Season 2 Episode 4

Zero To Murder in Sixty Seconds

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2007 on USA
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Shawn tracks down Lassiter's car with little difficulty after it's stolen. However, Shawn discovers that there's more to the situation than meets the eye and calls Gus back from vacation to help with the investigation.

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  • Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds

    The Good:

    -Shawn and Gus race in their rolling chairs.

    -When Shawn "sees" red coats and accents, Gus thinks he is referring to the British.

    -Lassiter and Juliet both want to get shot to demonstrate how a new bulletproof vest works.

    The Bad:

    -Shawn wonders if the case was too easy, but there is no reason he should think that. If, while on his date, the woman he was with had said or done something that made him think so, his thought process would be clearer.moreless
  • "You can both be shot. Just sign waivers." LOL

    Another great Psych episode. I think I always say it but it's totally true.

    The episode had me laughing right away with Shawn and Gus racing in chairs in the police station. They really did act like the children Lassiter accused them of being.

    I liked the case in this one. It was great to see Shawn "solve" a case and please everyone, but not lose his head. He was realistic enough to question his own success and that lead to the bigger bust. And Shawn was on a date with a woman, obviously close to "scoring" (LOL) but his preoccupation with the case took precedence over romance.

    I also liked seeing Shawn concerned about his father when Henry called him. He thought something was wrong with his father and hurried to his father's house. Too bad Henry just wanted him to scale a fish... LOL It was so funny when Gus gagged and had to leave to puke.

    I loved when Juliet and Lassiter were fighting over the bulletproof vest and the chief reprimanded them. That scene was hilarious to me. Another scene I liked was Shawn and Gus at the jail talking to Wally. After Wally had left, they continued talking into the phone. LOL The laughing gas scene was funny as well, even though they were laughing and a dead body was just sitting there. Those "girly" screams when they first saw the body were hysterical.

    There's so much I want to write, like Gus' "Little Shawn" and his car getting "pimped" and Lassiter attempting to use Shawn to impress people at his seminar but I want to give others a chance to comment.

    Great quotes:

    Shawn: "I have to peepee."

    Gus: "Sitting here, listening to you right now, Little Shawn just got bigger."

    Henry: "Stop trying to figure it out. Stop jumping."

    Shawn: "I think I got a boo-boo."

    Vick: "You can both be shot. Just sign waivers."moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show psych shawn and gus are called by lassie to find out who stole his car turns out it was brought to a chop shop and then it gets toade away for being parked in the wrong area but the guy was smiling at shawn. shawn thinks the case it not over and he starts to go digging and they realize that its more then just a chop shop that the car parts are being used to store drugs in it and that the guy that got arested want to be put in jail for awhlie because he murder a guy and want the police not to suppect him but shawn figures it out this was a good epmoreless
  • Lassiters car gets stolen!

    Lassisters car gets stolen so he 'asks' help from Shawn to find he's car. Shawn find the car pretty fast, but he thinks it was way too fast and that something doesn't add up here. So Shawn naturally goes to investigate some more. I really liked Gus in this episode, cause he made me laugh a lot. Especially in the scene were Shawn and his father were scaling fish and he had to throw up. I don't know why, but it really made me laugh. But Jules en Lassiter also made me laugh by how childish they were when the got a new bullet proof vest that had to be tested. And they both wanted to do the testing so they were fighting over hat which was really fun to look at.moreless
  • Fast cars and Psychics

    Shawn Spencer once again does his thing. I really enjoyed watching this episode as it was hilarious and full of surprises. I think the most hilarious part which actually shocked me cos the funny parts are usually caused by Shawn, but this time it was Gus wanting to throw up when Shawn and his dad Henry were scaling the fish. I also liked watching Lassiter, Karen and Jules acting like they were high when they were deciding who got to try out the new bullet proof vest. Shawn Spencer doing his over the top psychic thing at the lawyer thing Lassiter was doing. This was one good no GREAT episode.moreless
Malcolm Barrett

Malcolm Barrett


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Anita Brown


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Michael Robert Coleman

Michael Robert Coleman

Student #3

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Liam James

Liam James

Young Shawn

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Carlos McCullers II

Carlos McCullers II

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Sage Brocklebank

Sage Brocklebank

Officer Buzz McNab

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: In the scene where Shawn and Gus find that Jonny G. is dead, Jonny's head is in different positions. In the shot facing the front of the car Jonny G's head is down. When they are on the side of the car, his head is tilted back.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Lassiter: I received an invitation to give a presentation at 21 LES. (Shawn and Gus stare at each other) 21st century law enforcement seminar.
      Shawn/Gus: (together) Oh--
      Shawn: Yes, we know that better as 21 saint cent LES.
      Gus: I like to call it 21 Cent Law Enfo Semin.
      Lassiter: Go ahead, make jokes. (walks away)
      Shawn: But we just did...

