Season 1 Episode 7

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on USA

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  • Who Ya Gonna Call?

    The Good:

    -The holy music cue which stops abruptly when Shawn tells Gus that he was the "ghost" named Wilting Flower.

    -"We don't HAVE balls."

    -The female personality has a crush on Gus.

    The Bad:

    -Dissociative Identity Disorder is extremely rare, although it is a favorite on television. It would be nice if this show had done something different.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of psych. guss and shawn learn about a new case but laster does not want them involved and they go back to the psych building thing is a guy comes in claiming there is a ghost haunting him and shawn thinks he is crazy they go to his house and spend the night there but turns out the place catches on fire. while they are sleeping they make it out . they go and investage the ex girlfriend thing is but she is not involved . but she did say he would disseper alot and someone told her she saw him with another women. shawn then realizes that he has a rare disorder and that he is also a women and anger guy in side him. and well one of his disorders killed the doctor and they show it to laster through a vision and they rush over there to stop him. this was a good ep i tought
  • Shawn and Gus take a private client that has a ghost that is following him from one home to another. Lassiter and O'Hara are investigating the murder of a psychiatrist. All four of them are looking for a Regina that seems to be nowhere to be found.

    Once again Gus finds out how mean Shawn was to him as a child. Gus' long time fear of ghosts was helped along by Shawn's brilliant walkie talkie plan back when they were kids. The funny piece to this is that Shawn, who pretends to be a psychic does not believe in ghost and Gus the feet on the ground person does. So when Robert walks in with his tale of a ghost Gus takes the case immediately. The texting bit back and forth was cute, but I don't think they should have fired the model at the end with a text. Not funny.

    Once again Lassiter and Shawn are back and forth with their jibes. Lassiter, "Am I clear?" Shawn, "Like butter..." Shawn, "Collecting for the policeman's ball?" Lassiter, "We don't have balls!" Boy did he walk into that. I also liked the Louvre bit with the ex-girlfriend. Something to the effect that France has a monopoly on the title Louvre's?

    Great job of deduction on both Shawn and Gus' part. I think Gus is really getting into this despite his protestations. It was interesting that there were three separate persona's in Frank Whaley's character Robert, Regina, and Martin. By the way I have really liked Whaley in the majority of films he has been in especially Career Opportunities with Jennifer Connelly. I am surprised he hasn't got his own series or hasn't starred in more films.

    Another solid episode of Psych and I have to say this show is pretty consistent in general. Good performances, writing, and production values. Thanks for reading...
  • Another superb episode. I thought it was two seperate cases at first, but it ended up being one.

    This episode was great. It had a lot of great parts. I really liked the fact that Gus had thought for years and years that a ghost had spoken to him but it was actually Shawn speaking to him through a walkie talkie. That is so funny and yet so wrong on so many levels. LOL

    It was great how the guys kept texting each other back and forth. It's kind of ironic that Shawn doesn't believe in ghosts (or psychics, which is revealed in a later episode) but he makes a living by fooling people that he not only believes in these things but can communicate with these things. Supreme irony. :P

    I loved when Shawn asked Lassiter if he and Juliet were collecting donations for the policeman's ball and Lassiter said "We don't have balls." LMAO!! That is too funny.

    It was funny when Gus woke up with the lip prints on his forehead. I liked how Shawn drugged Gus' drink and took him on an impromptu road trip. Gus owes him big for that one. I really liked this episode. I would say that it's one of my favorites but with a show like Psych, I can't really say which episodes I like better than others. They all make me laugh. They all have impressed me.
  • Who would have guessed.

    Are you being haunted? No, neither is the man in question in this episode. I would never have guessed that it all came down to split personality. The proper host is joined by a woman who is trying to warn the host and by a man who is trying to stop it all and go kill a doctor. Shawn always figures thinks out with great results as well.
  • Not the funniest, nor the most interesting, but definately the most thought provoking episode I've seen so far...

    Yup, they're at it again. Psych mystery agency has attracted another oddity off the streets; a man claims he's living with a ghost that's trying to kill him. Yup, not your average, every-day assignment.

    I found this episode of Psych to be rather odd, as most did. It certainly was the most backwards explination you could come up with for a haunting--a guy with multiple personality disorder haunting himself? Not exactly every-day thing, but that's how it goes for a guy who pretends to be psychic. Shawn was, funily enough, completely thrown off by this situation, or should I say completely wierded out?

    it was rather entertaining also, that Lassider and Shawn were accidentally working on the same case. They often work on the same case, but it's usually purely by accident, nothing more. Plus, this lack of information sliding between the two groups provided quite the entertaining scene.

    The running joke with the cell phones was played enough so that you could understand the gag at the end, but the model-secretary wasn't quite as well played out at the end as it could've been. I mean, you *got* the joke, but it wasn't funny, exactly. Still, it was an interesting, thought provoking episode where the evididence, wich seemed to all point in one direciton, turned out to be another explination entirely, and how well it was put together more than makes up for the ackwardness at the end of the episode. not the best, but definately worth watching.

    my score: 8.7/10.
  • Are you haunted?

