Season 5 Episode 16

Yang 3 in 2D

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 22, 2010 on USA

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  • Disappointing Season Finale

    I was a bit disappointed with this episode. I love mystery novels and movies and I always feel cheated when the bad guy is just some random guy who we've never met before. Ally Sheedy's pivotal role turned out to be a stupid obsession from years back which didn't really fit. The puzzles in this episode were not as good as in the previous two. All in all a disappointing end to the trilogy. If the Yin/Yang trilogy was supposed to reflect the Red John story on the Mentalist it failed miserably. The RJ storyline kept us on our toes throughout the series and we felt how personal it was to Patrick Jane. Here finding Yin Yang was nothing more than an elaborate game. I love Psyche - it's a great show but I wonder how much steam it has left. So far, aside from the Yin/Yang trilogy all the episodes could be stand alone episodes. After 5 Seasons there should surely be a running story arc. Shawn and Juliet's relationship needs to be explored more. I wonder if Lassie will blow the whistle on the relationship considering that Shawn was the one who outed Lassie's in the Pilot.

    In the final episode of the show (whenever that may be) I would like for Shawn to tell everyone at the SBPD that he is not psychic and show how he really works.

    I love Lassie's charcater development - and we need to see more Chief Vick - she's great.
  • 12/22

    The season finale of Psych aired tonight and it continued the Yin storyline..yawn.

    This was fine the first two times, but there was no need for a trilogy. Psych needs to embrace a more comedic route for the episode to be effective, and this was nonstop intense drama, or so the writers tried to create, like the Red John episodes of The Mentalist.

    Sadly, the comedy aspect of the show is what failed as all the jokes bombed, from Murry's rant on One Tree Hill, to Shawn taking about his unwashed jeans.

    Decent enough, I guess, but not a memorable episode of Psych.
  • So yeah this is the Psych finale. It's about Shawn and Gus meeting and catching Yin. Obviously. It's their final episode for the Yin Yang Trilogy.

    So yeah the last episode of Psych Season 5. It was great and all. They were able to meet and Catch Yin. I really liked the part when Shawn looked at his toy soldiers and looked at the odd one out and looked where it pointed to. I don't know.. it was one great Shawn Spencer moment for me. The innocent girl at the start of the show who claims to have talked to Yin saying that she was special is a person who I'd never thought to be the bad guy in the end. And at last, after all these years, they caught Yin AND Yang. I was kinda disappointed because Yin wasn't who I expected. I expected some guy from a previous episode or someone VERY popular. I was wrong. I didn't even know who the guy who played Yin was. I haven't even seen him in any other episodes. No offense to the actor. But all in all, it was one great episode. For more:
  • I'm finding that I either love an episode of Psych, and find many a good chuckle in the fast-paced dialogue, or I'm very ho-hum about it and start to wonder why I keep tuning in to this show.

    In the season finale, I found myself somewhere in the fair- to middlin category, neither loving or seriously disliking the episode. I don't think the "Yin-Yang" trilogy was all that clever. It seemed as if the writers were trying too hard - what they were aiming for, I'm not quite sure. Was this supposed to be a foray into a darker type of humor for the show, or an attempt at an actual mystery that stumps Shawn and Gus? And I never liked Ally Sheedy much in movies, or television, so her pivotal role was only annoying. What I liked about the episode was the introduction of Peter Weller as Yin. If ever there was an underrated actor in any medium, it is Mr. Weller. The brief time his character was given to interact with Gus and Shawn was borderline classic. It's a pity he was not used more in this episode, or in television/movies, period.
  • OK

    First: Thefanof, yes we needed a third episode of the yin/yang. After the way it ended last year, showing us the picture of Shawn and Yang, we really needed this episode.

    The episode was OK, the comedy wasn't the best, and yin wasn't what I expected to be. I was expecting a long game between Shawn and Yin, maybe with somebody life on the line...
    This was the weakest yin episode, and was the one to close the story...kinda sad it ended, mostly because how it ended.

    This was a great season, still there's little things I didn't like.

    - Corbin Bensen ( Henry ) had so little screen time in the whole season.
    The same with Chief Vick.

    Shawn and Juliet relationship doesn't feel like a relationship. Well, I kinda like this, no googly eyes or stuff like that, but I'd like they to show us that they're still dating...maybe I don't going on a date. If it wasn't for the occasionally kiss, I'd think they're not dating anymore.

    Psych will be back next season, and I think they have to prepare for ending the series. I'm not saying the show needs to end, but they need to start planning how to end it. With Yin's storyline closed, they will need another storyline like that one so the last episode of the show, Shawn finally solves the case, a la Monk, and he lives happily ever after.
    Maybe...I don't know. Next season finale, there's a murder conected with a murder Henry tried to solve when he was a detective, so he go after the killer and ends up dead, and Shawn pick up the murder investigation only to solve it with a clue in the last episode of the series. Some **** like that, so they keep us watching til the end, and we have a happy ending with Shawn finally solving the case.