Punky Brewster

Season 4 Episode 11

Aunt Larnese Is Coming to Town

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM May 11, 1988 on NBC



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    • Betty: Cherie's not moving to Paris!
      Larnese: Now, Betty, let's be honest here. I can give her opportunities that you just...you just can't.
      Betty: Oh, really? Well, let's just talk about those opportunities. What kind of school did you have in mind?
      Larnese: Oh, Paris has wonderful boarding schools.
      Betty: Oh, so that means you wouldn't be with her. And what about during the summer, when you're on tour?
      Larnese: Well, she can stay at my townhouse in Paris. It's fully staffed.
      Betty: Oh. Then you wouldn't be with her. Well, what happens when Cherie has a problem or question? Who does she talk to?
      Larnese: Well, there's always Whitmore.
      Betty: Larnese, the man is allergic to children!
      Larnese: They have shots for that.

    • Henry: Betty, I don't understand. I thought you would have been furious when Larnese dropped that bombshell!
      Betty: Well, I was, at first. I was ready to rip her lips off!
      Henry: Well, why didn't you?
      Betty: Well, she's a singer. How would she make a living?

    • Cherie: Punky, what do you think about me going to Paris?
      Punky: What do you think?
      Cherie: I think I want to know what you think.
      Punky: What I think isn't as important as what you think...I think. So what do you think?
      Cherie: I think I'm getting a headache.
      Punky: I got a headache as soon as I heard you might be leaving.
      Cherie: So you want me to stay?
      Punky: (pauses) No. You should go.
      Cherie: Really?
      Punky: Sure. I think it's great.
      Cherie: Thanks, Punky!
      Punky: And you know what else? I'm lying through my teeth.

    • Announcer: Good evening, ladies and gentleman, and welcome to the Bluno Club. Uh, before we begin, does anybody out there own a 1955 DeSoto?
      Henry: Yes. I do. Did I leave my lights on?
      Announcer: No, no. I, uh, just wanted to see what the owner of a car that old looks like.

    • Cherie: Wow, a real night club!
      Punky: So this is what grown-ups do after they send us to bed...

  • Notes

    • This is the only episode where we see the Johnson's apartment. It looks very much like Henry and Punky's apartment, with the door, couch, closet, windows, and kitchen in the same spots.

    • Bernard Fox played as Dr. Bombay on "Bewitched".

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