    There's been a murder and Shawn and Gus are not on the case sort of speak. They have their own client to worry about. A guy who is an artist and thinks and believes that he is being haunted. But what Shawn soon discovers is that its most likely not a ghost but an ex-girlfriend. And whats even worst is that its not his Ex. Another thing that Shawn soon discovers is that the murder case of the psycologist that Lassiter and O'hara are on is connected to their case. The case of the haunting. They discover that their client has a split personality disorder. He is himself, a woman, and another man.
  • Great episode, but slightly disturbing...

    I thought this episode was excellant. However, I still thought that I was slightly disturbing. The whole man being part woman and getting man parts removed was really gross. It was great how the writers tried something new for once and let the answer come to Shawn and Gus. The episode highlight had to be when Shawn and Gus had the text messaging fight. Also, I thought the joke Shawn played on Gus with Wilting Flower was hilarious. This episode was really original. I've noticed that PSYCH has been making episodes that no other show has ever made before. Nothing even slightly resembles PSYCH. If this show can maintain that it will be around for awhile.
  • Ghosts n Goblins and MPD's Oh MY?

    What an original and hilarious storyline. An MPD ... pardon me, A person suffering from Disassociative Disorder (from now on referred to as DD not to be confuzzled with ADD) thinks he's being haunted. Ideally, one would think it's an EX which our kooky detective believes. Twister central ... come to find out ... said "Haunted One" is haunting himself. Another hilarious and off the wall episode with more twists and turns than an amusement park roller-coaster. And of course it's all bundled up with O'Hara's mistrust ... and Lassiter's blatent disregard for Shawn. I think my favorite part of the episode was when Shawn and Gus open shop in the broom closet. HAH!!

    The writers and producers are so inventive for this show, and it clearly shows that all involved are truly enjoying it. Another favorite, Psych Out Moments. Nothing else like it out there!!!!
  • Definitely one of my favs for the season!

    Talk about a great episode. As Gus and Shawn are trying to get more information about a Doctor's murder, a client comes to them thinking he is being "haunted". He says that there is perfume in the air and things are being moved around but it's not him doing it. Gus and Shawn's hilarity starts there and keeps building throughout the episode. A classic example is as they argue back and forth over taking the case by texting each other's phones. Then, even though Shawn thinks the guy is completely nuts, Gus is determined to take the case because of a past "otherworldly" experience as a child. Shawn, wanting to know why he wants to take this case so badly, gets Gus to explain to him what happened. Gus says that there was a woman's voice in the walls speaking to him about an Indian graveyard. As Gus is repeating what she says to him, Shawn finishes his sentence. I don't think I could have laughed so hard when Shawn reveals it was him who had put a walkie-talkie inside the wall and "spoke" to him. What genius. Also, the intersection of the two cases was brilliant. Overall, the this episode was a fine example of why this series has become one of my favorite shows.
  • Another great one from PSYCH! A great story, funny, and it wasn't the hot girl!!!

    Ok, so this was one of the best PSYCH's yet. I think I say that about every time, but they just keep getting better and better. This one had a great story because at first Shawn wasn't even really involved with the murder case. Instead he was on some "ghost" chase. It was hillarious how we found out how Shawn was the cause of Gus' belief in ghosts. So, while Shawn is trying to figure out who the "ghost" is, he discovers that Robert has a split personality, and he is actually the ghost. Not only that but it turns out that a third personality exists, and that one is the one who killed in the original case. That was a great twist, I never even imagined a split personality disorder. It was very well thought out. And, amazingly, it wasn't the hot girl that was involved! I know I'm shocked. It was also a very funny episode. Gus and Shawn doing rock, paper, sissors while the guy is crying. And talking to each other over their cell phones. So a very good episode all the way around.
  • A text message appears on Shawn\'s phone from Gus. We are taking this case! Shawn: \"Oh, really!\" Gus: \"Yes!\"

    Okay, I never thought I\'d see Gus enthusiastic about a case. Not to mention Shawn not having to drag him into the case. It was, of course, nice to see Shawn not working on a police case as in other episodes.

    Favorite scene: Gus telling Shawn about hearing voices in the walls only to discover that it was Shawn using a walkie-talkie he put in the wall while work was being done.

    Memorable quote: \"What\'s the Super Smeller say?\" I could have sworn Shawn wanted Gus to stop referring his nose to that name. Now, here he is calling it such.

    The tension between Shawn and Gus after \"kidnapping\" him was hilarious. Gus texting Shawn just to speak with him was a riot.

    The only other strange thing about this episode was the mentioning of the Disassociative Identity Disorder. I\'ve never even heard of that disease.

    My only problem with this episode is that Henry had very little part in the episode aside from the usual flashback. Watching the interaction and tension between father and son is entertaining. I\'ve noticed that Henry often has two or three scenes in every other episode.

    All in all this was an interesting episode.