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Pucca is a flash animated series by the South Korean company Vooz Character Systems. It first originated as a series of online flash episodes and it now airs on Toon Disney as part of Jetix. Pucca is the young daughter of a Chinese noodle house owner and she is hopelessly in love with the ninja Garu. He tries desperately to avoid Pucca's advances and usually does not return her affection. This results in many comical situations as Pucca goes to great lengths just to steal a kiss from Garu. Expect to see lots of "funny love" antics involving everything from noodles to deadly ninjas.

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AIRED ON 8/4/2008

Season 5 : Episode 13


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  • It should come back on

    Don't you remember ping ping she had a thing against pucca what about that but I think It should come back on because it was funny pucca was in love with Garu ping ping would steel him from pucca just to get back at epsoide ping ping dressed up the janitor who liked ping ping to look like garu she said they would get married then it started to storm next pucca's hair went all are things we don't know about pucca so don't hate apshiate!!!!.moreless
  • One of the most predictable shows EVER.

    Pucca is a show about a stalker girl with who has a crush on Garu, who runs away from her whenever she is near. What bugs me is that Pucca doesn't get the freakin point that Garu doesn't like her! And Garu doesn't do anything about it! He could call the cops for being harassed by a stalker girl!

    And dont even get me started on the art! Every characters' body is a rectangular head, square body, rectangle legs and arms, and circle hands and feet. My 8 year old bro could draw better!

    The show is also extremely prdeictable. It is impossible for Pucca to get hurt! She always suddenly saves the day by doing something retarded. In one episode, a boulder hit her head, and the BOULDER broke! Then she used her godly atrributes to send the guy who dropped the boulder on her 1 million feet away!

    So if you want a show with good animation and has twists, dont watch this!moreless
  • this show

    this show is funny and it better then other show s like power jangers and stuff i like this show because it funny pucca is quit but she protect her man garu they love each of course and there both funny and i wish they dont take out pucca and its all ready june it didnt got out lier and i hope this show last 4 ever and ever and it funny and u should watch i frist i didnt like i thought it was dumb to watch then my cousin told me about it i was happy that she told me so watch it and i wish there more showmoreless
  • cool

    funny funny funny funny funny show becuase its funny and 'cause when pucca gets mad because tobay and the ningas fight garu, and garu gets hurt and pucca beets up tobay and the ningas get more hurt than garu does. My favorite part is when pucca dilivers the noodles with her red shiny scooter and then she gives them thier noodles.The noodles look really really really really gooooood like hot steaming dilisous ja jang noodles.(with the shrimp and the sauce). when the chefs cook the noodles they cook it really fast.:)

    :b its sticking out its tongue. :@ just becuse i talk of food does not meen im fat im skinny.moreless
  • For someone my age you would be surprised i could like this show. But i do and for reasons i cant explain, its easily the best animation i am watching at the moment.moreless

    To be quite honest i loved the show from the beginning because of the characters. I love the way that Pucca loves Garu and how they interact it though funny yet somewhat unique ways. I still think id they talked their relationship would be stronger, but then again their would likely be no show then. still I loved the entire aspect the show brought to the viewer. Its funny even though the story and plot can have childish aspects at times. But hey it is technically a Kids show,but that does not mean you should hate it. I feel sorry for people who hate shows based on that. Guess you cant please everyone in the world. But someone will look at this review and either see my point or complain/Rant in my mind as to how i can like this show. Well don't assume that, because you can never understand why someone likes something unless you are them.

    To summarize the show i would give it a 9.5 because i enjoy the story (Most of the time) and the characters are memorable to me and I doubt i will ever forget the impact this show made on my life. If you disagree with my opinion then I am sad to say I don't want to know you. But this show is easily my personal favorite for animation currently and no one but myself can state it otherwise.moreless

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