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Episode Guide

    • Rihanna, Hugh Jackman, Eric Dill
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      Segment #1 - Rihanna and her friend stop and hear some street performers and when her friend puts in a $100 instead of a $5 they exchange it and the kids accuse them of stealing so Rihanna puts in a $10 and walks away. The uncle gets the cops and they tell her she's going to jail so she wants to give them the $100 and her album.

      Segment #2 - Hugh Jackman gets a tour of a director's house and is asked to turn on the grill but nothing happens so they leave for a restaurant only to return to the house on fire. Firefighters tell them that houses next to it are caught on fire as well. They tell them they need to go downtown for questioning.

      Segment #3 - Eric Dill and his band are at a bowling alley and they get yelled at for crossing the line and goofing around then Eric rolls the ball and right as it gets to the pins the metal bar comes down and breaks. Then he gets blamed for ruining a birthday party and a 300 game. An employee threatens Eric by saying he would be the first guy he beat up since he was released from prison.moreless
    • Chris Brown, Sonny Sandoval, E-40
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Segment #1 - Chris Brown takes his mom and manager to a restaurant and when his mom gets sick from the salad the waiter accuses him of being rude and tells the manager of the restaurant their table was causing problems.

      Segment #2 - P.O.D. are driving along and come across an overturned tanker truck thats spilling all over and they must strip down and be de-contaminated, then Sonny is tested on his brain activity and must be quarantined.

      Segment #3 - E-40 tries to help a woman get her dog out of her car but after she leaves the real owner comes by and asks him why he's breaking into his car. The owner tells the police he wants both him and his ex-girlfriend arrested. She tells them that she paid him to break in.moreless
    • 3/20/05
      Segment #1: The set-up: Kellee (Zoe's friend) and Chris (Field Agent) are dating. Zoe walks in on Chris and Julia (another Field Agent), and now Zoe is in the middle of this feudal triangle. Zoe doesn't hold back, and really lets both Chris and Julia have it. But now Kellee is trying to say that Chris is "the one" for her. Zoe flips out even more, until finally Kellee drops the Punk bomb on the already-ballistic Zoe.

      Segment # 2: Serena Williams and her friend stop at a supermarket, and park next to a woman who is having difficulty with her nephew Rob, who is really emotionally charged. When the woman goes into the store and asks Serena to look after the boy, he takes off with the car! It's a wild goose chase all over town when the woman, Serena and her friend go after the missing car. Finally they catch up with the car in a parking
      lot, where Ashton is there to let her know that she's just been Punk'd.

      Segment #3: Zach Braff is so protective of his Porsche that his friend Donald Faison decides that he's in for a lesson. So, these kids (led by Field Agent Rob Pinkston) ask Zach and Donald for some beer at the store. When they blow the kids off, the kids spray paint Zach's car all up and down with graffiti. Zach comes back and catches the kids red-handed. A big argument ensues and Zach is ready to press charges or kill the kid, whichever happens first. Finally Ashton arrives to pull the plug on the situation.moreless
    • 4/24/07
      Segment #1 - Evangeline Lilly goes to a friends party but after his neighbors bring over priceless art he leaves to get food and when she tries to turn on the stereo the volume turns up so loud it breaks the windows and causes the tv to fall on two very priceless paintings. The neighbors she pay for the damage.

      Segment #2 - Chuck Liddell and his friend are on their way to a talk show when his friend tells him he got into a hit and run. They are stopped at the scene and the police accuse him of running into the guy's car. A witness tells him she saw two people in the car.

      Segment #3 - Zac and his High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale arrive at a store for a shopping spree and when Zac asks for a restroom the clerk leaves to ask other stores, two guys walk in and take the cash box. The security guard brings in one of them and Zac says he's the guy but then the guy who took it walks in and Zac is told he's an employee who was off work. The owner gets mad at Zac for accusing the wrong guy.moreless
    • Eve, Matthew Perry, Adam Brody
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Punk'd pulls pranks on celebrities Eve, Matthew Perry and Adam Brody in this first episode from the third season. Host Ashton Kutcher helps convince Matthew Perry from "Friends" that he risks an arrest for buying stole property. "OC" co-star Benjie McKenzie helps put Adam Brody in the middle of a love triangle.moreless
    • 5/29/07
      Segment #1 - Aly and her sister AJ are at a photoshoot and are told they will be with a live bear. The photographer tells them to feed the bear and get to know it. He hands them little tootsie rolls and while picking out wardrobe the bear's owner shouts that its suffocating. The ranger yells at Aly for hurting the animal and feeding it chocolate. Aly blames the photographer for giving her the chocolate.

      Segment #2 - John Cena and his driver run through a stop sign and collide with a funeral procession. The casket falls out of the hearse. The dead man's brother goes crazy and wants to take the coffin for a proper burial after the hearse fails to start.

