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  • I usually like British sitcoms as I watch a lot of them, but this one is average in every sense of the word.

    I usually like British sitcoms as I watch a lot of them, but this one is average, in every sense of the word. The main character (Donna) is the most unlikable lead role in a TV show, that I have ever seen. She goes from one self-induced crisis, to the next self-induced crisis, and all along the way you find out how petty, manipulative and vindictive she really is. You feel sorry for her in the first episode, but then you quickly learn that she's just selfish, and thus only out for herself.

    Her friends are a little more like-able, but they're just as messed up as she is. The only real like-able character in the show is (Carl), and that's only because you feel sorry for him, for being such a awkward douche bag. He does redeem himself in the end though, by standing up for himself more. The show is just the lowest of low-brow comedy, in fact some of it was just out right filth.

    Its basically just three "Bimbo's" trying to get laid every night. Which at first sounds great, but the three of them aren't even all that attractive looking. They sleep around with anyone from a bar manager, to a bum on the street by waking up from a alcohol induced coma, after having a one night stand. I really wanted to like this show. I watched every episode in the 2 seasons that are out, but I just couldn't like it, so I can't recommend it to anyone else either.
  • I loved it!

    I loved the entire show! I have to say Karen is the funniest character I absolutely loved her! I was hooked within the 1st episode; otherwise, I wouldn't have continued watching the entire 1st and 2nd season; as well as, the finally on Netflix if I was less than satisfied. It's a shame wonderful comedies such as "Pulling" are cancelled, not enough people out there to see what a great show it actually was.

    Although, I'm American I'm happy there wasn't an American spin off show. Shows are always better done as they are.
  • From a (somewhat) slow start to a (somewhat) satisfying conclusion.

    I had not really heard too much about this show until recently; having lasted only two series and a special I figured that I could give it a go without too much of a time investment.

    After watching the first few episodes I was a little less than excited. But after a slow start "Pulling" soon picked up pace and by the end of Series 2 I was hooked! Certainly the bawdiness will not be for everyone but some of the situations the characters find themselves in are so awful you are bound to laugh.

    In many respects I am glad the planned US version (on ABC no less) did not take off. Although the creators of the show were hoping for a COMPLETE third series I am glad they were given the opportunity to have a one-off special. While that part is satisfying I really wished that the 3rd series would have had the opportunity to materialize.
  • One of the most underrated comedies on British TV!

    I recently caught Series 2 of this in its entirety on BBC 3 and found myself hooked, watching one episode after the next. It cannot match the slickness of some of the better American comedies, but is charming in it's own way.

    The characters are pretty vile but this is a trait at the heart of a lot of successful British comedies (think Ab Fab, Nighty Night etc). The humour is quite silly, but often painfully closely observed. Whilst I wouldn't like to compare myself to any of the characters, parts of it certainly do reflect the lives of young(ish) singles living in London. Whilst the characters can be brash, there are also some real moments of honesty and heart. It is mostly observational humour, written, directed and acted really well. If you like your comedies down to earth with just a little edge, give it a try.
  • Fantastic series - true to life and very funny. We want more! Let's see them on holiday etc!

    Really fantastic series. We don't watch much TV but got hooked on this series. It's very true to life and really made us laugh. Great casting and really good acting with a superb script. Each episode was well written and really funny. The only problem is there were only six episodes - we need more please! I reckon there is definitely more to be explored with the characters - we could see them at work again, or on holiday. We need another series please - we enjoyed this one so much! Come on - please write another series. We're ready and waiting.