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Now that the holidays are upon us, does anybody remember the christmas episode?

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    I've watched this episode on my dvds. I think that this was the only christmas special episode that they produced for Punky Brewster in its four year run, anyone is free to correct me if I'm wrong. Now that I think about it there was another episode about shoplifting that had a christmas theme. I think that it was a very special episode, because it delt with Punky and Henry celebrating their first Christmas together. It was interesting to see how Soleil Moon Frye and George Gaynes played out there roles. It interesting to see how a child in Punky's situation adapts to and reacts to the idea of having a christmas with their foster of new adoptive parent or parents.

    I thought that it was very stupid yet very noble of Henry to tell Punky that he would bring her mother back to her for christmas when he came to her school dressed up like Santa. It was awesome how he struggled to accomplish this. He was determined to to make her happy for the holidays, even if it means he could loose Punky. This was something that I don't think fans were expecting to see. Henry is talking to Cheri's grandma Betty Johnson about how he wants to accomplish this goal of bringing Susan Brewster to her daughter. It is at this point, that he tells Betty that he has just realized something. "If at all odds I do find her mother, I could loose Punky". Bettty shows a degree of worry and simpathy for his situation.

    I thought that it was kind of funny but also kind of weird and spookywhen the next morning, after Henry and Punky exchange gifts, there is still one gift left addressed to Punky. She opens it to find a Jewerly box. This box is like one that an old man had offered to Henry the night before when he stopped at an antique shop to get a little refuge from the cold. Henry asks to see it and Punky says astonishedly "It my mom's Jewerly box, look there theres her initials SB! Henry say puzzled SB, she replys "Susan Brewster!" Henry tells her that there are alot of people whos initials are SB. She say well, there only one way to prove this and she opens the lid, and the jewerly box starts to play a song that she claimed she and her mother would sing on occacion. This stuck as wonderful, weird, and spooky. Any thoughts or memories of this episode?

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    That was a wonderful episode, and it was actually the first of 3 Christmas episodes that "Punky" aired during it's run, although that was the only one where the holiday itself played such a significant role. The second one was "Christmas Shoplifting" from 1985, which revolved around Punky stealing a scarf from a store in the mall, and Mike getting accidentally put in jail for it. However, that episode almost entirely takes place on December 7, 1985 ("Eighteen more shoplifting days 'till Christmas", as Mike's cellmate, a burglar in a Santa suit, put it.), which in real life actually was a Saturday,as Mike alluded to after he was freed ("Well I've had better Saturdays"). Only the last scene where Punky is working the mall's gift wrap stand, as part of her punishment, takes place later.

    Then in the 4th season there was "Christmas Hero", where Punky finds a stolen briefcase full of money and jewelry at the diner, that belonged to a wealthy industrialist, and was stolen by his son in an attempt to win more attention from his father.That plan backfired when he overheard Henry and Officer Bob discussing the case at Punky's Place, and the kid ran off without the briefcase. Punky returned it and eventually brought father and son back together. This was one of a group of season 4 episodes that I really like, and ironically because it was a 4th season episode, it actually aired in May 1988. Interestingly, season 3 didn't produce a Christmas show, and the last part of that season's initial run actually coincided with the start of the 1987 holiday season.

    As far as "Yes Punky, There Is A Santa Claus" goes, I think poor Henry, playing Santa Claus,was put on the spot when Punky made her request, especially since it was in front of all the kids and all, so he came up with the best answer he could think of in the clutch, which was that promise to do all he could to make the reunion happen. Henry certainly did the best he could, going out into that snowstorm chasing leads and all. The ending with Punky getting her mother's jewelry box was just amazing. **SIGH** How I wish the producers would've settled that mystery before the series ended!

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