      Segment #3 - Kerr Smith and his wife are at an antique store and they try out a water bed which breaks and when they start picking stuff off the floor a guy slips and falls on a table breaking it. A patron accuses Kerr of bouncing on the bed.moreless
    • 3/27/05
      Segment 1: Jadakiss is a passenger in a car that is suddenly stuck in traffic. Everybody is yelling at Jadakiss to get out of the backseat and get up in the front to move the car. Jadakiss is playing it rather cool. He eventually abandons the car and hops in a taxi, driven by Field Agent Chris. When he goes the wrong way, Jadakiss hops out and starts heading down the street on foot. Chris follows him to tell him that he's just been Punk'd. Segment 2: Rachel Bilson's dog is being blamed for the tipping of a mail delivery truck and the breaking of a water main. The police officer lets her know that she's going to be in a lot of trouble because of what her dog did. The water company and everybody on the scene are giving poor Rachel a hard time about all the damage. Finally Ashton arrives on the scene to let Rachel off the hook. Segment 3: Rob Pinkston playing a fan comes up to Dirk asking him to sign a shirt, which he gladly does. But the kid comes back with a jersey, a pennant, a poster, some hats, a ball, a weight training belt and all kinds of stuff, which still he does. The items keep coming, and Dirk's patience is being pushed now. His friends that he's eating with are trying to encourage him to step up and say no. When the kid comes back with a second bag FULL of stuff, he says no, and the Maitre D comes by to tell them that they're not to visit the restaurant again. Finally, the kid comes back with one final item, a menu that reads, "Hey Dirk, you've been PUNK'D."moreless
    • Dax Shephard
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      This week Dax Shephard returns to Punk'd as he takes on LA Laker, Metta World Peace, pocket dials Chloe Moretz, and gives Lauren Conrad a lesson in recycling.
    • 11/27/05
      Segment #1 - Neve and a friend are at a restaurant when a little boy shows up and says he's lost. Matt comes back and puts him in the van but the actual soccer player shows up and the dad is freaking out when Matt once again returns and they start blaming him for taking the wrong kid. Segment #2 - The driver for Mike walks away and a kid riding a stolen bicycle flips over the vehicle and two other kids start beating him and take off. Matt keeps telling the cops he did it and they arrest him. Segment #3 - Danny sees a truck carrying stereo equipment and loses some of it and a kid tries to take some but Danny won't let him. Matt comes back and thinks Danny is the one trying to steal it. When the kid tries again, Danny freaks out and Ashton arrives and Danny gives him a kiss.moreless
    • 11/13/05
      Segment # 1 - David Boreanaz and his wife Jamie are at a restaurant and after taking a bite of salad his wife finds a piece of glass and her mouth starts bleeding. Segment #2 - Kristin Cavalleri gets her door slammed into by Matt who starts kicking and spitting on Frankie's car. Frankie then takes a golf club and breaks Matt's windows, windshield, etc. The police arrive and when Kristin is in tears its over. Segment #3 - Terrell Owens lends a helping hand by moving a bunch of elderly folk away from an overturned bus. An attorney tells him he is liable for it.moreless
    • 4/10/06
      Segment #1 - Doug and his friend are caught searching through a mailbox looking for his friends keys. He is then blamed for putting in a mysterious box without a forwarding address.

      Segment #2 - Ne-Yo and his friend come across a bag full of money in an alley but finds out its ransom money, the police ask him where the kid is at and the mother says he took her kid.

      Segment #3 - Stephen and his girlfriend are at a tanning salon but when a girl walks by and sees two construction workers taking pictures, Stephen's girlfriend pushes one of them into a ladder knocking the other guy off. They get accused of hurting a worker and lying about the pictures.moreless
    • Segment #1: A.J. sets up his wife, Jamie-Lynn Discala, in a restaurant. The friendly waitress, Dana, asks for a tip to cover the expense of things accidentally left out of the check. The manager, Chris, hears of this "tip-begging" and fires her on the spot, leaving the poor woman without any job to support her children. Jamie-Lynn feels guilty about it this and asks that the manager reconsider. After some dialogue between A.J., the manager and Jamie-Lynn, they leave the restaurant, when the bomb was dropped that it was all a sham. Segment #2: Andy Roddick has to get to The Tonight Show and the driver, Chris, decides to take a shortcut. They hit a roadblock that is set up because of the problem of mudslides (which has actually been a real problem due to the serious weather conditions this winter). They get into a real problem when they cannot go further but they cannot go back. The driver gets "smart" and tries to drive through anyway. The car is sprayed with water coming from no-one-knows-where, and the mud just makes the road impassable and the car is stuck. When the police arrive, an argument breaks out and suddenly Andy is blamed for the whole thing. The police make him sit there in this no-pass zone, intending to keep him there until 4pm. Finally the Punk'd camera crew arrive to let him off the hook. Segment #3: Omarion sets up Marques Huston. Omarion brings his girlfriend to meet Marques, but also to break up with her. She reveals to Marques that she's pregnant. Omarion insists that there's no baby and she's making it up. After a while, her ex-boyfriend shows up and he looks angry. He wants to know whose baby it is. He insists that heads are gonna roll, but Marques keeps it pretty cool. Finally the Punk'd crew shows up to slow the roll.moreless
    • 3/17/03

      Segment #1 - Frankie Muniz entrusts his $250,000 Porsche Speedster to a valet so that he can meet with Ashton about a proposed movie project. The valet takes the car for a spin around the block a few times. Meanwhile, Frankie believes his beautiful car was just stolen!

      Segment #2: Justin Timberlake is led to believe he owes $900,000 in back taxes and they start repossessing his stuff. When he's almost in tears they end it.

      Segment #3: Ryan Pinkston goes to the red carpet making fun of celebrities.

    • Jessica Biel, Nick Lachey
      Season 1 - Episode 6

      Segment #1 - Jessica Biel is at a restaurant and a fan asks her if she'll watch his son, she agrees and he starts asking her rude questions. His father accuses her of saying rude things to his son and wants to press charges on her.

      Segment #2 - Nick Lachey is set up by his wife and her long-lost relatives show up and they start asking for money. They refuse to leave and the cops arrive.

    • Segment #1 - Rob and his wife stop at a cafe so she can use the bathroom but the people close it while she's in there so she gets locked inside. A good Samaritan tries to pry the door open with a crowbar but triggers the alarms. The police accuse him of trying to break in.

      Segment #2 - Ashley's fiance is taking him to Griffith Park, when Tiffany's changing in the bathroom a guy jumps into their car claiming a gorilla is chasing him. Just then a gorilla shows up and moments later starts heading towards Tiffany. A zoo keeper is trying to calm it and Tiffany down but then the park ranger threatens to shoot it or anyone in the way.

