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Farwell to T.K. Carter, and Casey Ellison in Season 3

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    I was sad to see that T.K Carter and Casey Ellison made their departures in or before season 3.  I really liked Carter as Mike Fulton, and was disappointed when he didn't return in any way to Punky Brewster for season 3.  He played a cool teacher, and also a good friend to all of the cast members.  He was a very positive element for the show.  He was always there to help both Punky and her friends, or Henry and Betty.  He was special, because he shared a common point with Soleil Moon Frye's character,  He was an orphan. I think this fact added level of security to his character as well as her.  When Punky found out about him being an orphan, it made it easier for the character because she was not fully alone.

        Casey Ellison was also a sad loss. He was a good friend to the Punky Brewster gang.  He was there I think to lighten the show up.  He would make you laugh(many times at the expense of his character) to get both his fellow cast members or the audience to laugh.  I wonder if the decision to not continue on Punky Brewster was a decision that he made or one that the producers and network made for him.  I think that the scene where it shows him leaving at the end of the Divorce Anderson Style episode was one of a handful of sad moments in season 3.  It made me sad.  Now I know that there are people who can fake emotions well, but I don't think that any of the cast were faking when they said good-bye to Casey Ellison.  That must have been hard for them to do this, because they had more or less grown in to a non conventional family.  I think that even tough they had no doubt known about this event, I'm sure that the emotions that they showed were real as they realised that this would be the last time that they would see Casey Ellison on set.

     This scene from this episode tugs at my heart, because it is never easy to say good-bye to the people that you love and care about, especially for children.  When a child is forced to move away from their friends it is hard for them to accept that they may or may not ever see them again.

    I have no way to end this topic so I will just say this about T.K. Carter and Casey Ellison, "They changed Punky Brewster in positive ways, and were missed dearly by fans for the next season."

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    I agree, both were great characters and really added something to the show.
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    I agree as well. Both were wonderful characters. And the cast was definitley not faking during that raw final scene in "Divorce Anderson Style". If you look off to the right while Allen is saying goodbye to Henry, you can see Soleil struggling to not lose it. I went thru such goodbyes myself as a kid, and they sure weren't fun.
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