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  • It should come back on

    Don't you remember ping ping she had a thing against pucca what about that but I think It should come back on because it was funny pucca was in love with Garu ping ping would steel him from pucca just to get back at epsoide ping ping dressed up the janitor who liked ping ping to look like garu she said they would get married then it started to storm next pucca's hair went all are things we don't know about pucca so don't hate apshiate!!!!.
  • One of the most predictable shows EVER.

    Pucca is a show about a stalker girl with who has a crush on Garu, who runs away from her whenever she is near. What bugs me is that Pucca doesn't get the freakin point that Garu doesn't like her! And Garu doesn't do anything about it! He could call the cops for being harassed by a stalker girl!

    And dont even get me started on the art! Every characters' body is a rectangular head, square body, rectangle legs and arms, and circle hands and feet. My 8 year old bro could draw better!

    The show is also extremely prdeictable. It is impossible for Pucca to get hurt! She always suddenly saves the day by doing something retarded. In one episode, a boulder hit her head, and the BOULDER broke! Then she used her godly atrributes to send the guy who dropped the boulder on her 1 million feet away!

    So if you want a show with good animation and has twists, dont watch this!
  • this show

    this show is funny and it better then other show s like power jangers and stuff i like this show because it funny pucca is quit but she protect her man garu they love each of course and there both funny and i wish they dont take out pucca and its all ready june it didnt got out lier and i hope this show last 4 ever and ever and it funny and u should watch i frist i didnt like i thought it was dumb to watch then my cousin told me about it i was happy that she told me so watch it and i wish there more show
  • cool

    funny funny funny funny funny show becuase its funny and 'cause when pucca gets mad because tobay and the ningas fight garu, and garu gets hurt and pucca beets up tobay and the ningas get more hurt than garu does. My favorite part is when pucca dilivers the noodles with her red shiny scooter and then she gives them thier noodles.The noodles look really really really really gooooood like hot steaming dilisous ja jang noodles.(with the shrimp and the sauce). when the chefs cook the noodles they cook it really fast.:)
    :b its sticking out its tongue. :@ just becuse i talk of food does not meen im fat im skinny.
  • For someone my age you would be surprised i could like this show. But i do and for reasons i cant explain, its easily the best animation i am watching at the moment.

    To be quite honest i loved the show from the beginning because of the characters. I love the way that Pucca loves Garu and how they interact it though funny yet somewhat unique ways. I still think id they talked their relationship would be stronger, but then again their would likely be no show then. still I loved the entire aspect the show brought to the viewer. Its funny even though the story and plot can have childish aspects at times. But hey it is technically a Kids show,but that does not mean you should hate it. I feel sorry for people who hate shows based on that. Guess you cant please everyone in the world. But someone will look at this review and either see my point or complain/Rant in my mind as to how i can like this show. Well don't assume that, because you can never understand why someone likes something unless you are them.

    To summarize the show i would give it a 9.5 because i enjoy the story (Most of the time) and the characters are memorable to me and I doubt i will ever forget the impact this show made on my life. If you disagree with my opinion then I am sad to say I don't want to know you. But this show is easily my personal favorite for animation currently and no one but myself can state it otherwise.
  • I was really missing out...

    Isn't it weird how you can hate something with a huge passion one minute, but then all of a sudden the next minute you're completely obsessed with it??? Well, it's possible.

    About a year ago, I couldn't even STAND Pucca! But now, it's like, my fave show! I used to just think of it as this stupid girl who just chases this quiet ninja around and tries to kiss him all the time. My sis would always watch this when I babysat her over the summer, and I would always be like, "oh mai GOD!!! y ru watching this POOP?!?!" But one day, when we were looking up YYY stuff on youtube, I accidentally clicked on a Pucca episode, ("Chef Napped") and I absolutely LUVED it!! .O), AND it can also be pretty violent! (there was even blood once!! :O ) It has everything I want in a show! This may be the longest review I ever wrote, but it is about to come to an... HEYY!!! Pucca's on!!! *runs off to watch it*
  • Meh it's okay I guess...

    This isn't the best show ever,but not the worst show ever. (At least in my opinion). I watch this if I'm bored or if there's nothing else on. I like the character design and I think they look kind of cute,but other than that,I'm not really into it. I think this show is okay,but there are many other shows out there that I think are better and I can honestly say I would rather watch that than this. I just get sick of the theme song and the fact that Pucca will JUST NOT give up! Geez,Garu,just kiss her already so she'll leave you alone! Honestly. I just get sick of it. I'm sorry.
  • What is this cr*p????????