      Segment #3 - Kate and her ex-husband go to a hotel restaurant when a guy starts hitting on her, she tells her ex and he pushes the wrong person into the pool but then the real guy shows up and gets pushed into the pool as well.moreless
    • 4/24/05
      Segment #1: Bizarre is going to an ATM to withdraw some money, but it gives him much more than he asks for. While driving away, the car gets pulled over by an officer, who is played by Steve, one of the regular Field Agents from the third season. Steve gives Bizarre the third degree about the ATM withdrawal. Bizarre is playing it cool while he answers questions, until Steve reveals that he's been Punk'd. Segment #2: Ashlee Simpson visits an art gallery with her two best friends. While talking and viewing the art, she places a jacket next to a candle. It catches fire and the sprinklers come on, ruining all the art. Ashlee is blamed for it, as the artist's brother gives Ashlee a major guilt trip over it. Finally, after poor Ashlee is worked up and crying, Ashton comes in to let her off the hook. Segment #3: Ashton wants to see if Stone Cold Steve Austin really is the defender of "the little guy". The scenario is that Steve's cellphone goes missing, and the Valet Manager, played by Chris, gets angry at one of the valets for taking it. He fires the valet on the spot and really runs him down. Right away Stone Cold has a problem with this manager and gets in his face. Even after the cellphone is located, the manager refuses to re-hire the valet. By this time, Stone Cold proves to be a stand-up guy as he gets in the manager's face even more. Chris lets him off the hook by telling him he's been Punk'd.moreless
    • 7/31/05
      Segment #1 - Adrien Brody asks a 15 year old kid to move a car without a license so he could get his car out and the kid ends up smashing into another vehicle. Segment #2 - Mila Kunis tries to help a little girl get her dog back because it fell into a gutter. After learning its a toy dog, Andrew gets his hand stuck in the gutter. Segment #3- Lisa Leslie gets blamed for asking a man to turn on a lamp, who falls over knocking the lamp over and hitting another table.moreless
    • Jessica Alba, Wilmer Valderrama
      Season 1 - Episode 3

      Segment #1 – Jessica Alba is tormented by a shopper running around naked and won't leave her alone.

      Segment #2 – Wilmer's SUV gets destroyed by a jealous boyfriend in a love triangle thinking the car belonged to Ashton. Wilmer is left speechless.

    • Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Mario
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Segment #1: Penelope Cruz decides she's going to punk her friend Salma Hayek, so Master Punkster Ashton Kutcher conjures up a colossal fecal nightmare in the Ladies' restroom for Penelope to show to her friends as a joke. It's not a joke, however, when the manager accuses poor Salma of making a big mess when the toilet overflows! Segment #2: Eva Longoria and co-star Jesse Metcalfe are leaving the set of Desperate Housewives, when they get pulled over by the police. Eva becomes scared when Jesse flees the scene. The police discover a false identity and a large amount of cash left behind, and tells Eva that she may be a criminal! Segment #3: 18-year old Mario thinks he's going to meet a friend in a hotel room, but instead opens the door to a half-naked elderly woman. The hotel manager tries to get to the bottom of the situation and ends up making Mario very upset. Poor Mario is finally let off the hook when the elderly woman "flashes" a T-shirt reading, "You've been PUNK'D."moreless
    • Sean Paul, Pete Wentz, Baby Blue
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Segment #1 - Sean Paul runs into a blind woman who lost her see dog and when Sean tries to help her a guy on a scooter runs into her. A by-stander asks him why she's on the ground and accuses him of knocking her down. Segment #2 - Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy thinks he's going to be presenting presents to kids of Katrina but when the guy on the train tells him to slow it down the lever gets stuck causing the train to go off its tracks knocking the stage down. They tell him he's ruined Christmas for the kids, they tell him to apologize to them. Segment #3 - Pretty Ricky's Baby Blue is at a hotel and after they leave the room for awhile they come back to find the room a complete mess. Some of his stuff is missing. The manager calls for the bell-hop who swears he didn't do anything.moreless
    • 4/28/03

      Segment #1 – Jason "Wee Man" Acuna and Jack Osbourne are stopped by the MTV security and are denied access through the metal detector

      Segment #2 – Pink thinks she is being framed by her boyfriend for running a motorcycle "chop shop".

      Segment #3 – Stephen Dorff is set up to get stuck with an $8,000 var tab.

    • 8/14/05
      Segment #1 - Shaq takes someone else's spot and after he leaves, the Punk'd crew takes the air out of his car. When he comes back he blames the guy for it and after chasing him, Ashton arrives and lets him know he's been Punk'd. Segment #2 - Avril parks her car and the crew puts a car right behind hers and puts a reserved sign up. Sarah tells her she has to wait. Manny helps them by having Avril and him push the car which rolls into a transformer and it blows up. She then tells them that she didn't push the car. Ashton shows up and tells her she's on Punk'd. Segment # 3 - Triple H wrecks a wedding by pushing on a door which hits the bride in the nose and her dad calls the wedding off. Ashton tells him he's been Punk'd.moreless
    • 5/30/04
      Segment #1 - Mike Shinoda finds himself being accused for parking next to a fire hydrent when there was a fire and they had to break his windows to get the hose through. They tell him he has to pay the fine. Segment #2 - Brandy and her brother are driving along when the cops pull them over and suspect them of carrying stolen jewelry and after searching the car they find a bag of stolen jewelry. Brandy breaks into tears when they arrest her brother. Segment #3 - Mekhi Phifer gets accused of not paying his tax and tell him he must pay it or he could go to jail.moreless
    • Chingy, Jon Heder, Joss Stone
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Segment #1: Chingy, his manager and his two bodyguards are going out to eat. Jordan comes over pretending to be a fan that's interested in making a record deal. One of the bodyguards goes outside with Jordan to "have a little chat". About 15 minutes later, the police arrive to question Chingy about how Jordan got banged up. A witness tells the police that the bodyguard is in Chingy's employ. Chingy's getting cocky with the police officer, saying "I don't know this man", and the police officer threatens to take him downtown to the station. Finally, Ashton arrives to let Chingy off the hook.

      Segment #2: Jon Heder, under the coaxing of his twin brother, goes to a place that Jon THINKS is a restaurant, but the working girls there are much more than friendly. It turns out that the place is a high-brothel, and Jon is getting nervous when the LAPD Vice Squad. The questions from the Vice officer are fast and aggressive, and Jon's trying to keep his cool. It sounds like he is about to be arrested as the officer reads Jon his rights: "You have the right to be PUNK'D".

