Season 7 Episode 5

Matt Leinart, Elijah Wood, Olivia Wilde

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 01, 2006 on MTV - Music Television

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  • At least this episode had a real celebrity.

    Matt Leinhart? Still not really that big of a celebrity. Yeah, he’s a pro-athlete, but still not the A-list celebs of the beginning of the season. The idea was funny, and the fact that he actually did try to blame his friend was even funnier.

    Elijah Wood: FINALLY someone people have actually heard of. An actor who was in an Oscar-winning movie. Someone who is recognizable! This one was pretty funny, and Elijah’s reaction was great. But that whole anti-smoking thing was really cheesy. They need to stop trying to be creative with the presentation of the prank and start trying to be more creative with the actual prank itself.

    Even though Olivia Wilde is not a huge star, I still love her, so I was glad to see her get punk’d. However, the whole thing seemed very rushed. And they didn’t really do anything to get her too worked up. So it was pretty mediocre.
  • Again Ashton up to his pranks!

    First, Matt Leinart is accused of solicting an minor and he may go to "jail" over it while the second half
    Elijah throws a cigarette in the dumpster and it explodes
    Third and finally, Oliva tries to put money in the parking meter only to get accused of destroying public property!
    Very funny show and nobody is safe at all when they get "Punk'd"
  • Matt Leinert is a rat. Elijah Wood is a cry baby.

    hahaha. what an episode. Matt Leinert gets caught with a hooker and is actually willing to sacrifice his buddy so that he won't get in trouble and hurt his draft ability. Elijah Wood throws a a bottle with a cigarette into a flammable trash which explodes and causes a car to be destroyed. While he is being interrogated by the cops, he starts acting like the big baby who he is and is at the point of breaking out into tears until the Punk'd crew shows up. At that point, he tries to act all badass by threatening to beat up the cameraman because Frodo is just that tough. The one with Olivia Wild was pretty funny too. Her friend is hot.
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