Season 1 Episode 4

Woman Seeking Dead Husband – Smokers Okay, No Pets

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 28, 2006 on USA
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Shawn and Gus land their first non-SBPD case when a widow hires them to find some cash that her husband stole from a bank.

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  • Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets

    The Good:

    -The reappearance of the Desk Sergeant, who believes heavily in the spirit world.

    -The conversation between Shawn and Gus about Gus's affection for Meredith Baxter Birney, and the one following it about Gus's attraction to dangerous women. Shawn delivers examples that include Lizzie Borden and Kathy Bates.

    -Shawn is asked to prove he's a Psychic by guessing the number of fingers one of the robbers holds behind his back, so Gus helps out his friend. It is a nice moment for them, since Shawn rarely has to rely on Gus.

    The Bad:

    -Other than her interest in Gus, Raylene is not very interesting as far as villains go.moreless
  • If Psych manages to tone down the Disney Channel sense of humor and exploit its strengths it has a chance to become memorable.

    Psych is a weird show. It has one of the most unique and interesting premises out there, at least for a murder mystery, but it makes some aesthetic choices that boggle the mind.

    For instance, every time James Roday pulls one of his spastic fake visions I can't help to cringe. It's not just that the show would have been more interesting if the title character seemed to make an effort to stay within the plausible, it's that they are not funny at all. A premise will only take you so far. Psych could end up being the sad, perfect example of that. Every episode manages to keep me at least mildly entertained, but a murder mystery lives on its characters, and this show has one quickly going to waste. The concept of a fake psychic, when current TV looks like a convention of paranormal pros, is great. The concept of a strict father educating his son into becoming a brilliant bum is wonderful. Why, then, aren't we seeing a more focused take on those elements? At the beginning of every episode, and this one is no exception, we are treated to a flashback detailing some of Shawn's training. It's turning out to be the best part of the whole hour. For the rest of this ep, we see nothing that we haven't seen before, and we're left wondering why nobody seems to question Shawn's powers despite his lame, half baked plots to manifest them. There's no way anybody can buy a femme fatale falling for a psychic in a bathrobe outright asking questions instead of doing his thing.

    I'm convinced Psych would not lose its target audience by turning the stupid Inspector Gadget humor down a notch. In fact, it'd be funnier for both the show's regulars and those of us still watching, but feeling somewhat disappointed.moreless
  • this was another good ep

    in this ep shawn and his assitant must figure out what happen to a man and 2 others that robed the bank. and what happen to the money that the husband was supposed to hide. in this ep the 2 others that were charged get out of jail for serving there time . and the police think the wife is indagerd for the think the crimanals think she knows were the money is. so shawn and his assitant think there going to get in on this so they go see the wife and start to help her . this ep was really good becasuse it turns out to be the opisite what most people are thinking about this ep.moreless
  • OH shawn...a bath robe....really? so quirky!

    I love this episode. I'm rewatching the first season and completely forgot this episode existed. While it's slightly predictable its Shawn's random psychic acts that make this episode so great. Not only does he wear a bathrobe and channel an apparent dead man-who's not really dead-but he takes his abilities to a higher level by guessing how many fingers a guy is holding up several times by reflection. This was one of the episodes that got me interested in this show to the point that I knew I wanted to keep watching it. I can't wait to rewatch the rest of the first season for more awesome episodes.moreless
  • Shawn and Gus get a case involving a dead bank robber, his two partners just out of prison, and the wife, Rayleen of the dead robber who is afraid for her life. Rayleen hires the boys and Shawn goes a little crazy with the redecorating the office.moreless

    The title of the episode sort of gave away too much information but sometimes the writers are a little too clever for their own good. I felt Shawn finally got a little carried away with himself just knocking down the wall in their leased building. Sometimes you really don't know why Gus puts up with everything Shawn does. I guess it furthers the plot. I love how Shawn stated that he was pretty sure that it wasn't a load bearing wall?