      Segment #3: Joss Stone is going to a clothing store, and young Rob Pinkston walks in, nervous because he can't find his mom. Joss is asked by the boy's mom to keep after him until she arrives. Rob is troubled and quite mad, as he starts breaking things in the store. He storms out and runs away, but when his mother arrives, everything is blamed on Joss, who is taking it really well and handling the situation gracefully. Finally, the camera crew arrives to announce that she's on PUNK'D!moreless
    • Missy Elliott, Hilary Duff, Usher
      Season 2 - Episode 1

      Segment #1: Missy Elliot goes to a jewelry store for a little shopping and to get some of her precious necklaces cleaned. What she doesn't know is that a delivery person has accidentally walked off with the wrong package. The Punk ends when Missy issues a harsh ultimatum -- get the jewelry back in five seconds or things will get ugly!

      Segment #2: Hilary Duff goes for some routine driving lessons. Her driving teacher, however, wants to teach Hilary some very unorthodox driving strategies! The result is an outrageous carjacking that is blamed entirely on poor Hilary.

      Segment #3: Usher is notified that his little brother is in some big trouble. To Usher's surprise, he's going to have to fit the bill for his little brother.

    • Segment #1: A mere accomplice in the first episode, Jesse Metcalfe is now asked to step into an audition for a super-villain role in a fictitious Spider Man film. Jesse puts on tights and recites lines for the audition. He follows the casting director's advice for his movements, but this displeases the technician. The equipment breaks and it looks like Jesse is blamed for it.

      Segment #2: Kirsten Dunst is out with two friends for dinner. At the restaurant, they were given fake drinks. Later on, they reach a sobriety checkpoint. Kirsten's friend becomes responsible for hitting the front end of a police squad car, and it looks like all of them are about to be taken away to jail... until Ashton arrives on the scene and lets them off the hook!

      Segment #3: Michelle Rodriguez and her friend Giancarlo go to a convenient store. While there, they start horeplaying around. When Michelle Rodriguez pushes her friend into one of the shelves, they all topple over, leaving one man trapped underneath. They lift the shelves, exposing a mess of broken bottles, spilled liquids and an injured man. The panic causes a lot of arguments to break out. Finally the Punk'd cameras come into the store to reveal Michelle's look of embarrassment!moreless
    • 4/7/03
      Segment #1 – Ryan Pinkston returns to the red carpet to ask rude questions to more celebrities. Including Danny Masterson, Erika Christensen , Jon Abrahams, Eric Balfour, Christina Della Rose, Pauly Shore, Wilmer Valderrama, Dominic Monaghan & Billy Boyd, Lacey Chabert, and Brett Scallions. Segment #2 – Kelly Osbourne is given advice on how to improve her image.moreless
    • 6/13/04
      Segment #1 - Tyra Banks' mom takes her out to dinner at a restaurant, with a sign posted outside saying there is filming going on inside. It's a girl gone wild, when Tyra Banks gets caught on tape. Segment #2 - Kanye West is shooting a music video for his single "Jesus Walks". He is greeted by the Los Angeles Film Commission, who is outraged by the idea of shooting a film about Jesus on a Sunday. West gets on the run with his recordings, when his video gets shut down and the material confiscated. Segment #3 - Benji and Joel Madden are twins, and known from the band "Good Charlotte". Joel's Range Rover gets put on a tow truck because of car troubles, then swapped with an identical dummy. Benji and Joel takes a cab home, when Joel spots his precious car dropped on top of another car along the way.moreless
    • Rosario Dawson, Britney Spears,
      Season 1 - Episode 8

      Segment #1 – Rosario Dawson is taken for a ride when she is duped into thinking her limo hit a pedestrian.

      Segment #2 – Originally, Britney Spears was going to punk Busta Rhymes, and Ashton had an agreement with her that he could not punk her. When they realised they couldn't punk Busta, Britney and the Punk'd crew decide to punk Ashton. Ashton lets Britney know he knows what's going down, and they turn the tables on the Punk'd crew.

      Segment #3 – The Punk'd crew is rude to NFL players during a golf tournament. Featuring Jerome Bettis (Pittsburgh Steelers*), Jeff Garcia (49ers*), Rod Smith (Denver Broncos*), Dax Shepard and Jeff Goldberg (Punk'd Co-creator)

      * Correct when the episode was filmed

    • Segment # 1 - Kevin Richardson is stopped by the MTV security and tells him he cannot go through because the security keeps going off. Trishelle Cannatella is also stopped and cannot pass.

      Segment #2 – Seth Green is set up for the blame when their craps game is raided by the authorities.

    • 12/4/05
      Segment #1 - Ellen and her fiancee Chris go to a restaurant and the waitress keeps complimenting him and when they give her the tip she brings out a dessert and can see her sister's baby in Florida. Ellen asks her how much it was and she tells them it was $200. He tells her to keep it. Segment #2 - Shaun White is at a photo shoot and during the break he starts flying a remote controlled helicopter which dives into a conduit box and explodes. He gets blamed for causing the electricity to go out in the whole park. Segment #3 - Serena Williams returns and passes the punking to her sister Venus. They are taking photos with people who were injured in an accident. Will says he's faking it because he just wanted to meet Venus. The guard picks up the wrong guy and Will says he wasn't faking it.moreless
    • 4/10/07
      Segment #1 - Bucky and his wife are at a restaurant for their anniversary when a look alike Tom Cruise calls his wife over to his table. After several minutes of talking his wife throws a glass of water in his face. She tells Bucky that he offered money to sleep with her. She refuses to apologize to him.

      Segment #2 - Nelly is doing an interview which gets interrupted by the bomb squad. They evacuate everyone out of the building saying there was a suspicious package. The squad then brings out her purse and they blow it up. She gets accused of leaving objects behind when they told her there was a bomb threat.

      Segment #3 - Hayden and her mom are in a restaurant when a father and son ask her for a couple pictures. But when his wife catches him talking to her about Heroes she accuses Hayden of flirting with her husband.moreless
    • The Game, Simon Cowell, Raven
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Segment #1 - The Game thinks he's going to meet a producer who will give him a million dollars to produce a movie but while he's in there the Punk'd crew pours cement at the entrance, trapping The Game in.

      Segment #2 - Simon Cowell gets his $400,000 Rolls Royce stolen because the guy gave the keys to the wrong person.

