Public Morals

CBS (ended 1996)


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  • That bad, huh?

    This happens to be the shortest-lived police shows ever on Network TV. Public Morals is a show about an NYPD Vice Squad that tried to keep the rampant activities of various social deviants under control. This in itself may sound like your routine NYPD police drama, but it happens to be a sitcom & a rather ill-bred one at that.

    Steven Bochco & Jay Tarses were responsible for this crude mess that was so poorly received by both the critics & viewers, it was axed by CBS after a single telecast on Oct. 30, 1996. In actuality, 13 episodes were produced, but given how subpar the show was, we should be thankful said episodes never saw the light of day.

    At least one of its principals, Donal Logue is now in a better show, FOX's Gotham.