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  • Didn't have MTV

    So I caught it once or twice on one of the basic channels. Quite enjoyed the reactions.

    2 random ep (2007?) WB?
  • Ashton Please Come Back!

    Ashton Please be the host again! The show sucks with out you!! I used to love punk'd now not so much. The red headed guy is a horrible actor! Watching the show its so obvious he's acting that is why everyone is figuring it out! Also these pranks are lame. The only episode I liked this season is when Ashton came back.. So please Ashton be the host again and fire the red head!
  • Yo MTV, punk'd web show where they get Starbucks

    Hilarious 1990's punk'd

  • Who i think should get punk'd next

    I think that

    Tom Felton

    Daniel Radcliffe

    Nick Jonas

    Should get punk'd.
  • good idea?

    they should do a episode with one of those ghost shows. They could set up a sick haunted house then have the fact or fact paranormal files show come in. to investigate the place. Then scare the poo out of them lol
  • Funny and real entertainment!

    Ashton knows how to make his fellow pals and "enemies" get the best of his pranks. He gives you tidbits on how to be funny, on random life knowledge (like, he knows languages that other celebrities don't), and pulls MAJOR pranks that are very hard to follow. Interesting, energetic, and creatively hilarious. Well done Ashton!

    I wanna seen Selena Gomez ON PUNK'D i wanna she be PUNK'D! Think about how great would be..if Selena be punk'd like she would Be kiddnaped?! And This would be AWESOME! :) JB can saved her LOOL! could be soo fun! *_* I think she will be sceret..and she will LITTLE crying..and tehn..she will found something.. :) Can be realy HIT!
  • I like this show

    Punk'd is one of my guilty pleasures, television wise. I enjoy watching this show whenever it comes on. In the show, Ashton Kutcher "punks" different celebrities. Although some celebs have to be pretty clueless to not know they are being punk'd some are pretty obvious. I know Lil Jon was one celeb who actually knew he was being punk'd. Some of my favorite episodes are the ones with Zac Efron, Hilary Duff, and Missy Elliot. This show shows the real side of celebrities. I find this show very funny and entertaining and I am sad to see it has ended. z
  • The premise of the show is not new. I have never found it amusing to watch innocent people being made a fool of.

    The premise of the show is not new, Candid Camera was probably the first TV show to present this scenario. I have never found it amusing to watch innocent people being made a fool of. The person manipulating the scenario is in total control and the object is to embarrass, deceive, humiliate, or frighten unsuspecting victims so that other people can laugh at their misfortune? It doesn't make it okay to do this to people simply because they are actors. It reminds me of grammar school antics. It's time to grow up Ashton. I'll bet you can find a way to present truly humorous situations without having to compromise your integrity.
  • Reality TV on MTV.... not so great. Ashton Kutcher, you did a good job. ..... You are a god.

    When I realized that MTV stopped playing music videos, I said "Holy S***. First of all, they don't even play it anymore. Not at all. When I started watching Punk'd, I thought "Oh man, they're making a crappy reality show." Then one day there was nothing I liked on so I watched Punk'd. I thought it was an awesome show. Take away those crappy shows and keep the good shows. The best shows on MTV are Punk'd, Jackass, Damage Control, Boiling Points, and Yo Momma. Those are the best MTV shows. Bring back the music and just pay these shows every once in a while.
  • A great show.

    I would say this is a great show.Askton Kutcher is a great host of this show.He is very better than what he was on That 70's Show.He is very better at doing those pranks and the pranks are the best pranks ever.The idea of this show is very good of playing pranks and playing them on celebities is better than playing them on people that are not celebities.It's a very good idea of putting this show on MTV and making this idea.This is my grade and it's a B because I do like and it's a pretty good show on MTV.
  • A great show with a unfunny, annoying host.

    Don't get me wrong. I really liked Ashton as Michael Kelso, but in real life he just acts like a child (and not in that funny way like in "That 70s Show"). The great thing is that his monologues explaining the pranks on the show aren't long at all and the majority of the show are the pranks themselves which BTW are really funny. Its especially funny when the actors that get "punk'd" go from being Po'ed or sad to laughing out loud when the announcment is made that they got punk'd.

    Overall, I would give it an 8 out of 10...,BUT minus half a point for Ashton.
  • Love it!

    I hate that aston kutcher stoped making this show for mtv this show was so funny i loved to see what the people would do in the situation that they were in most of the people that he punk'd were so mean to people but there were some that were just scared out of there mind and that was freaken funny i really don't have a favorite of this show but the older ones wern't so good as the seasons wen't on they got better over time i just wish that the show would come back i miss getting punk'd. =)
  • Watching celebrities go crazy turns out to be really entertaining!

    "Punk'd" is a show hosted by Ashton Kutcher where they play pranks on celebrities. For example: Tyra Banks does a photoshoot for a proactiv commercial (if you don't already know, proactiv is another one of those pimple removers), but on the commercial it shows her face covered with zits and says "Do you want to look like her? Then start using proactiv so you don't end up looking as ugly as she does." Then Tyra throws a tantrum thinking that all of America is going to see this commercial (well, they are but just as part of the show). Then Ashton comes out with the camera crew and tells her that she got punk'd. Then she laughs and admits that she got punk'd.
  • This show only needs one thing to be removed, Ashton Kutcher

    It could've been great honestly, but the pranks are too short.
    If it lasts like 10 minutes it could be funny, like boiling points.

