Punky Brewster

Season 3 Episode 8

Open Door, Broken Heart (2)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 09, 1987 on NBC



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    • Henry: I'll help you look for as long as there's strength left in these legs!
      Punky: I want to look a little longer than that.....

  • Notes

    • Like fellow guest star Alley Mills, Scott Menville also went on to appear in "The Wonder Years": he played Wayne's (Jason Hervey, who also appears in "Punky Brewster" episode #76) best friend Wart in four episodes in the fifth and sixth seasons. In addition to all of this, Soleil Moon Frye, Casey Ellison, and Ami Foster would all return the favor by making separate guest appearances on "The Wonder Years" themselves.

    • Scott Menville went on to play as Kimmy Gibbler's boyfriend Duane in the final season of "Full House".

    • Alley Mills went on to play as Norma Arnold on "The Wonder Years".

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