn't like the fact that the girl was involved in the crime. I thought for once Shawn fell for an innocent girl. I guess it's just inevitable that Shawn and Juilet will get together.
  • LOL Funny, Combustible, Outrageous Antics

    Yet another LOL Funny episode. Seriously though, the conflict between Shawn and Lassiter is just tumultuous ... and doggone hilarious. Lassiter's frustration simply oozes out of his character with all that wonderful acting. O'Hara's seeming distrust of the both of them lends an extra quality to the conflict as well, which is simply another delicious layer to this show. I loved the setting of the re-enactment of a Civil War ... hmm ... political correctness here ... conflict. The way that Shawn treated it like a newly released movie was completely and outrageously funny. The irascible nature of Lassiter and Shawn's relationship and Shawn and Gus's opposite opinions, combined with Shawn's outrageous antics creates a combustible atmosphere in every episode and this one certainly didn't disappoint. Kudos!!!
  • Captain Crunch needs to lose those side burn things.

    I don't mean out of character, I mean they were all pretending to be different characters...

    I liked this episode, particularly the end, when everything started fitting together. The watch thing was funny, and then there's the classic scene of Shawn coming in, "It's Captain Crunch." And I loved Gus at the dentist, that was funny. Also at the end, when they bring Mahloney around the corner, and the whole army is waiting there. Haha! Mine are bigger! And Juliet in the hoop skirt was funny, as was her hat thing...

    A pretty good episode, except those mustaches and fake facial hair kept annoying me...
  • I good of course, because it's PSYCH; but not one of its best.

    This was a good episode, but not as good as the rest. It was lacking in humor, as far as compaired to the rest of the series. Also the fact that the girl was yet again involved in the mystery, as a "bad" person, is getting really old, this is like the fifth time out of six episodes. They really need something new. Although this time she was both the good and bad person, it still is getting old. I hope that in the future the story will be different, and the humor will be better. This was still a good episode, but I think it could have been beter.
  • "A... Lt. Cruch is here to see you." Shawn: "Actually I've been promoted, it's now Captain Cruch."

    This episode was great! Seeing Lt. Laseder in that fake facial hair was pretty funny. It was also great to see that Gus was in a flash back from the 80's. Even though little Gus was way to old to be friends with little Shawn. But back to the present... Shawn fooled his dad by saying he lost his watch, but in reality he was just tricking him to use the metal detector. And what was with Gus' band uniform? Gus was like, So who will I play in this detailed reenactment of the civil war! Cause that would have been bad if he had to play the role of a slave. But no, they give him a band uniform. Well it was good stuff, and I can't wait for more PSYCH!!
  • Shawn and Gus investgate a murder that happend doing a civl war re-anectment!

    Who said Civil war renactment's are boring! They Fun! Well atleast its fun when someone really does die doing reharshell and you got Shawn and Gus there to solve the case!
    I liked this episode it was funny and The mystery was a little better this episode, though let me add that I'm getting sick of the chick that Shawn hooks up with is always the bad guy or atleast somehow involved in the case, can't shawn got any booty without finding out that she is a killer!
    I almost cried for Lessiter in the end, he looked so dissappointed that he didn't solve the case, and he really wanted to, this one ment something to him. I thought it was cool of Shawn and Gus to say "we did it, we a team right?" when to be honest, Shawn and Gus did all the work.
  • "I solved the crime!" "No, I solved the crime!"

    This was a great episode of Psych. The writing on this show keeps getting better and better. Each week I find myself laughing more and getting really into the stories. A Civil War reenactment? How genius! The scenarios are creative and always really fun to watch.

    I loved seeing the sequences with young Shawn and Gus. I liked seeing how long they've been friends and how their friendship has stayed a constant in their lives. That, and I pretty much love every scene with Shawn's father. There's such an interesting dynamic there and I'd really like to see how it originated.

    My favorite moments were:
    -Gus and Shawn fighting in the tent over who really solved the crime
    -Henry buying the gold watch for Shawn and editing his message to "Don't lose it, Henry"
    -Juliet asking for a kick to get out of the tent
    -Gus "hypnotizing" Shawn

    I did feel a little sorry for Lassiter in the end, as he really looked crestfallen when his theory didn't pan out. He's a complicated character, in that he's clearly supposed to be Shawn's "nemesis", though he's not a bad guy at all.

    All in all, a great episode.
  • I didn't realize that Civil War reenactors led such fascinating lives.

    Is anyone else noticing a pattern here, that whenever Shawn likes a girl or a girl likes him, she ends up being involved with the crime somehow? It's starting to be like, "Oh, Shawn likes that girl, she must be guilty." Seriously. Maybe they're just doing that so that they have an excuse why things with these girls never go anywhere.

    Good move, slipping the twist in there that the guy who was killed at the beginning wasn't the original target. Makes you rethink the whole case up to that point. I think that's the idea.

    Gus in that uniform? Awesome.

    So, are they in Kentucky? Yes? No? Bueller? Throw me a bone, here.

    This episode was great. I didn't laugh out loud, but it was still funny. When Shawn says something about Lassiter on the battlefield, and Lassiter turns to look at him and Shawn goes, "Didn't realize you could hear me!" Or how Shawn tricked his dad into using the metal detector to find the bullet. Or Gus talking with his bottom lip numb. Fantastic. I really liked this episode. This show gets better every week.