Punk'd - Season 5

MTV - Music Television (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • 6/26/05
    Segment #1 - The Game thinks he's going to meet a producer who will give him a million dollars to produce a movie but while he's in there the Punk'd crew pours cement at the entrance, trapping The Game in.

    Segment #2 - Simon Cowell gets his $400,000 Rolls Royce stolen because the guy gave the keys to the wrong person.

    Segment #3 - The Punk'd crew turns a parking spot into a handicapped spot. Raven finds herself being blamed by the elderly and after a big argument, Ashton ends the prank.moreless
  • Segment #1: Allen Iverson is having a birthday party but secret service won't let him in since the presidents daughter is about to arrive.

    Segment #2: Jermaine O'Neal is trying to get in to the same party but he won't be let in since he did not bring any girls.

    Segment #3: Apparently George Lopez has built a part of his house over a sewer main and that part of the house has to be torn down.

    Segment #4: Tyrese needs money to shoot a movie. Maybe the mob can give him some...moreless
  • Segment #1- Tony Hawk arrives on a scene where his son Riley just set of an m-80 in a toilet causing a girl to get injured from the bomb exploding. His son drops the Punk'd bomb on him.

    Segment # 2 - Jesse McCartney gets blamed for a bunch of motorcycles that got smashed from the car he was in. Once Jesse is in tears, Ashton ends it.

    Segment # 3 - Brittany Snow faces her worst nightmare when she knocks a port a potty over.moreless
  • Thora Birch, T.I., Sofia Vergara
    Segment #1 - Thora Birch and her brother hear a baby crying in a locked car. When the parking guy smashes the window, the owner shows up and it turns out the baby was just a doll. Thora gets blamed for breaking his window. Segment #2 - T.I. gets held up at baggage claim when they search his bag and finds bullets. He tells them they aren't his and that he doesn't know where they came from. Segment #3 - Sofia Vergara tries to help a man in a wheelchair go down a flight of stairs but he falls down the stairs. Sofia gets accused of pushing him down the stairs.moreless
  • Segment #1 - Benjamin Mckenzie gets his car egged by a teenager. When they catch him his father gets angry and smashes eggs on his head and asks him to smash an egg on his son but he refuses.

    Segment #2 - Jason Bateman accidentally hits another car and they try to hide it by parking far away from it. The cops arrive and as soon as they start driving away they see the paint from the other car.

    Segment # 3 - Akon is doing a Japanese commercial and they make him say things that make fun of him like I'm gullible and I'm being Punk'd. Jesse McCartney arrives and lets him know he just got Punk'd.moreless
  • Segment #1 - Adrien Brody asks a 15 year old kid to move a car without a license so he could get his car out and the kid ends up smashing into another vehicle. Segment #2 - Mila Kunis tries to help a little girl get her dog back because it fell into a gutter. After learning its a toy dog, Andrew gets his hand stuck in the gutter. Segment #3- Lisa Leslie gets blamed for asking a man to turn on a lamp, who falls over knocking the lamp over and hitting another table.moreless
  • Segment #1 - Ja Rule gets his car covered in sewer water and they tell him he can't move the car because its highly toxic.

    Segment #2 - Ryan Cabrera gets blamed for having his car roll down a hill and causing an air conditioner to crush another vehicle. He then is accused of not knowing what an emergency brake is.

    Segment #3 - Laura Prepon goes to a restaurant and her friend gives her a free meal because its her birthday. After finding out it wasn't her birthday, her friend gets fired for giving her a free meal and she insists that she'll pay for it.moreless
  • Segment #1 - Shaq takes someone else's spot and after he leaves, the Punk'd crew takes the air out of his car. When he comes back he blames the guy for it and after chasing him, Ashton arrives and lets him know he's been Punk'd. Segment #2 - Avril parks her car and the crew puts a car right behind hers and puts a reserved sign up. Sarah tells her she has to wait. Manny helps them by having Avril and him push the car which rolls into a transformer and it blows up. She then tells them that she didn't push the car. Ashton shows up and tells her she's on Punk'd. Segment # 3 - Triple H wrecks a wedding by pushing on a door which hits the bride in the nose and her dad calls the wedding off. Ashton tells him he's been Punk'd.moreless