Season 2 Episode 4

Lara Flynn Boyle, Ashanti, Omarion

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • This episode was put together just right.

    This was a really great and funny episode. The segment part about Ashanti getting punk'd by her own mother was funny as hell, but the segment part about Bow Wow punkin' Omarion was ludacris as hell. The part about Omarion gettin' punk'd by Bow Wow was the best part of the whole entire episode. It was the best part of the entire episode, because it actually had a story plot to it, and the guy that played the girl's father played the character role so convincing that it was also Oscar performance worthy. Yet in still, for that prank the Oscar goes to Omarion for his real-life performance after and during the time that the guy playing the girl's father rolls-up on him.
  • Pretty good but certainly not the best

    All three segments in this episode were good but not great, though that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching!

    The supposedly free shopping spree was a very funny way to start the episode with Ashton showing how for girls, clothes shopping is an almost orgasmic experience. Until, that is, they are forced to pay over 25 grand instead of getting it for the price they were promised and, for lack of a more technical term, no givesies-backsies.

    The second segment, with the horrible driver (both rude and inefficient) is an approach that is in danger of becoming stale and predictable and viewers want original pranks. However, it is a good segment, though not quite as entertaining as the angry dad in the third segment.

    All in all, Punk’d is once again, an entertaining watch that isn’t necessary to see but you’ll definite crack a smile a few times.
  • Ashanti getting punk'd and omarion was great. Omarion was accused of physical touching with someones daughter which he said he did not do and Ashanti and her mother going to the airport gets caught up in the drivers basdbehavior against Ashanti And

    Ashanti hopes into the vehicale going to the airport and her mother and her are having a conversation and the drivers butts into there conversation which Ashanti and her mother thinks thats rude so Ashanti confronts him and still does it again and ashanti gets angry.
    Next thing the car brakes down and Ashanti and hermother has to take a bus with strangers and start to join into the fun and desguises herself so people wont know who she is and Ashton Kutcher says you have just been ounk'd with the shocking results written on her face knowing her mother was down with the whole plan.

    Omarion And Bow Wow goes over to a couple of girls house and sit down and relax by the pool as Bow Wow and a couple of other girls play in the pool a girl tries to come on to Omarion saying she wants to massage his back and everything as Bow Wow leaves the rooms the girls dad comes and accuses Omarion of physically touching his daughter. The man asked for his name and identification and omarion says hes a singer and the man started screaming at him saying why are you touching my daughter as omarion gets fustrated and mad and kept screaming i did not touch your daughter. Punk cameras come out stating you have just been punk'd theshocking results on Omarion face as well knowing his friend Bow Wow was down wit it.
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