Season 6 Episode 2

Daddy Yankee, Kelly Monaco, Sophia Bush

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Daddy Yankee, Kelly Monaco and Sophia Bush get punk'd!

    So funny!!! One of the best Punk'd episodes I have ever seen!

    So, first of all, Daddy Yankee: Daddy Yankee is at a radio station for an interview and when he thinks he's off the air he says curses and people call in angry. Matt tells him he will have to pay a $463,000 fine. It was soo funny! Daddy Yankee looked so pissed off! It was very cute to be honest! And then when he found out he had been punk'd he swore down the mic like 10 times!!!

    Next was Kelly Monaco! Kelly Monaco parks in a restricted area and gets her vehicle towed. The crew switches her car and after telling her she has to pay $456, her car slips off the tow truck and gets smashed! It was really funny although I did feel really bad for her as she looked really upset and she was pissed off and then she apologised for being rude and she was just so fustrated... I think this was a bit mean!

    Lastly was Sophia Bush! Ok, so I am a massive fan of Sophia Bush and I loved how she was with Brittany Snow (who she starred in a film with 'John Tucker Must Die')! Sophia Bush is at a restaurant with Brittany Snow and another friend. Brittany wants to show Sophia a picture and leans over, knocking her drink onto Sophia and backs her chair into a waiter knocking Matt into a lobster tank and breaking it! I cannot believe Sophia actually started helping pick up the lobsters! I would have run out screaming! I felt really bad for her because like punking her just after her split from Chad Michael Murray (her husband)... I mean it isn't like Ashton didn't know that because he did comment on that! And I am a massive Chad Michael Murray fan too and think that the couple were perfect together!!! Anyways it was nice to see Sophia on punk'd but I wish it was some time after the break up!
  • The episode with DY being told to pay $463,000 for swearing on the air at a radio station. This episode was cookin man!

    This was the first episode of Punk\'d that I had actually seen and I must say that it was definitely not a coincidence that on the same day I start to watch it, they have my favorite singer on there. I loved the Daddy Yankee Punk\'d so much cuz he\'s someone that I wouldn\'t expect to see it happen to ya know. Not to mention the fact that I loved how he was talkin to that guy man, he was so fine. Hey, I would have been actin the same way. Yankee, you hott when you\'re mad. Lookin good Daddy!
  • They must be running out of stars to punk, as I knew none of those people that they punked in this episode.

    Daddy Yankee, never heard of him and never will. He seems to be into the Latino rap category which I never listen to. The station manager running the place seemed a bit odd though, who would believe someone would be going almost delirious for a swear word. I think flags should have gone up that something was odd, but it could have been because he had to overact just to get better reactions from Daddy Yankee, as he was disturbingly calm during the whole issue. Also, how could the FCC possibly be so quick to hand down a fine and respond by not allowing him to perform the next night, even in a hours time, I doubt they would be ready to hand down a fine and punishment. Wouldn't someone have to notify the FCC and have them look into the issue by asking the station or regulator to retrieve a recording before handing down the fine? The next segment of the Playboy star was fun the watch. Seeing her getting irritated by the "redneck" towing frontdeskman was definitely a kick. Once again though, she tried to diffuse the situation by apologizing and just saying to get the police down there; something not suitable for reality tv but good for real situations. I wish Ashton were there though for that and the 3rd segment, watching some intern they hired for the year tell them they got punked is no fun. There is no interaction or obnoxiousness of the stars getting humiliated even more, but rather just them being embarassed and telling us that they got punkd. Bring Ashton back for the events, he can't just be the host, he's gotta be the troublemaker as well. The last segment was poorly made, a story about some lobsters was crap. No need to say more. Also hopefully this season will show the punking of the Olsen sisters, he said they're on the list last season (or the season before, can't remember) but I do wish to see that. Punking mild stars are no fun, you gotta get the big fish not necessarily every segment but every episode.
  • i think that the daddy yankee punk'd was really good because his my favorite singer and i never thought that he would act the way he did, even though he still looked very hot and good looking...it was really funny how mad he got.

    daddy yankee was in a radio interview until he said a bad word and someone called and said that there daughter was very upset about it ......umm daddy yankee was telling the radio pople that he didnt say anything but they didnt belive him until they repeated the sentence he was saying thats when he got really mad...