    Anyways, you are a little suspicious of the Rayleen in the beginning. She hires the boys to find the money because she is afraid of the two other robbers? Gus really likes her so I think that is suppose to take the suspicion off of her. It was a surprise when her husband David turned up alive. I guess that must have been the cousins body Roger in the car as we never do see him. The seance bit was fun and sometimes I do think Gus gets a little overly cautious, but I think that he has to be to offset Shawn's craziness. It's fun to watch him when he is trying to go along but obviously disapproves.

    The two men who went to prison turned out to be wimps and were more afraid of the wife than the law. The robber in front of the TV was hilarious and his reaction to Shawn "really being" a psychic was precious. That whole sequence with the two robbers sort of solidified the truth for anyone watching. The question though was once Gus shot off his mouth about David still being alive to Rayleen how was the climax going to come together. In typical Psych style the police show up and arrest everyone Shawn wants them too. You also have to wonder if Shawn and Gus actually find the money and get the reward for that as well. The bit with the dog house was great between Shawn and his father. I especially liked it when Shawn gave his neighbors dog to his dad. I wonder how long it took his father to figure that out? Thanks for reading...moreless
Terry D Stevens

Terry D Stevens

Roger Blaine

Guest Star

Anne Marie DeLuise

Anne Marie DeLuise

Raylene Wilcroft

Guest Star

Patricia Idlette

Patricia Idlette

Desk Sergeant Allen

Guest Star

Kirsten Nelson

Kirsten Nelson

Karen Vick

Recurring Role

Sage Brocklebank

Sage Brocklebank

Officer McNabb

Recurring Role

Liam James

Liam James

Young Shawn

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Pineapple Spotting: McNab brings Shawn and Gus pineapple smoothies.

    • Nitpick: At the end of the episode when the arrests are being made by the crypt, Shanks (Keith Dallas) is standing behind Shawn and Gus. He came into the mausoleum empty handed but at the end of this scene, when Shawn and Gus are discussing the amount of upkeep it would take to have hair like David's, Shanks is holding a large fountain drink in his hand.

    • Psych-Out: Shawn and Gus give an ear-splitting performance of "If I Ever Fall in Love".

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Shawn: Gus, I'm not a mind-reader.
      Gus: No, that's just what you tell everybody.

    • Shawn: (explaining his plan) ... And bingo!
      Gus: And don't say "Bingo", you know how I hate that.
      Shawn: Okay, fine... "Yahtzee".
      Gus: We are not doing this, Shawn.
      Shawn: Mah-Jong!

    • Shawn: I already knew that, 'cause I'm a psychic.

    • (right after David and Raylene are arrested)
      Gus: He does have nice hair...
      Shawn: Yeah... that takes a lot of up-keep though, man.
      Gus: Yeah...
      Shawn: You gotta worry about split ends...
      Gus: Dandruff.
      Shawn: Dandruff.
      Gus: It's horrible.
      Shawn: It's awful.

    • Raylene: You have five seconds. One.
      Shawn: Really?
      Raylene: Two.
      Shawn: The countdown?
      Raylene: Three!
      Shawn: Okay!

    • (talking about who authorized the stake-out)
      Juliet: What about the 42.211?
      Carlton: What about it?
      Juliet: Well, it states that--
      Carlton: It's superseded by a 15.75.
      Juliet: Not necessarily.
      Carlton: If you're in the jurisdiction of a 23.40, it is.
      Juliet: ... maybe.
      Carlton: Maybe?
      Shawn: (pops up from back seat) Technically... 23.40 only applies in federal cases.
      Carlton: What are you doing in here?

    • Gus: Shawn, stop it. (looks over to David) I'm not hitting on your wife.
      Shawn: No, he's not. But there's some serious crushing going on here – Dude, I am not blind. "A man with many hats doesn't like his hair cut"? Wha-what? What book is that from?
      Gus: She's a charming woman.
      Shawn: A charming woman? Oh, you're Jane Austen now? She is an adult. She is attractive. She's mature. David, help me out here, dude. Tell him that this is healthy.
      David: Raylene is a very dynamic woman… Everybody's drawn to her.

