Season 5 Episode 3

Tony Hawk, Jesse McCartney, Brittany Snow

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 10, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Tony Hawk, Jesse McCartney, and Brittany Snow get punk'd!

    Tony Hawk arrives on a scene where his son just set of an m-80 in a toilet causing a girl to get injured from the bomb exploding. His son drops the Punk'd bomb on him! That was really funny although again, I felt bad for him!!! I felt even worse for his son though!

    Jesse McCartney gets blamed for a bunch of motorcycles that got smashed from the car he was in. Once Jesse is in tears, Ashton ends it. This was hilarious! Altough Jesse crying was really sweet it made it all look somewhat cruel!!! But I love that after he realised he had been punk'd he tried to act all hard! Aww poor thing!

    Brittany Snow faces her worst nightmare when she knocks a port a potty over. This was funny but a weird idea. The poor girl looked so worried!!! I wanted to give her a hug and be all like 'it's ok'! But it was funny!
  • this is my favorite punkd episode. the part with jesse mccartney was soooooo funny. brittany snow was funny too.

    he got scared he ran back in the car and locked the driver out. when ashton came out and jesse figured out he was on punkd he was acting all tough. like the one time he said i wasnt scared of this guy i could take this guy out i wasnt scared of him. good try jesse!!
  • A somewhat funny episode.

    The part with Tony Hawke wasn't really that interesting b/c I don't really like him. Also the whole stunt wasn't really something that I would have been mad at I probably would have been laughing. Jesse McCartney on the other hand, getting punk'd was hilarious. I loved the whole bike getting knocked over thing. But then of course Jesse goes from mad to scared to kind of crazy after he finds out he's been punk'd which is funny. When Brittany Snow got punk'd I couldn't stop laughing through the whole thing it was just too funny. Even though the beginning was boring the rest of the episode made up for that.