Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

Season 1 Episode 2

Fear Management

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 23, 2008 on A&E

Episode Recap

The episode begins in Friant, CA, where they introduce Joel, age 14. Joel describes his experiences, starting with that he hears voices calling his name, and fells it is coming from different places. The caption shows that he has had these experiences since he was age three. Joel's mother states she didn't realize what experiences he has been having for years. Joel says that he can see animals, but is fearful to talking about it. Joel and his mother recount an experience where his mother was outside and Joel told her to go in because he could see a white, transparent wolf coming to the fence; later, they would find a dead wolf on the property where Joel saw it. A caption reveals that Joel lives on a ranch, and it has been in the family since 1856.

Now, the episode transitions to Dr. Lisa Miller and Chip Coffey. As they come closer to the ranch, Chip reveals that he sees spiritual activity on the property. Chip is revealing this information with having no knowledge of where they are going. Chip continues that he saw the spirit of a dog running through the field. Dr. Miller and Chip now meet Joel and his mother. Chip tells them that he had interesting experiences coming onto the property. Chip senses that Joel is afraid.

Dr. Miller now meets with Joel's mother, while Chip meets with Joel. Joel's mother tells Dr. Miller of Joel being afraid of the bunkhouse on the property because he sensed a spirit of a child who died there in the 1880s. They transition to Joel and Chip, as they go into the bunkhouse. Joel explains of the death of the child he sees there, which was his great great uncle, and sees the child's mother pick up the water, trip, spilled the hot water on him, and he died at the age of four. Joel says he senses the feelings of anger and sadness in there, and Chip reveals someone else is there with them. Dr. Miller asks Joel's mother if she believes him, and she says yes, but is afraid to tell anyone because she feels they will think he is schizophrenic. Joel's mother describes that Joel saw someone pass behind her, describing him as a mover they have used before, when he was the age of nine, and stated it was someone from a moving company, which she called and found out he died; his mother states this was confirmation of his abilities for her. Chip asks Joel if he sees animals, and he says yes. Chip asks what he sees on the ground, and he responds that he always sees it. His mother states when she was a child she thought she saw a spirit and told her mother, but she closed the door on talking about it because her mother said if she heard that again, she would not get the ranch from her.

It is now nightfall, and Chip and Joel head back to the bunkhouse. Chip tells Joel to close his eyes, and see if he can feel any spirits in the room. He senses an angry spirit is watching them from outside the bunkhouse. They go outside to look, but the spirit was gone, but then could hear something running at him and feels a mad dog in front of him. Joel states he has not shared anything of these experiences because he is fearful that people will try to avoid or joke about him. Chip and Dr. Miller confer with each other, and Dr. Miller states she feels his experiences are real, but has a high anxiety; Chip feels the same things and says he feels Joel is isolated and fearful; Chip says it is the fear they have to help him manage. Joel is in one of the rooms in the house he does not like because there is child-hand print that is much smaller than his. Joel states that he heard his dogs barking outside, but did not see anything; this was at 2:38 am. The next day, Dr. Miller and Chip reveal to Joel and his mother that another family is coming there, where they have two children that have similar experiences as him.

Now they shift the focus to Las Vegas, NV, where the other family lives. Here, a child named Morgan, age 10, has similar experiences. She has had these abilities since she was very young, and can communicate with the spirits. She told her mother that she helped her mother's uncle cross over to the other side. Morgan said she saw the spirit staring at her asking for her help. Her mother said that Morgan had information that she would not have known about unless someone told her. Morgan describes the premonitions she has, fearing the visions of natural disasters most of all. Her mother states her children have a dream journal to record these dreams. Morgan's fear is having the dreams and not knowing what to do with them.

Morgan's brother Brad, age 12, has had psychic experiences since he was only two years old. He is unsure of his gifts, and sees spirits in the peripheral vision as well as hearing them. He says he is afraid to tell his friends of this because he is fearful of being joked about. His father states his son needs help with processing what he is seeing. Brad says he is looking forward to meet with someone else who has similar abilities. Now, back at Joel's ranch, Joel says he is nervous of the meeting, but is looking forward to it. The group will be meeting at the Sierra Sky Ranch, which is over 100 years old and a former cattle ranch. Many people coming to this location have reported paranormal activity.

Dr. Miller and Chip meet with Morgan and Brad's parents. Their parents talk about that they do not see the same experiences, and that things were fairly normal until they had their children, and how it opened them up to an understanding of the world. Morgan says she is sensitive and follows her gut feelings. Chip comments she is 10 going on 40. Brad is not sure what to say, and Chip picks up that he is not comfortable with revealing his abilities. His father jumps in and asks him if he is afraid people will find out about his abilities and ridicule and he responds yes. Chip tells him he wants Brad to give them a chance to help him.