    This show is Racist! I mean it mocks American AND Asian culture. I mean i saw a episode were they said that they were nothing with out there chopsticks and some guy said they should eat it with a fork. But everyone laughed at the guy. And also the intro is weird and the acting is bad. Toon Disney, please put Gargoyles and Recees in its place and not this stuff. Please, i know its Anime for Elementry School Kids, but god it sucks! And dont get me on the storyline, OH NO! *RANT WARNING* it really stinks! And worst of all, i was forced to watch it becuase therewas nothing else to watch! It deserves a 1.0/10
  • One of the most hilarious and lighthearted shows I've seen yet!

    Ah, Pucca - with not much publicity going for it, it's one of those shows you sort of have to stumble upon by accident. It's a fortunate kind of accident.

    Pucca is fast-paced, zany, colorful, intense, and at times downright bizzarre. The animation and style is simple, with the backgrounds sometimes quickly changing to reflect the tone of the scene. Every single character is charming in his/her own way, and the violence isn't a splatter-all-over-the-place mess. Granted, characters get thrown some 200 feet in the air and land on, say, a cliff wall, but as animated beings they suffer no injuries. It's this action that supports the show's humor, along with the cast of odd characters.

    Now, the core of the show (Pucca's unrelenting affection for Garu) is played out in almost every single episode in some way or aother, which some may find annoying. But really, this isn't meant to be a show that has a mega-level depth to it. It's meant to entertain, and that's what it does.
  • One of my favorite shows

    This is definitely one of my favorite shows! The characters look kind of cute and things that get my attention always happen. This show reminds me of another show, Tom Jerry. In both shows, one protagonist is always chasing after another, and both protagonists rarely speak while other characters do. Before this show first aired, I thought that none of the characters talked (I watched a lot of Pucca cartoons online), but I saw that I was wrong. And now, seeing how Garu is always trying to avoid Pucca, I wonder why she fell in love with someone who doesn't seem to love her back. Hopefully, later episodes will reveal some answers.
  • Pucca is so hilarious

    Pucca is one of the most funny shows i have ever seen. like in the episode Prince Not-So Charming: the celebrity had me laughing so much i couldn't breathe like why does he always have his mouth open and when he dances why does he think lol. this is one of the most hilarious shows i have ever seen. it is so good a round of applause for the creator, writers and cast of the series they have been doing a great job and i hope they don't stop with the comedy it is so hilarious i cant believe they come up with that stuff. well thank you for a great show.
  • This show is great!

    I love this show it is sooo funny and the characters look really small chubby and cute I like Pucca alot. I kind of never told anyone that I started watching this show until some of my friends caught me. So at the same time they watched it with me and liked it. I still continue to watch pucca because I like the stories. Pucca is really funny I already have about a year watching it and I still like it I watch it almost everyday!. I like the characters, at first I thought it was annoying (just a little) because some characters do the same thing over and over agian but then I got used to it. Go Puccaaaa!
  • I'm offended and I'm not even Asian.....

    What the hell is Pucca!?!

    A show that is basically about a stalker!!

    That's it!Each episode, she tries to find a way to steal a kiss from Garu..... she claims that he is her soulmate... Take a hint, Pucca, he is not your soulmate so move on with your patheic life already.

    This show is offensive to all Asian people. In a way, it's racist....come on.... Have you seen the drawings. Pucca's eyes NEVER have pupils, just lines.....

    And the artwork..... Do not get me started on the horrible artwork... The animation is horrible and makes me wanna risk electrocuting myself by smashing a hammer into my TV.

    The storylines are horrendously trashy....I saw the one when someone lost his face and they had to find his face but also keep his body safe..... This is a horrible show.

    My God, how can anyone love this piece of crap!
  • By far my favorite TV show ever! I can't get enough of it! Similar to Hello Kitty, and just as adorable and funny.

    Pucca is a hilarious TV cartoon. It takes place in China and is all about a 11-year-old girl named Pucca who is in love with a skilled ninja named Garu and her friends and adventures.

    I always tell myself, "if Hello Kitty made it this far, then surely Pucca will one day be a big hit. And I'll be telling people 'I liked Pucca before it was even popular, so I'm cooler than you'" LOL. Even now, they sell Pucca merchandise in places like Chinatown or Little Tokyo. I think that in Korea they even have a whole store dedicated to Pucca, much like Sanrio.