      Segment #3 - The Punk'd crew turns a parking spot into a handicapped spot. Raven finds herself being blamed by the elderly and after a big argument, Ashton ends the prank.moreless
    • 11/23/03
      Punk'd pulls pranks on actors Taye Diggs, Rachel Leigh Cook and Oscar winner Halle Berry in this episode from the second season. Actress Halle Berry gets turned away from her own movie premiere while co-star Penelope Cruz faces a weird reporter. In Africa, actor Taye Diggs must take a strange medical exam. Starlet Rachel Leigh Cook tries to save the job of an inept waiter.moreless
    • Segment #1: Allen Iverson is having a birthday party but secret service won't let him in since the presidents daughter is about to arrive.

      Segment #2: Jermaine O'Neal is trying to get in to the same party but he won't be let in since he did not bring any girls.

      Segment #3: Apparently George Lopez has built a part of his house over a sewer main and that part of the house has to be torn down.

      Segment #4: Tyrese needs money to shoot a movie. Maybe the mob can give him some...moreless
    • 5/1/07
      Segment #1 - Freddy arrives at a dog groomer's to pick up his dog but they tell him the papers were ruined so they don't know who's dog is whose. They bring out the wrong dog and when a guy walks in with Freddy's dog, the employees don't believe him. The dog acts like the guy is the owner and they question whether Freddy is the real owner.
      Segment #2 - Molly and a friend are going to a restaurant and she parks beside a construction zone. When they come back she discovers her car is covered in debris and they accuse her of parking underneath the construction site. She yells at them for destroying her car.
      Segment #3 - Magic is eating lunch with his son when a girl his son dated for a day shows up and asks him why he hasn't called her. He tells her he doesn't want to see her so she leaves upset. They are heading to the car when they see her keying her phone number into Magic's car.moreless
    • Ciara, Vanessa Carlton, Nicole Richie
      Segment #1: Vanessa Carlton is preparing for a visit on the Leno Show. She is assisted by a back-up band that is really trying her patience. She keeps her cool for the most part, but she has a tough time dealing with the many changes going around her. After many bad takes and an argument in management, the cameras arrive and she's been PUNK'D! Segment #2: Ciara is being driven to an event, when the driver, Jordan, has an altercation with another driver. They engage in typical road-rage activities, until the other car hits several water barrels and leaps off a dirt embankment. The police arrive and start to question Ciara. Notably, the officer gives her a hard time about her name. Finally, when they feel she's had enough, Jordan drops the PUNK bomb on her. Segment #3: Nicole Richie and her fiancee go out to eat. The waiter, Chris, takes a liking to Nicole and later asks for her number while the fiancee is using the restroom. Nicole is patient and very kind and takes his number anyway. When Chris comes back, constantly with his hands on Nicole's arm or shoulder, the fiancee takes great offense and starts an argument with the waiter. When the manager gets involved, they blame Nicole for taking the waiter's number! Finally, she is let off the hook. She takes it well.moreless
    • 11/20/05
      Segment #1 - Kristen and her boyfriend find a dog and try to save it but run into the owner who accuses her of taking it and that she steals dogs all the time and tries to re-sell them. Segment #2 - Bam Margera and Ryan are at a liquor store that gets robbed. Bam tries to find out why Ryan's taking so long and the police arrive. They tell him to call Ryan and he tells them that there are 4 guys inside. Segment #3 - Amber Valletta sees a guy choking and she finally decides to help by hitting him on the back. Matt performs the heimlich. He accuses her of pushing him away. Will asks if anyone wants to press charges and the guy tells her its a hate crime.moreless
    • 5/1/06
      Segment #1 - Matt Leinart gets accused of solicitating a prostitute but he tries to tell the police that he wouldn't do anything stupid like that a month before the draft. One of the cops tells him to blame his friend and Matt agrees.

      Segment #2 - Elijah and his friend drive by a dumpster and Elijah throws a can into it and after driving away from it the dumpster explodes and knocks a huge shelf with paint down onto a car and destroys it. He gets blamed but promises to never smoke in the car again.

      Segment #3 - Olivia and her friend try to put a quarter into the parking meter but it won't go in so her friend smacks the meter and it breaks off and they get caught holding it and get charged of destroying city property.moreless
    • Eliza Dushku, Mandy Moore
      Season 1 - Episode 2

      Segment #1 - Eliza Dushku is out shopping with friends and they leave her alone but when she tries to leave they find over $500 of clothes and accuse her of trying to steal it.

      Segment #2 – Mandy Moore thinks she's on a new MTV show and after touring the trailer home the huge sign crushes the entire house and Mandy is blamed.

    • 5/23/04
      Segment #1 - Ashton gets held up at the security gate and refuses him to pass and they make him take off his clothes. Segment #2 - Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro think they're meeting Ashton about a new show but on their way there they are involved in a hit and run. Segment #3 - Tara Reid is also experienced in a hit and run when the driver hits a woman and drives away.moreless
    • Lindsay Lohan, Beyoncé, Goldberg
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Segment #1 - Lindsay Lohan and her assistant are riding in a limo who's driver's wife is having a baby and when he stops at a gas station some people tell them they have to take the car. He returns and tells them the car just got stolen. He misses his child being born and blames Lindsay. Segment #2 - Beyonce visits a bunch of kids for Christmas and gets to put the star on the giant tree. When she tries to get the star on the tree falls over and crushes all the presents. They tell her she must make it up to the children. Segment #3 - Goldberg is led to believe his motorcycle just got run over by a truck but the driver misses the bike and it blows up without being touched. Ashton is forced to end it so the prank never happened and he almost got Punk'd.moreless
    • Ashton Kutcher
      Season 9 - Episode 13
      Ashton Kutcher returns to punk Drake and Kim Kardashian.
    • Segment #1 - Jena Malone rents a car but after driving a few blocks her friend finds a huge amount of cash in the car and when they return she's accused of trying to steal it. She gets angry and asks them why would she bring it back if she was planning on taking it. Segment #2 - Shannon Elizabeth learns of an unauthorized honeymoon video tape. They tell her she should let it out but she's mad because someone was invading their privacy and wants to sue the hotel. Segment #3 - Carmelo Anthony gets accused of messing around with an underaged girl.moreless
    • 8/7/05
      Segment #1 - Ja Rule gets his car covered in sewer water and they tell him he can't move the car because its highly toxic.

