Season 5 Episode 7

Ja Rule, Ryan Cabrera, Laura Prepon

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 07, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Kick the dog, throw the cat and slap the kids, oh how funny!!!!

    It didn't long for this series to start feeling "uncomfortable". Like watching someone make fun of the class underdog or relentlessly tease someone who already doesn't fit in.
    These days I seem to catch the reruns when I'm bored, hoping to find a good tickle like SOME of the episodes have provided. Increasingly, I'm getting more than uncomfortable. It's like watching someone being cruel to an animal or a child. I don't care whether it's "real" or not, there's just nothing funny about even PRETENDING to be cruel like that.
    I was a bit concerned that this was what appealed to today's society, no matter what the age group this show is aiming for. Then I read the other reviews. WHEW!!! No one is thinking this is "humor" or "entertainment" and for that, I can't express how relieved I am!
    Certainly we'd expect Demi to Act Her Age and demand that Ashton grow up, just a Little bit. To demonstrate something slightly more sophisticated than what would make most 12 year olds walk away in disgust. Ashton's too loud, too mean, too spastic and too 'black and white' (what is with that?? How overused !)
    Reports of those VICTIMS who didn't sign releases make us respect them rather than shake our heads and think they're poor sports. If only EVERYONE refused to allow this airhead to continue his mean-spirited, foul mouthed, loud atrocities against his "friends", maybe this actor would GROW UP and gift us with more of his wonderful, comedic acting that's still untapped and has such potential! If only he'd focus on that. Heck, I even enjoyed him in the "drama thriller" role, but because of this side of what is supposed to be his "real" self, I have a bad taste - and whatever he's in needs other heavy hitting stars to get my attention - to make me 'forget' that he's even in it.
    Surely this isn't what he's going for.
    In this current episode - Ja Rule gets his car covered in raw sewage (supposedly)and all attempts to prevent him from moving it pretty much fail. JaRule is in control (pretty much) while all around him increase their volume and their vulgarities, trying to edge him on. It showed the best of Ja Rule and the lameness of this show.

    Ryan Cabrera gets blamed for not having his emergency break on, his car rolls down a hill and causes a suspended air conditioner to crush another car. Here was the prime example of school yard bullying. Not funny. Again, we just wanted to embrace Cabrera and slap the idiots working with Kutcher.

    Laura Prepon gets a free meal because its her birthday. When 'management' discovers it isn't her birthday, her wait-staff friend gets fired. Laura insists on paying for the meal. This segment shows us what a good, decent and caring person she is. Ashton's set up is overbearing, numbingly stupid and falls flat.

    If he's TRYING to broadcast his immaturity, lack of heart or soul and the world he thinks it's ok to live in - we get it. We're trying to change that world. We're trying to stop cruelty and kids (or anyone) feeling so bad about themselves that they find no light, no hope and no future.

    We THOUGHT the premise was a modern Candid Camera. A "Funniest Home Video" slightly manipulated to include celebrities, but no one seems to be controlling the toddler with the camera and it's little more than juvenile, at best. The fact that (he) thinks spraying raw sewage is hiliarious, pretty much says it all. The rest of us (those of us who are potty trained) stopped being so fascinated by poopies a long time ago and we don't think kicking the dog, throwing the cat or slapping kids is ok either.
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