Punky Brewster

Season 1 Episode 15

Henry Falls in Love (1)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 27, 1985 on NBC



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    • Punky: Henry, you came behind here. There's a lot more dishes to be done.
      Henry: (singing) There's alot more dishes to be done. All those dishes we are drying, but my dear, there's no denying you're my help, and you're my moon, and you're my sun, but there's alot more dishes to be done!
      Punky: Henry, what's with you?
      Henry: What are you talking about?
      Punky: Usually when you dry dishes, you look like this. (makes a sour expression) This is the first time you've ever gone "THERE'S A LOT MORE DISHES TO BE DONE"!

    • Henry: I guess I'm in a good mood.
      Punky: Yeah, and I know why. And her name is Maggie.
      Henry: Nonsense.
      Punky: Come on, Henry, admit it. She pops your cork!
      Henry: She used to pop my cork. That was a long time ago.

    • Cherie: Hi, I'm Chef Luigi, and I hope you will like my Punky Pizzas.
      Maggie: Oh, they smell absolutely wonderful!
      Cherie: It's a secret recipe. Wanna hear it? First, you toast an English muffin. Then you spray on the cheeses. Then you add ketchup, bologna, ketchup, pickles, and my secret ingredient, gum!

    • Punky: Here are your menus. Your waitress will be right with you. (scampers off)
      Henry: (reads menu that Punky wrote) Veal pajamas?
      Maggie: I think that's meant to be veal parmesan, dear.
      Henry: (laughs) That sounds good. Along with that, I'll order the Uncle and Auntie pesto!

    • Henry: What on Earth are you doing?
      Alan: I'll Zoltan, your gypsy violinist. For 25 cents, I'll play you a song.
      Henry: Here's a dollar. Get out.

    • Maggie: Don't rush me, Geoffrey. Honestly, you sound just like my late husband.
      Punky: Why is your husband late? Did he break his watch?

    • Punky: (after Maggie leaves) I like her, and you really like her too, don't you?
      Henry: What gives you that idea?
      Punky: Ever since she's been here, you've been holding in your stomach.
      Henry: Don't be silly. Now, run along into the dark room and put these away for me.
      Punky: Okay! (she leaves, Henry pauses and lets his stomach out)

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