Season 6 Episode 8

Sean Paul, Pete Wentz, Baby Blue

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • wow, i loved this one.

    basically i liked this one because well, i thought that it was funny when sean paul got punkd by a blind lady. he was nice and stuff, so i guess that makes him ok.
    baby blue-i never heard of him. didnt even watch this part, i mean with that name who would?
    pete wentz-my favorite song writer/performer ever. i felt bad and it showed how loving he is to kids and how bad he felt. this was the episode that made me have a bug celebrity crush on him. good episode.
  • Pete wentz sean paul baby blue get punk`d

    Sean paul is a no talent bufoon who spends all his time obtaining riches and putting a check on his... well never mind, But i was pretty glad he got punk\'d and just like we expected like any pompas down right arrogant egomaniac he looses his cool and reveals to the the world just who it is we idolize.

    Pete wentz is one of the greater thinkers of our time. Although only 26 truly a poet, and one who has all though became a musical \"Success\"(if thats what you call wha has happened to him) has yet to let it run to his head. In fact he fears he claims many times through online journals and blogs. Pete connects with his fans unlike most artists and really is a fan himself. I thought the fact you see pete baisically almost cry reveals his character.

    and as for baby blue... with a name like baby blye should i really commentate on him or can you guys just get the gist yourselves