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  • Whinging skeptics and atheists

    So sick of these lying skeptics peddling their agenda. If any of them watched the show they would see that the information provided is far too precise to be random. Some psychics have been far more accurate than others and I even question why some of the less precise predictions have been included in the show. Overall many of the episodes will leave you wondering how on Earth it is possible that some psychics could be so amazingly accurate.

    Skeptics and atheists will just parrot the disinformation provided by their gurus Randi and Dawkins. Skeptics don't think for themselves, they don't analyse the evidence they just make nasty attacks from their a priori position that there is no such thing that cannot currently be defined by modern science. They will cry "pseudo-science" and accuse anyone who disagrees of having a soft or fearful mind. DONT LISTEN TO THEM.

    Don't believe these blockheads. There is more evidence for psi/ esp and other phenomena than there is for string theory in physics yet they don't attack physicists for studying string theory. Go bother someone else skeptics or waste your money on a book by Randi, Dawkins or dead and buried Hitchens (yes I did mock Hitchens just to upset you all).
  • Pseudo-scientific nonsense.

    This flummery passing as intelligence is one of the biggest disgraces to the tv screen since the test pattern.

    Psychics stand in the woods and prevaricate on the causes of various crimes. They claim to have even solved cases. This is not true; the one 'psychic' who is credited by a police department with contributing information to the solution of a case turned out to be the man who set a fire.

    As debunker James Randi has pointed out, the only reason police listen to psychics is because whenever anyone walks into a precinct house and claims to know something about a crime, the cops have to give them some time and listen to them. That's standard procedure; they are required to do so. Thus the mere fact that you cajoled the police into sitting down with you and a tape recorder does not always equate to honesty on your part.

    Far be it from this show to make these truths available, though. The program ignores all skeptical investigation, all sense of critical examination, all in the name of ratings.

    The paranormal sells. This is not a problem when it is clearly fiction, just storytelling, such as 'The X-Files'; it is a huge problem, however, when dishonest shows such as this one foist themselves off on the public as supposed examples of true intelligence.

    You'd be much better off going to the library or a museum. You can do real learning there. They'll never have it on this show.