    Before the show aired on Jetix, there were little flash cartoons of Pucca that you could only find on some of Pucca's websites for example. You can also watch them on Youtube. There are about 15 I think. Also very cute, but almost all of them don't feature Pucca's friends like Ching or Abyo.

    Definitely a show worth watching. I found it to be strangely addicting.
  • I Like it, But I Don't Know Why.

    This Show Is Crazy. And Not in the Good Way.
    First I'd Like to "Point" out the Fact That These Characters DON'T Have Fingers, Or Worse...They Do! Most Of the time these people have round hands, Then sometimes They just...give 'em fingers! But Just For that Scene. That's odd.
    Second, Can't Pucca Take a Hint?! She's Determaned, But Anyone to keep Avoiding you like that Is NO Soul Mate!!
    Third, How dare you?! I saw the episode "Sooga Size Me", They Made fun...of Texans. I Understand Stereotypes But some of us Texans Are Kind and Green.
    And Lastly, Ring Ring Is not perfect, Abyo is not Good, and This show is not great.
    But I Watch it, Why? I Don't Know
  • Pucca love indeed!

    Pucca love indeed as even though if you can't understand the show. It shows that it can be a cute show, even when you don't have the main character talking at all. But it shows that the main character of Pucca shows her affections to the also silent ninja Garu, who has taken a vow of silence. Even though he doesn't show or return her affections, you can tell that he is affected by it. Can see why the show is popular even when others don't see it why it makes sense as you have to really watch the show real hard to understand.
  • I can see while people like it

    At first I thought it would be a crappy show just by seeing the commercials, but then I saw the real thing and I really think it's something. Like Avatar, it's not good enough to be a favorite of mine, but it is definately funny and cute. Normally you think Ninjas would be all about violence (and they are) but there isn't as much in this as there is in Naruto at all. Instead they go for the humor. With the 2 main characters not talking you can think it your head what they're saying; and with the cute animation style and stories, this is one show you really should look at. I told my friend about this one episode, where fortune cookies came true. He actually laughed. That is the kind of stuff that's funny, and Pucca is chock full of it.
  • A very cute show!

    This show isn't that bad, infact it's one of the best shows on television.I love watching this show, it's very entertaining and fun. It's amazing how a flash series got turned into a television series. Now I know why they call it Pucca Funny Love, because this show is so funny that everyone will love it.
  • A very funny flash cartoon.

    When I first watched this show, I thought it was very funny, especially when after every episode, Pucca would chase, hug and/or kiss Garu. I also like how each episode has a lot of very funny and weird twists and it has some action in it too! A very good combination for an Asian cartoon. The only thing is, though, each episode is too short. They're only like 7 minutes long. Also, the animation was a little bad, but not a whole lot and it is a flash cartoon anyway. And one more thing, this show is for more younger viewers, but I still like it, though! So I'll give it 8.2/10 shards. ;)
  • Great,Great,GREAT!!!

    A very cool show about a love crazed girl named Pucca and the victim is Garu.He doesn't really like to have Pucca following him around even though she is saving him alot. There are also alot of other wierd characters too! Like a bald kid, this guy who rips off his shirt alot, three chefs, a cop, an evil ninja and his henchman and alot of other character. Pretty random I'd say. There show are random too! Like a man eating flower, a wheater controling machine, a pocket change eating sofa and a guy on a shark and his zombies. I just have to say it's GREAT!!!
  • Simple Love

    Pucca is a great show. With nice animation and a simple story line. A girl Pucca goes after the boy she loves. Comedy and ninja moves are a great combo for this South Korean show. For a simple story line it has many episode's ranging from Christmas to ninja business. Worth the watch.
  • Funny Love....

    This show is it. Oh yeah. It's it.

    This is the show I have been looking for! It's just so funny! I needed something that I can LOL at every time I watch it! Pucca is just so sweet and innocent and just trying to show her love for Garu. The animation in this show looks great and each person has their on personality. Like the Santa Claus person..... Once my brothers and I start watching Pucca, we stop breathing from laughing so hard! It's so unique, it's so special!

    I hope this show continues to live on and on!
  • This show is one of my favorite shows and I know some prety good gossop about it so ask me if you need help learning anything,about the Awsome Show!!!!!!!!!

    I Would love to dig in to noodles every time I see this Show
    (and go kiss my boy friend). But my favorite Part is seeing puca enjoy her self! so If you ever have any qestions about it ask me Becuse I love it so much!!!!!!! My favorite episode is When Garu Has Another him that talks and they had agame show like sabrina the teenage witch or Full House Check out those shows Too! so Pucca is the Best show ever,game show all that So Enjoy the show And I hope you love it! How much do you love it?
  • A Korean website gave inpirisation for this!? That is truly amazing!!!

