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  • Dark, Funny and Mysterious!

    I did not expect anything less from the creative minds of The League of Gentlemen! The show is darker in my opinion than TLOG, but this is not a bad thing, in my eyes it makes the show what it is!

    I like all of the characters that Reece and Steve have created, although sometimes reminding me a but too much of some characters from TLOG, but i suppose there are only a certain amount of voices and persona's one person can create! It was also great to see the cameo from Mark Gatiss in episode 4! This was perfectly planned for the fans of TLOG and i was surprised when Mark made an appearance, and it was very well hidden from the fans as his name was listed in magazines and the press as being an actor named Sam Kisgart, an anagram of Mark Gatiss! Very clever indeed!

    I love the whole mystery of the show and cannot wait to find out who the man in the mask and trench coat is! I am sure i will love it when it is revealed! I do hope for a second series though! so fingers crossed!

    If you love the League of Gentlemen then you will love this!