Season 6 Episode 1

Bernie Mac, Ying Yang Twins, Mischa Barton

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Bernie Mac, Ying Yang Twins, and Mischa Barton get punk'd!

    So first one up was Bernie Mac! Bernie Mac and his driver are at a stoplight that doesn't change and Bernie eventually tells the driver to run it. The police then stop them and arrests the driver. That was funny... but not the best..... personally I don't have much of an opinion on this one!

    Next was the Ying Yang Twins. The Ying Yang Twins are at a gate that keeps going up and back down so they can't pass courtesy of Ashton. Eventually, another driver gets mad and drives through the gate knocking it down. They then get blamed for the broken gate. This was hilarious!! Really really great punk'd! Although the boys did look angry it was sooo funny!

    Last one was Mischa Barton.... but the whole comments that Ashton made about the naked were a bit weird!!! Mischa and her friend Cisco are at a restuarant and while they are saying hi to someone at another table a bus boy takes their day planner. The manager fires their bus boy. Another one brings it back thinking they left so the manager yells at her for telling him the other one did it. It was a weird punk'd and Mischa Barton acted like such a..... diva by refusing to apologise!!! And she seemed like a real b*tch! I have to say I have never liked her but this made me dislike even more!
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