      Segment #2 - Ryan Cabrera gets blamed for having his car roll down a hill and causing an air conditioner to crush another vehicle. He then is accused of not knowing what an emergency brake is.

      Segment #3 - Laura Prepon goes to a restaurant and her friend gives her a free meal because its her birthday. After finding out it wasn't her birthday, her friend gets fired for giving her a free meal and she insists that she'll pay for it.moreless
    • 7/10/05
      Segment #1- Tony Hawk arrives on a scene where his son Riley just set of an m-80 in a toilet causing a girl to get injured from the bomb exploding. His son drops the Punk'd bomb on him.

      Segment # 2 - Jesse McCartney gets blamed for a bunch of motorcycles that got smashed from the car he was in. Once Jesse is in tears, Ashton ends it.

      Segment # 3 - Brittany Snow faces her worst nightmare when she knocks a port a potty over.moreless
    • Hayden Panettiere
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      In episode 3 of the all new season of Punk’d we join host Hayden Panettiere as Glee’s Dianna Agron meets a dirty old man, Zac Efron gets caught in a slow speed pursuit, and Jersey Shore’s Snooki gets an eyeful.
    • 5/9/04
      Punk'd pulls pranks on celebrities Julia Stiles, The Rock, and Kaley Cuoco in this episode from the third season. Actress Julia Stiles believes she destroyed a royal gown, wrestler and movie star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson thinks his luxury trailer has been destroyed and actress Kayley Cuoco, from "The Big Bang Theory," thinks she destroyed a poor family's home.moreless
    • Thora Birch, T.I., Sofia Vergara
      Thora Birch, T.I., Sofia Vergara
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Segment #1 - Thora Birch and her brother hear a baby crying in a locked car. When the parking guy smashes the window, the owner shows up and it turns out the baby was just a doll. Thora gets blamed for breaking his window. Segment #2 - T.I. gets held up at baggage claim when they search his bag and finds bullets. He tells them they aren't his and that he doesn't know where they came from. Segment #3 - Sofia Vergara tries to help a man in a wheelchair go down a flight of stairs but he falls down the stairs. Sofia gets accused of pushing him down the stairs.moreless
    • Segment #1 - Michelle and Joel Madden are driving into a parking garage but there's a low water pipe hanging so Michelle gets out to check the height and tells him its clear but as they move forward the pipe breaks off and she gets blamed for telling him to go. Segment #2 - Nicollette and her husband are asked to help a guy propose to his girlfriend but just as he's about to, Michael drops the ring and the diamonds fall out and his girlfriend gets mad and leaves. Segment #3 - Travis and his friend meet up with some girls and his friend goes into the bedroom with one only to find that her husband walked in and saw her wrapped up in a bedsheet and thinks Travis is dating his wife.moreless
    • Emma Roberts, Sugar Ray Leonard, Hannah Teter
      Segment #1 - Emma and Teddy Geiger go to a restaurant and Teddy brings his dog but while he's in the bathroom the waiter trips and spills food all over a guy's labtop and when they don't pay him he takes Teddy's dog.

      Segment #2 - Sugar Ray Leonard's son and his friend were street racing and ran into a telephone pole and when they moved the car the pole falls over and lands on a car belonging to a witness. They tell him he must pay for all the damages.

      Segment #3 - Hannah and her friend walk by a magician who starts doing some tricks then switches her friend's watch and the cops tell her she's going to jail along with her friend and then the magician starts saying he has all these medical problems and blames it on her.moreless
    • 12/7/03

      Segment #1 - Dave Mirra gets accused of fraud by the IRS.

      Segment #2 - OutKast are told they must pay the bill for a totaled rental car.

      Segment #3 - Amber Tamblyn gets asked to watch a dog while she waits for her fiancee but some stranger walks up to her and acts like its his and she lets him take it. Later, when the owner returns she finds out Amber gave the dog away and the owner starts blaming her and tells her it was a show dog and how she would feel if her dad died.

    • Kellan Lutz
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      In this episode of Punk'd we catch up with Twilight's Kellan Lutz as Dancing with the Stars' Julianne Hough gets stuck in the mud, Awkward's, Ashley Rickards causes a toxic spill, and Aimee Teegarden makes a break for it.
    • 11/6/05
      Segment #1 - Daddy Yankee is at a radio station for an interview and when he thinks he's off the air he says curses and people call in angry. Matt tells him he will have to pay a $463,000 fine. Segment #2 - Kelly Monaco parks in a restricted area and gets her vehicle towed. The crew switches her car and after telling her she has to pay $456, her car slips off the tow truck and gets smashed. Segment #3 - Sophia Bush is at a restaurant with Brittany Snow and another friend. Brittany wants to show Sophia a picture and leans over, knocking her drink onto Sophia and backs her chair into a waiter knocking Matt into a lobster tank and breaking it.moreless
    • Mya, Katie Holmes, Tracy Morgan
      Season 2 - Episode 3

      Segment #1: Mya finds herself stuck with a guy who won a date with her in a contest and is in love with her.

      Segment #2: Katie Holmes finds herself caught between the girlfriend and the lover of a potential film producer. When the girlfriend asks her who he was with she says she doesn't know and tries to keep out of it by saying nothing and that doesn't work. Eventually the girlfriend thinks she's with him also.

      Segment #3: Tracy Morgan gets his car jacked and a tow truck says he has to take it all the way to Barstow and Tracy refuses to let him so the to truck driver tries to bribe him with his rims.

