Pumpkin Scissors

Tokyo MX (ended 2007)


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Pumpkin Scissors

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After years of war, the Empire and Frost Republic signed a cease-fire. Post-war, the Republic and the Empire have new problems to face: corrupt nobility, starvation and plague assaulting the countryside, and former soldiers acting as bandits. The Pumpkin Scissors platoon, a war relief force of the Imperial Army, tries to restore order to the war-torn Empire. Opening Theme: "Aoki Flamme" by Yoko Takahashi Ending Themes: "Mercury Go" by Kana Ueda & Yukai na Nakama-tachi (eps 1-17,19-24) "Pumpkin Ondo" by Kana Ueda (ep 18)
Shizuka Ito

Shizuka Ito

2nd Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin

Kenta Miyake

Kenta Miyake

Corporal Randel Orland

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  • A fantastically original anime.

    The show is set following a devestating war which was waged for many years. The war has destroyed land, homes and people alike. One unit however known as the war relief force of the Imperial Army (AKA Pumpkin Scissors Platoon) set about helping the people who have been effected by war.

    Although it is obvious that this show ended before the writers originally intended it too unlike with other shows in a similar situation that does not seem to have effected the quality or likeability at all.

    The show has great characters and a really original plot although the animation is a little sketchy in places. All in all thoug a really great anime.moreless
  • Exciting drama set in a post-apocalyptic world.

    The Pumpkin Scissors are a military intelligence brigade sent out to solve some of the most puzzling crises facing the world after the end of a long war. Poverty, starvation, and cruelty on behalf of some members of the nobility make it difficult for many people to get back to the normal life that peace should have brought forth. So the special brigade travels the land, stamping out abuses by the nobles, helping the people get back on their feet, and struggling not to give in when faced by despair among their own ranks. The episodes are fast-moving, but have sufficient intelligence and depth to be believable. This is a fun series and you'll be glad you gave it a rental.moreless
  • Was a good anime, but had the potential to be great.

    The story takes place in a parallel earth that looks like Europe in the 20s and 30s. A cease fire has ended between Royal Empire and the Republic of Frost. Three years later the Empire is still plagued by problems from the war, soldiers becoming mercanieries, starvation, and disease. To help solve the problems the Empire sets up Imperial Army Section III nicknamed Pumpkin Scissors. Led by 2nd Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin and a special forces soldier Randel Oland set out to change the empire.

    Almost everything about this anime was great. The story wasn't original, but had a good twist to the usual stuff. The characters were interesting. The animation was done by Gonzo, and was great. The music was ok. Now you're asking why if I thought it was great, why did I just give it 7. That's because it's story was to broad and ended to soon. It was a 24 episode anime, but the story could have covered 48 episodes. The story was really open ended even for anime, the characters had some developments, but should have gone deeper. I am really hopping there will be another season.moreless

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