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Soleil Moon Frye reprises her role as Punky for her fans! Check it out...

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    As many of you know, Shout Factory is responsible for bringing the complete series of Punky Brewster to DVD. This company has been establishing a good reputation for bringing back some of the best old-school shows, including this one. They even have their own website, and if you visit it, you'll find a video clip that Soleil Moon Frye put together. She has thousands of Punky fans following her on Twitter, and as a surprise for them, she actually fixed her hair in pigtails, put on the rainbow clothes/shoes, and reprised the role!

    It's really something to see a grown woman do this...it shows that Soleil still cares about her fans and the iconic role that made her a star. You don't see many actors going back and doing a little reprise of their most famous childhood role.

    The video link is below if you're interested. I hope it works. It's a direct link from shoutfactory.com. Enjoy, and feel free to let everyone know what you think by commenting here!


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    D'Awwwwwwww is all I can say to that. Haha that's great.
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    That was amazing. I'm so glad that she did that. Soleil is one of the greatest celebrities on the planet. I have to say I would've loved if Cheri Johnson and Ami Foster had joined her though, that would've been Punky Nirvana for us Punky Brewster fans.
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