Season 1 Episode 13

No New Year's Eve / Noodle to the Stars / Ring Ring's Party Favours

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Dec 31, 2006 on Toon Disney
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No New Year's Eve / Noodle to the Stars / Ring Ring's Party Favours
No New Year's Eve: Muji's zombies kidnap the Baby New Year in order to ruin New Year's Eve. Noodle to the Stars: Muji steals the Endless supply of Noodles from Space Station Sooga. Ring Ring's Party Favours: Ring Ring tries to sabotage Pucca's party after not inviting her.moreless
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  • Celebrate New Years' Eve with the people in Sooga Village, recover stolen noodles from space, and watch an attempt at party crashing in this episode of "Pucca"!

    I finally got to see the New Year's episode last night! I noticed that it did not look like the beginning of the episodes that I know, so I pressed info of my digital cable remote and it was the episode that I (and many other Pucca watchers) had missed! So anyway, in the first segment titled "No New Year's Eve", we get to see Muji freak out because he finds a gray hair on his mustache which leads into Baby New Year being kidnapped. While searching, Policeman Bruce suggests that they think like a baby which results in Abyo ripping of his shirt and pants revealing a diaper underneath. Now I'd like to know how Abyo thought of wearing a diaper underneath long before the idea was brought up by his dad. When Pucca rescues Baby New Year, the baby was asked what the year was going to be in which Baby New Year replied by saying "Pucca" thus being the year of Pucca! In "Noodle to the Stars", they take Abyo's running gag into a whole new level! A-B-2-0 tries to rip his shirt off resulting in his left arm coming off. Now the noodles are missing which puts everyone in a state of panic. Ching, A-B-2-0, and Garu (Pucca's added later) help to foil Muji's plans. Now in "Ring Ring's Party Favours", Ring Ring's summer party is advertised in a commercial, but Pucca isn't invited. The chefs throw a party. Ring Ring thought she wasn't invited (but Yuni had the invitation the whole time) so she tries (and fails) to crash the party. During the fight, Pucca's hair is undone by Ring Ring (and I kind of liked the hairstyle when it was down). Turned out that Pucca wanted to invite Ring Ring although Pucca wasn't invited to Ring Ring's party.moreless

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    • Space zombie: (looking at scanner) N-n-ninjaaaa!
      Muji: If you have something to say... (eyes narrowing) ...say it.
      Space zombie: (with British dialect) I say, Space Ninja Garu is approaching.

    • Muji: (watching kids on the monitor) You think you can sneak up on me? No one can sneak up on me! (gets tapped by one of his space zombies) GAAAAHHHHH!!! (to zombie) Don't DO that!!

    • Master Soo: Well done, Pucca. Okay, Baby. What year is it going to be in Sooga Village? Horse? Cuttlefish? Tapeworm?
      Baby New Year: Pucca! (Pucca giggles) Pucca!
      Master Soo: (muttering) That's a new one. (announcing) It's the year of the Pucca!!!

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    • The sliding door in the atmosphere dome of Space Station Sooga is a direct representation of a similar gag shown in the Mel Brooks film Spaceballs.

    • Aliens from Star Trek

      The chefs from the restaurant become alien characters from Star Trek, Linguini and Uncle Dumpling as Klingons and Ho as Spock.

    • C3PO:

      Abyo's robotic body is similar to Star Wars' character C3PO but is called A-B-2-O.