Season 3 Episode 1

Eve, Matthew Perry, Adam Brody

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • adam brody and matthew together its exactly why i wacth this.....

    i'm from portugal and i don't have access to this show...so i see this only now...but i like it.......i like adam brody....and for me this is perfect.....because i also like matthew......it's very funny...... in portugal punk'd is a show who anybody know...so its dificultt to see the show and have some news from EUA.....and i dont like of shearch always i want some information of this shows......
    but this punk's is very hillarious because i don't expect that........ and have matthew and adam together make this more funny.....
    adam i realy like him....but i don't have the money to go to the EUA and meet him....but wait for me......lool
  • matthew perry is really funny and this video to!!! :P

    i think it ws really funny :D
    it get's a 10
    i love him he is sooooo quet i love him and he is soo funny i have every ffriend colection but i must have the other movie's where he was acting in :P :P :P
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  • Great Punk'd to start the season

    I hate the OC with a passion and it was great to see one of the people contributing to the awful show get Punk'd in a great way as a fiance hits on Adam Brody and the best man sees this the other way around and hence, Adam gets Punk'd big time.

    The news articles at the start of the show were really handy because I didn't know the show had been rumoured to be over, though it had been a few years since Punk'd aired here.

    Matthew Perry getting Punk'd at the car port was also a terrific addition to this hilarious episode.