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NBC (ended 1986)

Punky Brewster for the new Millenium.

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    [1]Dec 5, 2006
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    I just had a thought the other day.  I was thinking, how cool would it be to have a Punky Brewster for the new millenium.  I was thinking of how cool it would be if Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg, Soleil Moon Frye Goldberg's Daughter, got in the acting business and reprised the role that her mother occupied over twenty years ago.  I'm thinking it would be great to have a new Punky Brewster show that would be as educational and fun as the original, but at the same time still have its values unlike most of the tv youngsters watch.

           I have always held Punky Brewster in high esteem as a fun and educational tool for young childern.  It was as mentioned above both fun and educational.  It was realistic in the fact that the characters were not always happy go lucky as with so many other tv shows that young kids watch.

               I think that young kids might take a new version of Punky Brewster, and run with it.  Parents as well could learn from it, and become nostalgic about when they used to watch the original on tv.

      Obviously it would take a lot of effort and time to get the ideas and formats, characters and music in order.  Infact we might not ever see the colminaiton of all these elements in to a real retro revival show, but it would be cool.

          I incourage my fellow Punky Brewster forum members to share their thoughts, comments, or constructive criticisms.

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    Don't mess with the original.
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    well the actress that played punky brewster and a few other actress that she knows recently opened a organic baby clothing and toy store in l.a.

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    While I agree that a modern-era remake would probably do pretty well, I'm currently more partial to continuing the original story in some fashion, and see how our original Punky is faring as a grown-up. A few questions pop into my head that could be answered on such a show, both major ones like 'did she ever find her mom?' as well as minor ones like 'what's her middle name' and 'what city was she originally from?'. I vote for her having found her mom as a late teen, and for Samantha as her middle name. I have a hard time settling what could be her original hometown, my list is: Detroit, Cleveland, Toledo (where Louise was from), Pittsburgh, Philly, or New York City.

    Add a decent conflict for the plot - like maybe Punky gets laid off from NASA due to budget cuts, and has to return to Chicago - and it could work. If I ever decide to take some time and write a fanfic story, I'd base it on that. Since I work in public transit, I'd maybe have her driving a CTA bus or El train to make ends meet since it's familiar turf for me. I can already see Punky in her "customized" Bus Operator uniform...colorfully customized just enough to touch the red flag but not raise it and get her in trouble, driving her superiors nuts, LOL.

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