    We have gotten shows, from Japan, Britian, and France. Heck, we even gotton shows from Canada! But have we ever gotten a show from Korea. I think not. Based on the webtoon, Pucca revovles arounds a girl named Pucca with unusual abilities and Garu, the super-cool ninja that Pucca has a crush on. Many adventures surround this love and always end with Pucca kissing Garu. Each segment is around 7 minutes long and are quite funny. This is one of the best shows on Jetix and I wish it was right after Yin Yang Yo!, so I don't forget to watch it. I try to watch new episodes before they appear on DXD, Disney's on-line video service.
  • The story of a smitten young girl and her ninja boy friend.

    Young Pucca loves her Garu. I mean she really loves her Garu.

    While most twelve year old boys have no interest in girls, Pucca is always there to stand by her man, even if he doesn't like it.

    The Pucca TV series hales from South Korea, a country that is also known for another online Flash animated cartoon I Love Egg. Pucca adapts many cutural references to China, Japan, and Korea.

    Pucca is about a young girl named Pucca who is enamorated by a young ninja warrior named Garu. "Wait, doesn't this sound like Naruto?" Heck no! Pucca could run circles around any of that Shonen Jump garbage anyday!

    While Jetex picks up alot of old Saban programming and subpar anime, this is the only other show on Jetex worth watching other than The Tick. (SPOON!)

    The characters are addictively adorable!

    Even if you don't like the title characters, there will be atleast one character that you will like. Abyo who's character appearance is like an eccentric Bruce Lee. In fact, Abyo's dad is a police officer named Policeman Bruce. Ching who seems to resemble Michelle Yeoh's character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon . Tobi, the ninja-still-in-training and leader of a pack of ninjas, would easily take down his rival Garu if his leadership improved, if his followers were more intellegent, and if Pucca's martial arts abilities weren't as infinite as her cuteness and boundless love for Garu. Santa Claus, who's home is Sooga village during the rest of the year, can easily be compared to Homestar Runner's King of Town.

    Fans of the Hello Kitty franchise, the Powerpuff Girls, Xialin Showdown, or online animated series like Homestar Runner or I Love Egg will love this series, which takes cute jabs at some recognizable Martia Arts references as well as Western Culture while stealing a few kisses.
  • How can anyone love this crap????

    Pucca yet is another dumb show brainwashing kids it's about this girl named Pucca who chases a boy that she is in love with named Garu kinda similar to Amy and Sonic and it's very very cheesy and stupid i don't know why Jetix came up with a show like this probably because they suck and put a kind of show like this and they put off Shin Chan for crap shows today(yes i live in the UK and talking about the UK Jetix) and now it's at McDonalds?!?!?? with another crap thing Hot Wheels cancel this and put back on Shin Chan instead.
  • Pucca loves Garu and she is chasing him around all the time. Garu doesn't like it, but that's why Pucca never stops.

    I love it! Especially when they revealed that Ching liked Abyo in the episode "Ninjitsu for Dummies". I first found out about Pucca on a commercial. It has a catchy theme song. Then I ended up seeing the end of the show one day. My cousin watched it also and told us about it. Then we watched it and I remembered it. I have been watching this series ever since. The plot gets better everytime with Abyo ripping his shirt off in every segment, Pucca chasing Garu, and Ching just being herself. I highly urge you to watch this series. If you aren't, you don't know what you are missing!
  • a Homstar Runner of our time

    Pucca is a Homstar Runner of our time look


    & I sure you'll see the rest of The Homestar Runner cast Pucca is the best anime & Homestar can be seen in homestarrunner.com

    but songeyfan or what ever his name is mmy biggest fan & he hate it & hope he'll fogive me for liking this show
  • Completely endearing simplicity!

    Pucca has become one of the shows I most look forward to watching every week as it always leaves me with a smile. I have been a fan of Pucca for years and I firmly believe that this TV series does the story and characters justice.

    This show is enjoyed by all members of my household. I am a 30 year old child-at-heart who loves large doses of cute, my son is 6 and while he appreciates the cuteness, he also really loves the ninja action, and even his 28 year old father, who is a cartoon-lover but usually leans towards those of the less-cute persuasion, appreciates the show for its great sense of humor... and we all adore the animation; it's very simple, but also very beautiful.

    I think that Pucca will appeal to a very wide audience of children and children-at-heart.
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