Season 7 Episode 7

Emma Roberts, Sugar Ray Leonard, Hannah Teter

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 15, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • One good prank, two stupid ones

    And once again they decide to punk barely-famous celebrities. Emma Roberts?! She is barely an actress. The only movie she was even in was Aquamarine, which can hardly be considered a legitimate movie. The idea for the prank was stupid, too. And Emma’s reaction was not good. Granted, they can’t control how people are going to respond. But they control what pranks they actually air, and this one was definitely not worth it.

    At least Sugar Ray Leonard is slightly more famous that Emma Roberts. But he’s definitely no Justin Timberlake or Halle Berry! This prank was an okay idea (even though I feel like they’ve had similar ideas before), but they ruined it with the fake movie thing. They did it last week with Elijah Wood’s “anti-smoking ad.” It’s not creative or funny at all!

    Hannah Teter’s was pretty boring too.
  • Again nobody safe when Ashton is around!

    Emma Roberts, niece of Julia and daughter of Eric, is
    Accused of having the waiter trip over her friend's dog and when her friend refuses to pay damages, the waiter takes the dog away from them
    Hannah Teeter and her friend almost land in jail when they try to switch watches and cause a magician to have "emotional problems!"
    Sugar Ray Leonard hears his son and friend have been drag racing and must pay for damages!
    Which would make Sugar jump off the roof!
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