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Season 4 soon to arrive via Shout factory!

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    HORAAY! Season 4 the last season of Punky Brewster is finally at long last being released. Oddly enough, it will be released by Shout Factory, the company responsible for releasing the other three seasons. I went Amazon.com to see who was releasing it, and it said Shout factory. I tought that it must be a mistake, but then I confirmed this by going to Shout Factory.com, and it was true. I don't know how they won what must have been a huge battle with Sony Entertainmentfor the rights to produce it. I think that eventually it came down to three key factors and they are......

    1st. The Cost.

    In the end Sony must have said to itself, this is going to be expensive. They must have figured out that to produce the last season, it would take them paying an editing team, a formatting, a layout team, and an art team to design the graphics that would go on the box.

    2nd. Time

    They must have figured out that they would have to edit and remaster all of the episodes that made up season 4. Then because they didn't have a format or layout, they would also have to design their own. To them, in the end, it must have made sense to let Shout Factory do it sense they already had the format, layout, and editing team. They also had the box artwork done as well. All of this would have taken time, and to a big Conglomorite like Sony time is money.

    3rd.The legal battle

    It was taking both time and money to fight shout factory for the rights, when shout factory wanted to take on the prodject anyway.

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    That's good news! Have they announced when it will be released?

    Oh never mind! I just read another thread that it will be released on Feb. 26th.

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