    • Shawn: Is old Lassie back in the game?
      Lassiter: It is none of your business with whom I spend my personal time.
      Shawn: Now you have to dish. She blond?
      Gus: Brunette?
      Shawn: Mail order?
      Gus: You sly dog.
      Lassiter: Please, I am not gonna engage in some juvenile masculinity contest.
      Shawn: He went by himself.
      Gus: Yeah.
      (Lassiter stands up angrily)
      Lassiter: Her name is Polly Smith. 324 Sycamore Lane. We kissed. Ask her.

    • Shawn: I visited prison.
      Gus: You went to the pen?
      Shawn: I went to the joint.
      Gus: You went to the clink?

    • Juliet: Carlton! I finished the powerpoint slides for your 21LES presentation.
      Carlton: Oh you're right, Helvetica IS a much better font.
      Juliet: I know! See how the M in "Double Murder Suicide" just jumps off the page?

    • (Lassiter, Shawn and Gus walk into the police station after discovering Lassiter's car is missing)
      Lassiter: Alright, just keep your mouths shut, I don't want people to think anythings wrong. Morning, O'Connell. Schwartz. Dobson. Just rapping with the fellas, shooting the breeze.
      Shawn: Sweet, now they'll just think it's 1974.

    • Juliet: (to Shawn) Good news, we've matched the serial numbers. Bad news is that they're legal. And even worst news is that Lassiter wants to know what size vest you wear.

    • Shawn: Gus you've been bragging about that award for over a year. Why go now?
      Gus: Maybe I kept pushing it back because I was always working a second job. Like when I had to enter a civil war re-enactment, or when I was protecting a sorority of pajama clad co-eds.
      Shawn: You're actually complaining about that?
      Gus: No, I'm not.

    • Gus: What are we looking for anyway?
      Shawn: Anything that points to criminal activity. You know, a white cloth sack with a green dollar sign. A red barrel labeled TNT. An anvil! Anything.

    • Shawn: Like I said, there's still quite a few unanswered questions.
      Wally: Well, what can I say? You guys got me fair and square.
      Shawn: That's just it. What kind of chop-shop artist steals a cop's car and doesn't chop it up? It's almost like you wanted to leave a trail.
      Wally: Leave a trail, don't leave a trail. Wouldn't do any good. You guys caught my quick! Snap! Mind of a cheetah. I was like what! Cops were like wham. Miranda.

    • Shawn: Did you ever have a case you couldn't crack?
      Henry: Yeah. Yeah, sure. More than a few. But, a good detective learns the most when he doesn't get the bad guy.
      Shawn: No, I got the bad guy.
      Henry: Oh, well sometimes he gets off. But, a good detective doesn't let that get him down.
      Shawn: No, he's still in jail. Matter of fact, Chief Vick even says it's my best work.
      Henry: All right, then, what's the problem?
      Shawn: It doesn't feel like my best work, you know? It feels too easy. Did you ever have that problem?
      Henry: No, Shawn. I don't recall any champagne problems like things being too easy.
      Shawn: I don't know, I just imagined my best work being more complicated, you know? More intricate, important and just more... more.
      Henry: As always, you go after something for the flash, for the excitement and when you get it, you're never satisfied. You always need something more.
      Shawn: That is categorically untrue.
      Henry: Your best case, what does it need? More excitement. Your first bike, what did it need? More reflectors. Well, Shawn, did you ever stop and think that it's your expectations that need to change? Son, look at me. Look sometimes a case is just a case. (Shawn flashes back)
      Shawn: Wait a minute. Wait a second, I just figured it out.
      Henry: Wait, wait, don't, Shawn. Don't do this.
      Shawn: This is so much bigger than we thought. And I was right all along!
      Henry: Shawn, don't you dare. Don't you dare learn a wrong lesson while I'm trying to teach you a right one. (Shawn flashes back again and starts jumping) Shawn, stop. Stop trying to figure it out! Stop jumping!

    • (Shawn and Gus have just raced on their rolling chairs across the hall. Lassiter stopped the race by flipping the chairs.)
      Lassiter: Unlike everyone else around here, I'm not fooled by the fact that you wear grownup clothes, have mastered the rudimentary levels of communication and somehow manage to feed yourselves. I see you for what you are: children. So do me a favor, and let the the grownups do their work.
      Shawn: (points to elbow) I got a boo-boo.

    • Gus: A warehouse, sweet! There's always something happening at a warehouse. You staked it out, right? I know you staked it out.
      Shawn: Oh, it got staked... Stook? Staken? Staked? Right? Right. Yeah. Yeah, it got staked.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Israel – February 4, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Finland – May 11, 2009 on MTV3
      Slovakia – June 27, 2010 on Markiza
      Australia – July 27, 2010 on TV1
      Czech Republic – December 11, 2010 on Prima

    • Featured Music

      "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor


    • Lassiter: Wait a minute. Is this a prank? Did you take my car? Is this some sort of... Punking?

      Punk'd is an MTV show where celebrities are the victims of elaborate pranks.