    I don't why, but I hate Ashton here, I just don't feel the "funny" vibes whenever hes there, I don't even laugh or grin or chuckle whenever I see him, even in a single scene, I usually change channels and wait for the pranks to be unleashed.

    I've always hoped if the celebrity cries, or either enraged, or just plain speechless, the only suggestion I can think of for this show is getting politicians punk'd.

    That would be so great, maybe offending, but you don't have to overreact.
  • You must punk Spencer Pratt it would be so funny.

    spencer Pratt would be the episode of all episode. You most see the way he goes on in The Hills.I love him but I would do anything to see him get punk'd. Hes short fuzzed, loves to argue and has a badboy complex. punk spencer pratt punk spencer pratt punk spencer pratt punk spencer pratt I also belive that Dave Chapelle would be anthor good canidate lil john, puffy daddy i dont know who else would get me to piss myslf. those r my pics please i need to so spencer if anyone of them i lve this show peace.
  • a show where celebritys are getting pranks pulled on them.

    Punk'd is a amazing show, and one of the most realistic shows that are one MTV. Ashton Kutcher does not stop at anything to get the reactions out of his fellow celebrity peers. I think that most celebrities get mad about getting punk's because this show is so candid and they overreact and they do not want thier fans to see hem like that, which I can understand to an extent, but still they should have enough humor to just let it air and say well thats how I react. Ashton has once before ended the series and came back, and now that it is off I am hoping he will suprise us agian.
  • One of the best mtv shows

    Well,from my point of view,it's not an extraordinary show,but comparing with others from the mtv ''yard'',it's one of the best... I watch it because of Asthon Kutcher (I have to take a moment now to stop drooling ) and it's kinda funny when you see what faces or behavior celebrities have during the pranks... And in this way you get to know them as they really are (cocky,compassionate,unkind,impolite,easy scared,brave or whichever).But I have to admit I watched mostly because of Asthon,he's a really good actor(and cute) and he is doing a really good job as a host for this show.Keep up the good work
  • Which will be next punk'd

    The show begins with a description by Kutcher of which celebrity will be punk'd, why he feels the celebrity deserves to be punk'd, and what the setting of the joke will be, including the premise and the accomplices. As the show is usually set in Los Angeles, the pranks often take place in common locations such as parking lots, restaurants, hotel rooms, or residences. Occasionally, Kutcher will engineer the prank at a celebrity event at which the target is a prominent guest, as when he led actress Halle Berry believe she had been barred entry to the premiere of her film, Gothika, because the number of the people in the theater exceeded the fire code, or when he pranked Denver Nuggets' Guard Allen Iverson into thinking he could not enter his own 30th birthday party because the President's daughters and Secret Service men were inside. Kutcher will also sometimes use real-life current events as elements in his pranks, as when he pranked tennis player Andy Roddick, who was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show, by convincing him that his automobile was trapped by the 2004-2005 Los Angeles mudslides. Kutcher sometimes sets his pranks on the sets of movies, TV shows or music videos where his targets are working, as when he pranked Kanye West by convincing him that he could not shoot any footage for his music video for the song "Jesus Walks" on Sundays without a permit, or when he pranked rap artist The Game by convincing him that he could not leave his studio because his crew had repaved its entrance, or pranked Daddy Yankee where he was slapped with a $463,000 fine by the FCC for swearing on live radio. Kutcher has also done holiday-themed pranks, as when he pranked Beyoncé Knowles into thinking she knocked over a 50 foot Christmas Tree, or when he pranked Fall Out Boy's Peter Wentz into thinking he derailed a train at a Christmas festival. After the joke progresses to a point, usually with the celebrity having become angry or frustrated at the outrageousness of the situation, Kutcher or one of the actors will announce to the surprised victim that they just had a practical joke played on them, usually with the line, "You just got Punk'd!", or by revealing a large sign or banner to that effect. Each half-hour episode usually features three pranks.
  • the funniest show i watch

    Ashton Kutcher is great. He has the best sense of humor. I mean he is pretty cruel 2 some of thoes clebs... and have u checked out room 401 yet... i swear why isn't that guy a comedien instead of an actor. This show is always changing and it is alway great to see how the different people react. Some people get mad and other people think it's funny. I'm suprised how nice soem of the clebs are. how can blame me with all of the storys that go around you would think they are all spoiled rotten brats but some of them can be real nice.
  • wow, that is soo funny!!!!!

    "you just got punk'd" ashton says as he walks up from behind, and the look on whoever it might be's face is great!!!!!!!! this show can easily overwelm anyobne with laughter!!! I think he sould punk John Cena, now, that would be funny!!!!! i just watched him punk PETE WENTZ!!! he tricked pete into thinking i caused santa and misses clause to fall misses clause broke her back and santa ripped his beard of and started cussing!!!! this was in front of little children all through this pete stood there with a stupid smile on his face trying to explain how santa's beard came off!!!!!!!!!!!! that was my favorite i absalutely couldn't stop laughing, great show, and i bet it'll last a long time!!!
  • This is a sweet show. Watching celebrities get Punk'd is the greatest thing to do on a weekend. Way to go, Ashton!

