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Puni Puni Poemi

(ended 2001)


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Puni Puni Poemi

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From the creator of the Excel Saga anime comes the spin-off Puni Puni Poemi (spelled Puni Puni Poemy in the English Version). Puni Puni Poemi is a 2 episode OVA (Original Video Animation) about a 10 year old girl named Poemi Watanabe who wants to be a famous voice actress and is also a super hero who fights giant robots and evil aliens.
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  • HAHA! This show will fry your brains... in a good way!

    Puni Puni Poemi is a very good anime indeed, and has very well designed graphics. But other than that it is completely crazy! You have to have a certain type of personality to be able to put up with it, but if you can handle the crazyness you will enjoy it from start to finnish. To be honest I wouldn\'t think that alot of 18 year olds and above would get a kick out of this anime, they would most probably find it brain damaging. And the thing is is that it is an 18 cetified program which most probably wouldn\'t sell much to the mature adults because it is a completely immature anime. I personally think its a great show even though the girl whos in it can be quite fast and loud, which can give you a headache after a while. But overall I feel that this anime if watched by the right audience would be a success.moreless
  • Puni Puni Poemy is such a weird show you do not know why you watched it afterwards. All you can say is... \"Uh.. wha... ..... what?\"

    Not that it\'s not a bad show, not at all. It\'s a wonderful anime (short, but wonderful.) It\'s a lot like Excel Saga, in how it is weird, but it\'s better than that show by FAR, i\'d say. Defently worth the watch, except after you are done watching it you almost have to watch it again because it is so weird. I watched it like 20/30 times before I started to get it even in the slightest. Whats even harder is that Poemy talks so fast!moreless
  • This hilarious anime was created by the people who made Excel Saga. It's an awesome show with tons of comical relief! It might only have two episodes, but they are definately worth watching!moreless

    At first, I thought that this show wuld just be funny, but, when I watched it, I realized that it was more than funny...it was hilarious! This show has a lot of puns based on a lot of other animes and it has great comedy in it, too! It was made by the creators of Excel Saga, so, wouldn't you expect it to be this great?