Punk Payback with Bas Rutten

Fuel TV Premiered Nov 01, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 12/28/11
      Former UFC champ and King of Pancrase, Bas Rutten, doles out some nasty payback to several counter-jumping punks. Next, Bas comes face-to-face with a masked thief, and later with yet another punk who takes his chances robbing a convenience store. MMA fighter Erik "Bad" Apple returns for the season finale of Punk Payback, as both he and Bas encounter one of the most badass pastors they've ever seen, Pastor Payback.moreless
    • Multiple Socks
      Episode 9
      Bas Rutten lays down amazing moves for multiple assailants, turns the tables on a lottery-ticket thief, and Bas introduces a cane-bearing gentleman, who isnt afraid to rumble.
    • Stealing Chances
      Episode 8
    • Mop Versus Stick
      Episode 7
    • Boxing Day
      Episode 6
      Fists, knees and head-butts fly and former UFC champion Bas Rutten is just getting started. Bass takes on a brand-new slew of punks with questionable smarts and even less credible intentions. MMA pro Erik Bad Apple guest stars.
    • 12/14/11
      G-string bandits, a drive-through drag queen armed with a gun, its all par for the course. Freestyle motocross pro Cal Vallone guest stars with former UFC champion, Bas Rutten, to take on punk criminals from all walks of life.
    • Handicap Zone?
      Episode 4
      Professional MMA fighter Erik Bad Apple guest stars helping Bas Rutten while he takes on a punk who uses crutches as a disguise and another who attempts robbery without a weapon in hand.
    • The Pole has It
      Episode 3
      One question has never been answered in the world of armed robbery...can a man rob a convenience store with a 10-foot pole? We'll find out as Bas confronts the punk, who runs into a store welding a 10-foot wooden pole and demands the cash! In an exceptionally creepy clip, a woman is dragged behind a corner by a shadowed figure. Bas shows you how to teach a punk like this a little respect!And in a strange twist of fate, Bas finds himself trapped in a car trunk, unsure of how he got there... In the end, his only problem is how to fit two punks in one trunk!Freestyle motocross star Dereck Beckering returns to Punk Payback, helping Bas take on a gun-toting jewel thief and in surprise move, a car wash attendant wearing a Santa Claus hat, unbelievably sprays a thieving punk with a power washer! Don't miss the fast, slick and hilarious action!moreless
    • Palm Madness
      Episode 2
      Former UFC champion and 3x King of Pancrase, Bas Rutten, takes down punks trying to take advantage of ordinary citizens. Freestyle motocross pro, Cal Vallone, guest stars in this premiere episode as he assists Bas Rutten.
    • 11/9/11

      In the series premiere Bas teaches people how to fight back against bullies.