Season 1 Episode 1

Funny Love Eruption / Noodle Round the World / Ping Pong Pucca

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Sep 18, 2006 on Toon Disney
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Funny Love Eruption / Noodle Round the World / Ping Pong Pucca

Funny Love Eruption: Garu tries to save the village by stopping an erupting volcano.

Noodle Round the World: The chefs attempt to make a noodle that goes around the world.

Ping Pong Pucca: The citizens of Sooga village have a ping-pong tournament.

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  • A great start to a great series!!!

    I really enjoyed this episode. All 3 episodes were funny and had alot of the Pucca-Garu romance I love!!!

    Funny Love Eruption: When Pucca first met Garu. I great start to their funny relationship!!! Pucca just stared at him and.....love at first sight!!! I found it really funny when Garu was in a sandstorm, and he was struggling to walk, and he saw Pucca with a big sand statue of her and Garu kissing, and Garu was scared and got pulled away!!!! And when Pucca got the Silver Moon Topper and offered it to Garu but in exchange, a kiss...and Garu had Pucca kiss Santa!!!! I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!!! One of my favorite episodes, this is!!!

    Noodle Round the World: Cute, but not my favorite. I liked it when the Pucca pushed the Leaning Tower of Pisa onto Tobe and his warriors, and when Pucca blew up Mount Rushmore so it showed her and Garu kissing!! LOL!!!!!

    Ping Pong Pucca: At first, I thought this would be a stupid episode, but it's not!!!! It has lots of fun and Pucca-Garu romance!!! It's hard to believe, though, that Chang could train Pucca to be THAT good in such a short time...I did like when Garu got knocked out and Pucca was so angry that she PICKED up the Ping Pong table and swung it at Tobe!!!!moreless

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    • Santa: Welcome to Volcano Depot. our prices will blow you away. (quickly resetting stock) Everything must go! (getting more frantic) Fire sale... fire sale! Fire ... FIRE... ho ho ho hooooo! (runs off)

    • (After rumbling volcano erupts with a burp and a poof)
      Uncle Linguini: A hundred years of tradition to stop that?!
      Uncle Dumpling: I guess we don't need the Moon Cake Mountain-Taming Festival anymore.
      Uncle Ho: There's always the Carnival of Swarming Leeches.
      Uncles Dumpling and Linguini: (nodding) Mm-hmm.

    • Ho: Who is brave enough...
      Linguini: ...and strong enough...
      Uncle Dumpling: ...to save the village???!!!
      (everyone looks at Dada)
      Dada: Don't look at me! I'm allergic to temples on top of volcanoes...

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    • Tobe, "bad boy of ping-pong"
      In PPP, when Santa as the referee disqualifies Tobe for cheating in the ping-pong (or "table tennis") tournament, Tobe throws a temper tantrum and starts arguing with the aforementioned ref. This strongly resembles the unsportsmanlike conduct of 80's tennis pro John McEnroe, who often resorted to such tirades against referees during matches.

    • The Grinch

      In the beginning of "Funny Love Eruption" The citizens of Sooga Village sing like how the Whos did in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    • Volcano Depot: name
      Spin off of the store Home Depot.