Season 2 Episode 2

Nick Carter, Tommy Lee, Bow Wow

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Gettin' Punk'd on the set of Punk'd... Nah, couldn't happen!

    Nick Carter is a little slow in the first segment of the show which makes it all the funnier. Ashton making fun of Nick not wising up even though he was on the set of Punk’d about to do a Punk without actually getting Punk’d (and yes, that sentence made sense). It also set up the second segment with them Punking Tommy Lee.

    The second part of the episode was almost as good as the first, Tommy’s response to the situation being a hilarious one, especially when he states that it’s like some kind of Fellini movie the way things keep piling up onto the situation – he got Punk’d bad!

    And then there’s Bow Wow accused of stealing jewellery directly after being freaked out by a tiger that had to be approached in a very specific way, a hilarious way to top off the episode.

    Of course, the funniest segment is obviously Nick’s because of how ridiculous it was that he hadn’t figured it out, but all three combine to make a terrific instalment of Punk’d.
  • i noticed when watching the tommy lee punkd that he is also wearing the same shirt in a episode of viva la bam and thought it was kinda interesting

    this episode was cool considering the bit has been done over and over celeberities are just plain stupid but hell what can you say every one is stupid in there own little way i hope ashton uses this bit over and over again cuz it will always work they could spice it up a bit like using blood like they did when they punkd good charlotte
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