Punky Brewster

Season 3 Episode 4

Divorce Anderson Style

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 04, 1987 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Punky: Sounds like your parents are getting along great!
      Alan: They're not getting along. It's an act.

    • Cherie: I know! Let's go eat in the treehouse.
      Margaux: Yeah, that's a good idea. This is a fiasco!
      Alan: You mean a Mexican holiday?
      Margaux: No, that's a fiesta!

    • Cherie: Here, I want you to have my lucky quarter. I've been saving it for years.
      Alan: Thanks Cherie. I'll think of you when I spend it!

    • Alan: Remember when we used to have a crush on each other?
      Cherie: Yeah.
      Alan: I'm sure glad that's over with.
      Cherie: Me too!

    • Alan: I'll be like you were, Punky--on my own.
      Punky: You know what the great thing is about being on your own?
      Alan: What?
      Punky: Nothing. It sounds like fun, but it isn't.
      Alan: What's it like?
      Punky: Well, it's about feeling lonely. Scared. Wondering what's gonna happen to you next. And even if something good does happen, there's no one with you to share it with.
      Alan: But you had Brandon, and I have my sea monkeys. They're great friends, especially the one on the left!
      Punky: Yeah, but they're not people! Finding Henry was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    • Punky: Henry, I'm worried about Allen.
      Henry: So am I. He eats this pie regularly.

    • Allen: I guess this is good-bye, Punky.
      Punky: I guess so.
      Allen: Thanks for...everything.
      Punky: There's no reason to thank me.
      Allen: Yes there is...I never told you this before but...well, sometimes all the other kids used to treat me like I were a nerd. But not you. You really acted like you really wanted to be my friend.
      Punky: I am your friend. And I always will be.

    • Henry: (looking at Annie's 'mock apple pie') If you don't mind my curiosity, Annie, why would one make a mock apple pie instead of a real apple pie?
      Annie: Oooooh, it's the challenge!
      Henry: Of course...

    • Henry: Allen, why are you always over here constantly all the time forever?
      Allen: You mean a lot?
      Henry: Yes.
      Allen: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm at my wits end.
      Punky: That's a short trip.

    • Henry: What were you doing in our bathroom?
      Allen: Don't you think that's kinda private?

  • Notes

    • If you look at Soleil (Punky) when Allen is saying goodbye to Henry, you can see that she is fighting back tears.

    • Allen was the second of two kids that wanted to rent Punky's treehouse to live in (Julie Whitney/Jennifer Bates from season 2's "Milk Does A Body Good" was the first.). In both cases, Punky returned their rent and told them it was on the house.

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