Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

Season 1 Episode 5

Angels and Demons

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 14, 2008 on A&E

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  • How terrifying! To see such horrible things and not have any emotional support to deal with it must be so emotionally exhausting!

    As if it is not hard enough being a teenager! Try throwing in a bit of a psychic gift and terrible visions of spirits from other realms. The again - Its hard enough being the parent of an adolescent, but put psychic abilities into the mix and it suddenly gets harder. Especially if the child is an empath.

    The boy Dalton was quite empathetic and he was constantly sensing his environment. I was actually quite surprised Chip did not take time out to teach him how to block a lot of what he is feeling in order to just go about his daily life. Maybe he did but we didnt see it.

    The girl Ashley could see evil spirits and her visions were very vivid. On top of that her mother, being a strong christian, found it very hard to accept her daughters gifts as she believed they contradicted her religious teachings. I actually believe it supports Christianity even more. After all what is the Bible if not full of encounters with God, the Holy Spirit and other superantural beings. The only part of the holy trinity that existed in human form is Christ. Each part of the Holy Trinity has a job to do depending on which spiritual realm it exists. And as a priest begins his service he calls on the powers of the holy hosts to support and protect his ministry. The church by its very actions acknowledges the existance of supernatural beings. Anyway I digress.

    And surprise surprise. The place where they are staying has a 13 year old girl living who also has psychic gifts - Mallory. In fact Mallory becomes the glue that binds this little trio and makes them a strong troop. In a few years is they suuport each other well they will be a vey strong force to be reckoned with. Good Show!
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