Joel and his mother now arrive at the ranch and meet Morgan, Brad, and his parents. Chip takes the kids outside to go explore the ranch. Chip tells them to tell him anything they pick up. Dr. Miller meets with the parents, and asks Morgan and Brad's parents when the challenges started, and their father reveals it is hard when to tell them whether to tell their friends or others about their abilities. Joel's mother states she thinks he may have been more open had she not suppressed him from telling others. Morgan's mother describes where she had a premonition about 12 days prior to Hurricane Katrina that there would be a lot of water. Morgan said that she felt it was going to hurt many people, along with lots of flooding. Her mother recounts where her daughter said they need water, blankets, and a flashlight. They want her to learn how to cope with her abilities. Turning back to the kids, they head into a room, and Joel says there is a woman hiding in the room, and Morgan says she is protective and does not want their help as the spirit is scared of them. Brad says he does not like it in that room. Chip thinks that the spirit may be fearful of them and that Brad is picking up on that. They write down the emotions the spirit has. They think she is scared, sad, and wanted to hide. They agree that the spirit wants them to leave them alone. It is now 11:37 pm, and feels she needs to go to the attic and feels a spirit there. She asks why the spirit is here and what it wants; however, she gets scared out of the room, going to get Joel and Brad to go there with her. Brad declines. Joel senses someone behind the wall and knocks on it. He asks the spirit to tap something, and does respond. They hear footsteps, and Joel senses they want them out of there, and quickly leave the attic.

The next morning, the kids meet again, and they talk about there always being someone who will be skeptical of their abilities. They talk about that they want to be able to control their abilities. Chip takes Joel and Brad to talk about their fears. They both say they are afraid when they are around. Chip tells them that they may be picking up on their fears and may not be their own. Chip tells them if they don't control their abilities, the abilities will control them. Chip now talks to Morgan about her premonitions of natural disasters. She feels that she could have done something. He tells her the next time something like that happens, to put her energy out there to the world to help her feel better.

Chip and Dr. Miller meet privately, and Chip thinks that he should bring in an experienced ghost hunter, and Dr. Miller agrees. She feels it may help them grow their confidence in their abilities. Dr. Miller talks to Jackie Meador, who will be the ghost hunter taking the kids on this experience. She asks what they might experience, and might get mists and cold spots. The ghost hunter states there are two spirits in the kitchen area, one of which is named Roy. Patricia shows the kids some of the tools of ghost hunting. Chip tells the kids to use this experience to take control. Patricia asks Joel to be the team leader. They go over to an area and pick up info on the EMF detector, but were able to find the source being the water or electrical lines. Patricia states that readings from 2-7 are typically spiritual in nature and anything above 7 is likely man-made. Joel then gets a reading at a different spot of 5 and 6. The ghost hunter says she thinks something is there. Chip tells the spirit to set the detector off twice if there is one, and it responds on key. Joel and Morgan saw it hiding in the corner. Now in the kitchen investigating, they ask some questions and think they have heard something. Joel senses he got dizzy and Brad's head began to hurt, and the Patricia says they are picking up negative energy. Joel sees a man in the corner that is bald. Patricia reveals it is Roy, the old cook. Chip asks the spirit if it is still there, and Morgan says it is gone. Now, the group goes back to the audio tape. When Morgan asked if they wanted their help, the response on the recording, but could only make out that it was the voice of a female.

After that meeting, Chip meets with Dr. Miller to tell her what has happened. It is there that Chip tells her that they heard a voice on the recording, and that it sounded like the response was a yes when Morgan asked if it wanted their help. Dr. Miller said this is what the kids needed. Meeting back together again, the kids reveal they feel better now that their abilities can be validated. Joel says he likes hearing the responses on the EVPs. Chip tells Joel that this is what he should be doing. Joel says this experience has made some progress with him. Joel's mother now thanks Chip for his help, and that this experience shows that she was right about what she saw when she was younger and the believing in what Joel is seeing. Morgan talks about the evening's experiences were great and how Chip helped her in her abilities.

The next day, Dr. Miller talks to the parents again. She asks them about their feelings of sharing the information to the public. They all agree that they feel empowered and that they need to share this. Brad says he is not as much afraid as he used to be, and is now interested in this field. Morgan says she just wants to be able to help others with her ability. Joel said that he was very nervous about the experience, and they all say they will remain in contact with each other. Dr. Miller tells them that the experience happened for a reason, and that it helps them find their calling.

After leaving the ranch, Brad is not as afraid of his abilities any longer and purchased some ghost hunting equipment and plans to create a paranormal investigation club in his hometown, with his sister being the first member of this new club. Morgan wants to continue to use her gift to help as many people as she can around the country. After the retreat, Joel tells the first person about his abilities, and that is his best friend Brandon. Joel reveals he still sees the spirits, but is no longer fearful of them. Joel's mother is just glad that she no longer has to keep the secret. Both families in this episode continue to be in contact with each other.