    • Punk'd pulls pranks on celebrities Jennifer Love Hewitt, Evan Rachel Wood and Warren Sapp in this episode from the third season. Evan Rachel Wood thinks she has broken a priceless Mayan artifact. Football star Warren Sapp deals with a difficult waiter. Jennifer Love Hewitt meets a film director, who spends more time discussing his personal problems than the proposed movie.moreless
    • Justin Long, Macy Gray, DJ Qualls
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Segment #1 - Justin goes to a restaurant and meets two under age girls and one of them has an ex-boyfriend named Justin. He buys them drinks and the manager finds out. He fires the waitress and the father arrives and blames Justin who says he's never met them before. Segment #2 - Macy Gray has a music studio academy and they tell her there's black mold in the building. A woman says that her son has been sick and that she doesn't want to enroll him there. After reading the paperwork she finds out it wasn't her address. Segment #3 - DJ Qualls and Telisha from the Pussycat Dolls enter a restaurant and the hostess tells them to come in but end up ruining a surprise birthday party. After dropping the balloons and confetti, Matt tells them to put the balloons back. Will comes in and after an argument he asks them if they want to stay for the party.moreless
    • Pitbull, Kelis, Too $hort
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      This hour of Punk'd sees the rapper Pitbull unsuspectingly handing out rotten Thanksgiving turkeys and Kelis showing up hours late for a children's charity gig after being given the incorrect show times. Also, Too $hort isn't quite sure how to react when his reality TV show ends up filming topless teenage girls.moreless
    • Tyler the Creator
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      This week on Punk’d, host Tyler The Creator puts "The Wanted" in an ironic situation, Scott Disick gets blackmailed for a Rolls, and later, 90210’s Shenae Grimes gets pegged as a puppy thief.
    • Punk'd pulls pranks on celebrities Vivica Fox & Tisha Campbell, Chris Klein and Jeremy Sisto in this episode from the third season. Chris Klein ("American Pie") comes home to a hostage situation with a full SWAT team surrounding his house. Jeremy Sisto ("Six Feet Under") endures an intense roadside sobriety test. Vivica Fox and Tisha Campbell survive a dramatic photo shoot.moreless
    • 11/16/03
      Punk'd pulls pranks on celebrities Lara Flynn Boyle, Ashanti and Omarion in this episode from the second season. Actress Lara Flynn Boyle receives a $25,000 bill for clothing that she thought was free. Singer Ashanti loses her limo ride to the airport and must decide if riding a bus is worth catching her flight. Rapper Bow Wow helps host Ashton Kutcher pull a trick on fellow musician Omarion Grandberry.moreless
    • 7/24/05
      Segment #1 - Benjamin Mckenzie gets his car egged by a teenager. When they catch him his father gets angry and smashes eggs on his head and asks him to smash an egg on his son but he refuses.

      Segment #2 - Jason Bateman accidentally hits another car and they try to hide it by parking far away from it. The cops arrive and as soon as they start driving away they see the paint from the other car.

      Segment # 3 - Akon is doing a Japanese commercial and they make him say things that make fun of him like I'm gullible and I'm being Punk'd. Jesse McCartney arrives and lets him know he just got Punk'd.moreless
    • Nick Cannon
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      Nick Cannon hosts an all new episode of Punk'd as he welcomes the New Boyz to Hollywood, Ashley Tisdale picks up a hitchhiker and Demi Lovato sees a ghost.
    • Nick Carter, Tommy Lee, Bow Wow
      Season 2 - Episode 2

      Segment #1 - Nick Carter thinks he's going to be Punking Tommy Lee but when they try to practice what will happen he accidentally hits a crew member. Nick gets blamed for running into him.
      Segment #2 - Tommy Lee and Nick Carter are being followed by paparazzi and they accidentally hit a woman trying to cross the street. They get blamed and she wants to sue.
      Segment #3 - Bow Wow is at a photo shoot and finds out he'll be taking pictures with a tiger. Then he has to wear some jewelry after he sets them down they turn up missing. They tell him he must replace them with his own money.

    • Segment #1 - Travis Barker goes on a date with his girlfriend, Shanna. Shanna's ex boyfriend shows up and Shanna ends up telling Travis what a great boyfriend he was.

      Segment #2 - Jamie Presley is starting her own clothing line and is met at one of her factories by FBI agents, telling her the factory has had children working at it for under minimum wage.

      Segment #3 - Celebrities at a red carpet get asked inappropriate questions by an Asian reporter.

    • 10/30/05
      Segment #1 - Bernie Mac and his driver are at a stoplight that doesn't change and Bernie eventually tells the driver to run it. The police then stop them and arrests the driver.

      Segment #2 - The Ying Yang Twins are at a gate that keeps going up and back down so they can't pass courtesy of Ashton. Eventually, another driver gets mad and drives through the gate knocking it down. They then get blamed for the broken gate.

      Segment #3 - Mischa and her friend Cisco are at a restaurant and while they are saying hi to someone at another table a bus boy takes their day planner. The manager fires their bus boy. Another one brings it back thinking they left so the manager yells at her for telling him the other one did it.moreless
    • 4/17/07
      Segment #1 - Hilary Swank goes to Comi-Con to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. When a guy introduces her to his million dollar robot she accidentally makes it knock over a kid and yells at her for knocking him over.

      Segment #2 - Ashley goes to a hospital to meet some sick children and comes across a boy in a coma. She sings his favorite song and he wakes up. He wakes up whenever she is alone in the room with him and tells her he's faking the coma to skip school. The mother gets upset because he won't talk to her.

      Segment #3 - Chamillionaire is meeting with some directors for movie roles and they get asked to switch tables for the Princess of Spain. She complains to the waiter that he keeps looking over at them. The manager accuses him of constantly staring at the girls and demands he leaves the restaurant.moreless
    • JoJo, Kelly Rowland, Jason Ritter
      Season 8 - Episode 6

      JoJo visits a very special sick girl in the hospital. Kelly Rowland has an unexpected delay on the way to a festival. While Jason Ritter causes an injury in the batting cages.