    Wow. Ashton Kutcher can sure think of some evil pranks to Punk celebrities. He's the best I've ever seen. I just love watching Punk'd on MTV2. It's one of the greatest on that channel. I was sitting down watching MTV2 when there was no Punk'd or Viva La Bam on. Just High School Stories or something. It was about pranks too. Gosh, these guys are amateurs. Nowhere near the pranking talent of Ashton Kutcher. These are so amazing! My personal favorites are: When Ashton Punk'd Hugh Jackman and made him believe that he burned down a multimillion dollar property. When he Punk'd Bam Margera to make him believe he was being accused of a convenience store robbery. When he Punk'd a random guy on the street to make him believe that he couldn't drive because he had too many cocktails. And of course, when he Punk'd his friend to believe that the boyfriend of a girl he was seeing had totally wrecked his pride-and-glory car. That was hillarious! Ashton's all like "That's not my car..." I really get a laugh out of this show. That's why I love to watch it. It takes brains to come up with such great Punks. Way more brain capacity than a class of high school seniors whose best prank idea was to jump into a pool (boo! High School Stories). Punk'd is a great show. I'd also like to note Ashton's narrating ability. Just the way that he talks is hillarious. Two thumbs way up from me.
  • so original!

    yes it is so original! i mean there is no other show that even has to do with pranking celebs! that is just genius and I wish i thought of it. i would make a fortune. too late now ashton kutcher takes the spotlight again. boo hoo. okay i really liked the one where they punk'd zac efron. that was funny. and the one with nelly furtado. that was way funny too! it is so creative and i wish for some reason that they punk me! that is so funny. yay for punk'd it is so cool. I love it!
  • This show is presented by Ashton Kutcher and him and is acting crew play tricks on famous people.

    This show gives the people what they want seeing famous people getting tricked. This show as taken it to the next level by punking the most famous people there is. All the famous Singers,Actors and the show is never cheap they always spend money on certain items which are involved un the actual punking act. I think this show is by far the most genius and well thought out trickery show to date and I think the actors in the show are great and to top the show off you got Ashton Kutcher Presenting it and for me I find extremely funny.
  • This show is good.

    Punk'd is a show with the host Auston Kutcher and he pulls brillant pranks on famous people and they always gets pissed off or really worried cause the actors who help pull the pranks always say it was there fault when they didn't do anything and thats when they figure out "They Just Got Punk'd" Every episode is funny.
  • i love this show!

    this show is basicly taking the piss out of celebrities which i find so funny!. and there are loads of new seasons so it doesnt repeat itself constantly. i dont get how all these people fall for astons crap! haha! i mean they must have heard of punk'd! but then again if they werent being punk'd it would be imbarrasing!. i think this is an awesome show and when its over i just want it to come back on!. i highly recommend it to everyone in this world. if you dont know what im on about you had better start watching!
  • love this show!

    I just watched a few of the new episodes of the new season of Punk'd. I really must say this show is brilliant! Makes you crack up in tears eveytime. I wonder how they come up with some of story lines that they use through out the show. I feel pretty sorry for some of the "victims" that they pick on. But let's talk about the genious of the actors that are characters in punk'd. How they manage to keep a straight face I have no idea. They really are brilliant, and never crack under presseure. Overall this show is amazing!
  • An amazing show!!!

    Ok first of all you think: "Yeah, this might be some really sh*tty TV but Ashton Kutcher is hosting it... that'll brighten up my day!" And then you watch the show but can't help crack up at the stars!

    The most impressive thing about this show is that it is one of those shows that revolves around different celebrities each time which actually has A-listers on it... it isn't like 'celebrity' big brother or other such shows!

    And it is hilarious to see them get upset/angry/stressed/confused and just generally very emotional.. it shows that celebrities are just like us! And it is great fun to hear the celebrities say that all famous line "I just got punk'd"... there goes their street cred! A work of genious!
  • this show is azmazing not only is it funny some celebs are stop dumb to even realize they got punkd not only is the host hot and sex. he get his friends punkd and the midgety from jackass that ep was hilaurious.

    this show is azmazing not only is it funny some celebs are stop dumb to even realize they got punkd not only is the host hot and sex. he get his friends punkd and the midgety from jackass that ep was hilaurious. i can't wait for more eps to be made this show should go to its 10th season cuz thats how good it is i can't belive ashton is not wanted by hollywood becuase nobdy from hollywood is safe from bening punked haha too funny.
  • Funny show.

    this show is not a cartoon but its really funny you can watch some of it on you tube but its on mtv i think.this show is about alot of un famous acters that pretend to be cops or what ever they are asked to do.and the person who is being punkd has no idea that he/she is being punkd untill the end when they say youv been punkd and then they get really made usually some times they just go like o my god or sme thing so if you havent seen this you should try to watch it on you tube or like mtv thats all i have to say.
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