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  • Season 6
    • Osborn
      Episode 8
      A woman in Lamar, Colorado calls police to report her husband has gone missing. He was last seen meeting a potential buyer for the couple's car, Larry Wayne Shepherd, and police immediately suspect foul play. Detectives track down the suspicious buyer, but without any hard evidence they're forced to let Shepherd go. Desperate for leads, the detectives turn to psychic Phil Jordan to jumpstart the case. Phil's ominous visions point to murder, and it's up to the Lamar police department to put together the pieces of this puzzle.moreless
    • The Girl Who Wasn't There (aka Urso)
      A fun family outing at the town marina becomes a parent's worst nightmare when 8-year-old Jessica Urso goes missing from a friend's boat. Police do their best to track down any sign of the young girl, but it seems that Jessica has vanished without a trace. After a number of leads come to dead ends, police call in psychic Phil Jordan, hoping he can help find the 8-year-old before the missing persons case turns tragic. Will Phil's visions lead police to the young girl before it's too late?moreless
    • The Fatal Ring
      Episode 6
      When police find Joe Devine murdered in his own bulk as plant, they are horrified by the surprise attack and execution-style killing. Residents of the small town in Indiana are shocked by the crime, but with little evidence and no murder weapon, investigators are hard pressed to find a lead. Detectives turn to psychic Phil Jordan for answers about the murderer, and his surprising visions suggest the victim may have some secrets of his own. Will the cryptic clues help police solve this complex case?moreless
    • Lethal Lovers
      Episode 5
      Police are baffled by the mysterious disappearance of a widow, Lois Jean McNamara, and her car. An initial search of the house does not provided clues, and there are no signs of a break-in or a struggle. The investigation is at a standstill and police are unable to identify anyone who would want to harm a kind, elderly woman. Jeanne Borgen, a local psychic, is called in to help the investigation. Will her power sight be the key the police need to catch the killer?moreless
    • A Deadly Triangle
      A large pool of blood in the parking lot of an apartment complex is at first thought to be from a deer, left by a hunter. But police in Xenia, Ohio are in for a shock when the blood is identified as human, not animal. Bone and tissue fragments found at the scene, as well as a cracked eye glass lens and a broken hearing aid, point to a brutal slaying. Further investigation reveals that the victim is 23-year-old Greg Turner, but his family and friends cannot think of anyone who would want to hurt him. With few clues and no leads, police ask psychic Karyol Kirkpatrick to see what they cannot and help track down the killer.moreless
    • Broken Hand of Fate
      A young woman is found on a set of railroad tracks outside of Detroit, strangled and viciously stabbed with a railroad spike. Investigators track down the last people seen with the victim before her death, but confusing evidence and convenient alibis throw them off the trail. As each promising lead comes to a frustrating end, the detectives decide to call in some unusual help. Will psychic Karyol Kirkpatrick's visions help police close this gruesome case?moreless
    • The Devil Inside
      The Devil Inside
      Episode 2
      Albany, NY police respond to a 911 call and are shocked to find that a religious goods store owner and his employee have been brutally murdered in the store. A witness is able to give a description of someone running from the scene and dropping something into a garbage can, but police only find a bloody vestment. They scour the crime scene for evidence and even call in a K-9 unit to follow the killer's scent but the trail stops cold. With only one witness and few clues, investigators turn to psychic Ann Fisher to pick up the trail and help the police catch the vicious murdered.moreless
    • Mudman
      Episode 1
      The mysterious disappearances of several young girls in Delaware County, Pennsylvania terrorizes the quiet community. Police are determined to catch whoever is responsible, and their investigation leads to local motorcycle gang known for its connections to violence, drugs and lawlessness. However, when police start questioning the gang members, one of the bikers cryptically tells police to look into the disappearance of another young girl, Beth Smith. With no information and no clues, investigators turn to psychic Phil Jordan to solve the mystery and stop the killing spree.moreless
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