    • Meagan Good, Jewel, Frankie J
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      Segment #1 - Meagan and her boyfriend are at a stop light when an old lady drops a bag of fruit. When they get out to help her across the street, two guys jump in their car and take off. A witness tells the police they pushed the lady down. She calls her cell phone and the police tell her to keep them on the line.
      Segment #2 - Jewel and her friend pull into a restaurant and they tell her to move because they are putting in a new sign next door. The crane drops the sign on a car and they yell at Jewel for letting it happen. Jewel gets mad for blocking her in and refusing to let her go.
      Segment #3 - Frankie J thinks he's meeting with Michael Jackson but when a fan gives him peanuts, they tell him Michael was allergic and is very sick. They ask if it was Frankie but he denies it.moreless
    • 4/17/06
      Segment #1 - DJ Paul thinks he's going to dinner with a producer couple. The producer's son wants to be like Paul by having grillz. Then the producer takes out his father's urn and passes it around but Juicy drops it as he's handing it to Paul. Segment #2 - Stacy Keibler and her boyfriend Geoff are leaving but her fans ask for autographs but their bus is parked in the entrance blocking their exit. The valet hoses the fans and blames it on Stacy. Segment #3 - Elisha comes across a baby sitting on top of a car and when the owner of the car calls the police and is about to take it to a hospital the mother shows up and the police take her baby away.moreless
    • The Punk'd Awards
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      In the series finale, Ashton reviewed the best Punk'd moments in the form of an awards show.
    • Justin Bieber
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      In this episode, Justin Bieber takes the reins from Ashton Kutcher going after 3 of his celebrity friends in true prankster fashion. Pals Taylor Swift, Rob Dyrdek and Sean Kingston are all victims of Bieber's mischievous mind.
    • Bam Margera
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      In this episode, we join Jackass Bam Margera as he takes Tyler the Creator down in flames, the Jersey Shore's Ronnie finds its time to Gym, Tan and Negotiate, and Teen Wolf Tyler Posey gets slow service with his fast food.
    • Lucy Hale
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      Tonight on Punk'd join host, Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale, as she busts co-star Ian Harding, Vanessa Hudgens and Sarah Hyland crash a parade and Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson is under surveillance.
    • Mac Miller
      Season 9 - Episode 14

      This week on Punk'd join host Mac Miller as he puts the hammer down on Wiz Khalifa, goes on a picnic with Neil Patrick Harris, and tackles NFL Star Darrelle Revis.

    • Miley Cyrus
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      Tonight on Punk'd join host Miley Cyrus as she welcomes Kelly Osbourne back to Punk'd, gives Khloe Kardashian a lesson in anatomy...and Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth.
    • Heather Morris
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      Glee's Heather Morris hosts an all new episode of Punk'd as she sets her sights on Joe Jonas, Cody Simpson gets robbed, and Emma Roberts has a no go with fro-yo.
    • Episode 6
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      On this episode of Punk'd singer Jojo creates a disaster by exposing a 'girl-in-a-bubble' to the outside world. Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland is taken for a ride when a boy in her car has an 'accident' in his pants. And actor Jason Ritter messes with a batting cage and a little league coach ends up injured.moreless
    • Episode 8
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      Red Handed, Burning Brett, Strike Out
    • Episode 5
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      On this episode of Punk'd actress Meagan Good gets her car Jacked when she helps an elderly woman across the street. Jewel parks her car where she shouldn't and another vehicle gets wrecked because of it. And singer Frankie J screws up a meeting with Michael Jackson.
    • Episode 4
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      Grindhouse's Freddy Rodriguez' dog is given to the wrong owner at the groomers. Molly Sims parks her car in a tow away zone and it ends up being covered in trash. And Magic Johnson's car gets keyed by his son's angry one night stand.
    • Inside Punk'd
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      The cast and producers of 'Punk'd' take you behind the scenes to find out what goes into each prank.
    • Episode 3
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      Lost's Evangeline Lilly destroys some priceless art at co-star Harold Perrineau's house. Ultimate Fighter Chuck Liddell is detained in a hit and run, and High School Musical's Zac Efron implicates an innocent man in a robbery.
    • Episode 2
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      Hilary Swank mauls a fan with a 'million dollar robot' at Comic Con. Ashley Tisdale visits a hospital and accidentally wakes a boy in a coma. And Chamillionaire gets in trouble for looking at Spanish 'royalty' at a Hollywood restaurant.
    • Episode 1
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      Segment #1 - Bucky and his wife are at a restaurant for their anniversary when a look alike Tom Cruise calls his wife over to his table. After several minutes of talking, his wife throws a glass of water in his face. She tells Bucky that he offered money to sleep with her. She refuses to apologize to him. Segment #2 - Nelly is doing an interview which gets interrupted by the bomb squad. They evacuate everyone out of the building saying there was a suspicious package. The squad then brings out her purse and they blow it up. She gets accused of leaving objects behind when they told her there was a bomb threat. Segment #3 - Hayden and her mom are in a restaurant when a father and son ask her for a couple pictures. But when his wife catches him talking to her about Heroes she accuses Hayden of flirting with her husband.moreless
    • Episode 2
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      Going Postal, Scene of the Crime, Peeping Construction
    • Episode 3
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      Hollywood Dinner Party, Crowd Control, Special Delivery
    • Episode 4
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Lunch Special, Toxic Spill, Love Triangle
    • Episode 5
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Caught in the Act, Dangers of Smoking, Meter Jackpot
    • Episode 6
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Size Does Matter, Pop the Question, Taken for a Ride
    • Episode 1
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      Potty-Break, Frisky Gorilla, Mistaken Identity
    • Episode 9
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Punk'd Greatest Rants
    • Episode 7
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      On this episode of Punk'd rapper Pitbull gives out spoiled turkeys to kids on Thanksgiving. Too $hort gets in hot water when his reality show camera crew catches some underage girls without any tops on. And Kelis is given the wrong time and shows up hours late for a children's benefit.moreless
    • Episode 8
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Aly (Aly & AJ) gets set up by her sister when a bear they are using for a photo shoot keels over after the girls feed it candy. Pro wrestler John Cena takes a ride with the Punk'd car service and runs into a funeral procession -- literally. And Kerr Smith (Dawson's Creek) destroys a show room when he sits on an antique water bed and it springs a leak.moreless
    • 5/15/06
      Sugar Ray Leonard, Emma Roberts, and Hannah Teter get Punk'D.
    • Episode 7
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      Puppy Love, Toe to Toe with a Telephone Pole, Street Magic
    • Episode 8
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Ashton pulls the wool over Sean Paul's eyes when he is accused of knocking down a blind woman. It's all over now Baby Blue when his hotel room is ransacked.