Punkin Chunkin - Season 1

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  • Punkin Chunkin 2012
    Episode 11
    Kari, Grant and Tory return and they'll get to the bottom of the challenges facing each team, especially the torsion class, which will challenge the air cannons for the first time ever. Also, one team has shown through testing that they can chunk a mile.
  • Punkin Chunkin 2011
    Episode 10
    Mythbusters Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara host Punkin' Chunkin' 2011 from Bridgeville, Delaware. 120 teams of backyard engineers will attempt to launch a pumpkin as far as possible and take home the title of the world's furthest chunk.
  • 11/17/11
    With Punkin Chunkin 2011 almost here trebuchet First in Fright gets a risky upgrade, centrifugal underdogs Inertia II attempt the unthinkable and last year's air cannon champ Hormone Blaster comes under fire. Kari Byron of MythBusters hosts.
  • As Punkin Chunkin 2011 draws closer six-time champ Yankee Siege builds a new trebuchet, a soldier returns from war to captain torsion team Alesia Gaul Buster and human-powered Pumpkin Slayer gets a workout. Tory Belleci of MythBusters hosts.
  • As the 2011 Punkin Chunkin Championship approaches, air cannon American Chunker goes high-tech, Chunk legend Fat Jimmy attempts to build a new catapult and team Launch-Ness Monster updates their revolutionary trebuchet. Grant Imahara of MythBusters hosts.
  • 11/24/10
    Following the heartache and triumphs of last year's chunk, teams from across the country have been working year round to build, and in some cases re-build, their prized machines. Tempers flare, and sparks fly, as they try to complete their 2010 Chunkers!
  • 11/25/10
    Each year 120 teams of backyard engineers converge in Brideville, DE for the annual Punkin' Chunkin' World Championships. These competitors unleash their homebuilt machines and take aim at the coveted title of world's furthest chunk.
  • 11/26/09
    Zach Selwyn and Mike Senese host the 2009 Punkin' Chunkin' World Championships from Bridgeville, Delaware. 110 teams of backyard engineers will attempt to launch a pumpkin as far as possible and take home the title of the world's furthest chunk.
  • 11/26/09
    Each November, backyard engineers head to Delaware to launch pumpkins. But before they get there, these competitors work to perfect their devices. We hit the road to meet the teams and machines that are looking to capture Punkin' Chunkin' glory.
  • 3 engineers & a chicken farmer (NASAW) know they have what it takes to topple the king of trebuchets. Shooda Noed Beter is back for a 2nd year, determined to prove their human powered catapult is unparalleled. Cursed team Pumpkin Hammer begins a new era.
  • 11/27/08
    Brad Sherwood hosts the 2008 Punkin Chunkin Championship from Bridgeville Delaware. This zany engineering competition is a contest to launch an eight to ten pound pumpkin as far as possible!
  • Punkin Chunkin
    Episode 1
    Medieval catapults and their modern variants have re-emerged in contemporary society. They are the center piece to a contest to catapult an eight to ten pound pumpkin as far as possible. Soon, some skilled team hopes to break the one-mile mark.