    • Shawn: Ladies! Stay here! We're going after them! ... or IT! ... (whispers) Let's get some tacos.

    • (during the pretend séance)
      Shawn: Eyes of a serpent, ears of a bat, send us a signal from--
      Gus: Shawn!
      Shawn: --I hear a voooice...
      Gus: Can I see you outside please?
      Shawn: It wants me to come outsiiiiiiide.
      Gus: NOW!
      Shawn: I should goooo!
      Gus: Is that my bath robe? (they move to the other room and Gus closes the shades) What are you doing?
      Shawn: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm having a séance.
      Gus: You can't have a séance.
      Shawn: Gus, there are no rules against having a séance. Anyone can have one. It's like a garage sale or plastic surgery.
      Gus: Okay, first of all, technically... you need to have a permit to have a garage sale. Secondly, you cannot speak to the dead!

    • Gus: You're taking my name off that lease, and the door... and these Frisbees.
      Shawn: Gus, don't be ridiculous. Look, I'm almost positive this isn't a load bearing wall. But if you're really concerned, why don't you jump up and down in the attic and make sure?

    • Shawn: (of Chief Vick's chair) I want you to try this chair.
      Gus: I'm not trying the chair, Shawn.
      Shawn: I'll sit on the birthing ball. I kid you not; that thing is like a refreshing waterfall cascading down your vertebrae. It might help with your stomach issues.
      Gus: Who told you I have stomach issues?
      Shawn: Uh... my nose? The vent in the bathroom? Air fresheners all over the place?
      Gus: I'm trying a new medication for my lactose intolerance.
      Shawn: I believe the problem is physical. And I think it can be cured by, what I am now referring to as, the Magic Springy Bounce-Up Chair.

    • Gus: How did you figure out that the money was in the crypt?
      Shawn: I'm bluffing.
      Gus: This is not a good time to bluff!
      Shawn: I think it was a great time. She was going to kill us.

    • Gus: This is breaking and entering!
      Shawn: No, no, no... only if we break something... and then enter something. Entering is just entering.

    • Shawn: Look, the dead guy buried the money and then lost it. But that's beside the point. I think we can cut our losses, put these two back behind bars... if we work together.
      O'Hara: And how do we do that?
      Shawn: First, we dress up as musketeers and make a very special pact.

    • Gus: How much further is this place?
      Shawn: Fifty, sixty miles.
      Gus: Sixty miles? And you didn't get me a donut?
      Shawn: I did get you a donut. And then I ate it.

    • Gus: (referring to shattered window) Did you do that?
      Shawn: Why would I ruin our totally cool window?
      Gus: For effect! To make me think you contacted an evil ghost.
      Shawn: Gus, please! Why didn't you float that idea by me sooner? That's genius!

    • Gus: What the hell are you doing?
      Shawn: Checking baseball scores, my fantasy team is killing me.
      Gus: This is the chief's office.
      Shawn: No, she runs the league. I'm kidding. She's in a meeting, she won't mind. Plus we look really important hanging out in here. Gus, have you tried this chair? It's a pregnancy chair; we have to get one for the office. My birthing canal never felt so in-line.

    • Shawn: You're not Roger. (flashback) No, you're David Wilcroft. Aren't you supposed to be dead?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Shawn: (about Meredith Baxter Birney) I loved her because she is Mrs. Keaton, and she gave birth to APK.
      This references Baxter-Birney's role on the 1980s comedy Family Ties, where she played the mother of Michael J. Fox's Alex P. Keaton.

    • Shawn: We're gonna find the Dread Pirate Wilcroft's dirty booty.

      Referring to the Dread Pirate Roberts of The Princess Bride