Season 1 Episode 6

Weekend Warriors

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 11, 2006 on USA

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  • Shawn and Gus take some time out to have a picnic and watch the Civil War reenactment being rehearsed when one of the participants ends up dead. The boys sign up to be part of the reenactment so they can snoop around the case.

    This is like the third time that one of the boys has taken a shine to a girl who ended up being one of the perpetrators in the end. After six episodes I am hoping this does not become a theme. There seemed to be real chemistry between Shawn and Sally until the end when Shawn realizes that she had to be in on the crime.

    Another observation. I enjoy the Civil War and the historical significance of the different battles. Here in Southern Arizona they reenact the only battle that took place here in Arizona, the Battle of Pike's Peak which was actually quite tame by Civil War standards (I think there was one Union soldier killed). What are a bunch of guys in Santa Barbara, California reenacting a battle that occurred in Kentucky for? OK, rhetorical question.

    It was nice to see Gus taking a more active part in this episode and not being the stick in the mud he usually is. That uniform of his was sure fancy. Shawn is getting his fathers goat a little more each episode. Last time it was the dog. This time the watch he never lost so he could use his fathers metal detector. Good one! It was a very clever plot turn when Shawn recognized that the shooting was not planned because the notch in the tree was not pointed to steady a gun at a downward direction. It is sort of a little rough to kill someone when you originally just planned to take the insurance company. Of course he was willing to kill his partner so I guess it was not too far fetched. Sally being his accomplice in the case came a little out of left field for both the viewers and Shawn. But the facts and observations boor this out in the end. It makes you realize how seat of the pants Shawn is really working sometimes as this all fell into his lap conveniently in the end.

    Another enjoyable episode. Thanks for reading...