Season 1 Episode 2

A Force of Won / Chef Slump / House of Doom

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Sep 25, 2006 on Toon Disney
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A Force of Won / Chef Slump / House of Doom
A Force of Won: Garu and friends must protect Ching's pet chicken from Tobe. Chef Slump: The Chefs try to regain their honor while Pucca watches the restaurant. House of Doom: Pucca and company enters Garu's booby-trapped ninja house.

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  • I liked it somewhat, but the fact they stuck "Chef Slump" in there makes it the worst episode so far.

    This episode was........not right. I like "A Force of Won", and "House of Doom" was OK, but this is, I'm sorry to say, a bad episode.

    A Force of Won:

    I like this one! It was funny and kept me going! I liked the whole thing with the Garu doll, and it's arm got cut off, and Pucca was boiling mad!! The bad news is, Pucca didn't kiss Garu in this episode!!!! (she did kiss the Garu doll though)

    Chef Slump:

    WORST. EPISODE. EVER. What's a Pucca episode without Garu!!?? A stupid one that's what!! NO romance AT ALL!!!! ICK!!!!

    House of Doom:

    There is only one part I like in this episode, and that's when Garu saved Pucca from a giant robot cat. Other than that, it's just OK.moreless
  • A very fun little episode!

    This episode had more laugh-out-loud moments for me than any other I've seen to date. Pucca always manages to make me smile, but doesn't always deliver as much humor as I found in this installment.

    I think the funniest moments were found in "House of Doom," specifically the house telling the Ninja Clan in a very polite voice, "Thank you, come again" twice after booting them from the house. I also got a hoot out of the house managing to produce a giant set of nunchaku to whack the Ninja Clan off of the roof after they were amusingly stepping (almost dance-like) on the roof to gain entry.

    My other favorite laugh-out-loud moment was in "A Force of Won" when the lizard monster, after stepping on an evil ninja, realized that he is stuck to its foot and scrapes it off on a rock like one would do if they'd stepped in poo.

    A great episode overall!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Uncle Dumpling (to other chefs) Brothers...once more, we are masters!
      (Mio pounces in midst of the chefs.)
      Mio: Meow!
      Uncle Ho: What's that? Pucca's in the well?
      Mio: Meow!
      Uncle Ho: Ohhhhhh...Pucca's in the restaurant, and it's not going well.
      Mio: Meow!
      Uncle Dumpling: Oh, no!
      Uncle Ho: We'd better get back there!
      Mio: Meow!
      Uncle Linguini: Quickly!!

    • (Abyo plays the Hammer game)
      Ching: Whoa!
      Abyo: That was so easy.

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    • A Force of Won
      Not only is the name of Ching's chicken, Won, taken from the Korean monetary unit won (as opposed to the Chinese yuan, which you might expect in a Chinese setting), but the title of this episode is taken from the Army slogan "a Force of One".

    • Frog Suit

      In "House of Doom", Santa wore a Frog Suit similar to the one from Super Mario Bros. 3

    • Iron Chef Stadium

      The Studium the chefs entered is similar to the one in the Food Network show Iron Chef America

    • Lassie

      When one of the chefs said "Pucca's in the well?" This line was famous for the classic Lassie series "Timmy's in the well".

    • Godzilla

      When a lizard swallows one of Won's eggs, He transform into Godzilla.

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